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I hit a temporal state of bliss when I read a sentence stating that its even possible for the I to might not even be in the body Sounds weird but you d have to read it to get what I mean It s a collection of short essays that go over the same concept at different angles in attempt to be digestible for everyone It is a book that I feel that I can t share though as it is too far out there Even talking about it to others is difficult as its too far out there for the average populous to grasp.It s a book that is worth the read and purchase but it s also book to keep to yourself. This is one of the clearest nondual texts I ve ever had the pleasure to read It is always on the table by my reading chair. This book is a very clear articulation of non duality, as far as anyone can go with metaphors and words It surprisingly gives even a foretaste of reality an achievement in high order logic Bodhidharma first Zen patriach declared about Zen reality or truth..beyond letters and words direct pointing to the mind of man Once in a while while reading words of masters, the reality of what is said sinks in, so much so , that thought process is in suspension and a benediction decends But here in Ruperts works, mind at every turn of sentence is surprised into silence There is a tendency that mind gets used to a new set of metaphors and the same old patterns in modified form resume Mind wants to be helpful, it wants to understand a litte bit clearly this grasping is where it is lost This teachings are worth diligent study curiosity with light touch Not to try too hard I started reading this book high expectations, since Rupert is an amazing teaching and one of the modern lights of contemporary nondual spirituality He has a number of means and methods by which he introduces this teaching to his students in person and in talks and retreats However, this books seems to be a collection of writings that have been put together with an overall focus on awareness and the nature of experience as he sees it Read in the right frame of mind such as after a retreat or meditative session it can be really helpful Read in a normal frame of everyday mind, it gets repetitive, laborious and boring very fast I happened to be reading another of his books Essays in Consciousness at around the same time, and I really couldn t tell the difference between either book in any way I prefer his shorter treatise Being Aware of Being Aware , which cuts to the point and isn t as long or repetitive I know that RS has many, many talks, writings and even yoga type audios, so I d advise people to check those out before dumping his work due to this or some of his other bland writings This is really a love it or leave it type of book, IMO, and not practical in any way whatsoever, but serves as a gateway into the sort of experience and taste of awareness that RS is trying to convey in his teachings overall. I started reading about idealism nondualism starting from a rational scientific place so I was prepared to go all the way in the rabbit hole, philosophy, metaphysics, esotericism and all.But what happened instead was disarming.I have never read something as simple, concise and elegantly expressed as Rupert s words Instead of appealing to complicated concepts, he does a very simple, yet strikingly powerful analysis of our day to day experience.And out of it, he manages to reveal the nature of Mind and Reality.I honestly regret not reading this book earlier And I will most certainly read it again.This is a mandatory reading for all those in search of true spirituality and understanding of the nature of Reality. The Transparency of Things Contemplating the Nature of Experience is an excellent and scholarly review of Advaita Vedenta Non Dual Philosophy There are few books which outline this complicated and complex theory better that the author This book is a highly informative analysis of Non Dual Philosophy that I would highly recommend The author s interpretation best reflects the Indian concept of this theory however, Non Dual Theory is a common thread in other Eastern Philosophy as well as Western Mysticism The experiences of both Eastern and Western Mystics have such similarity however, there are wide differences in their interpretation The author s contention is that Consciousness is the alpha and omega of all things Consciousness is described as that the deep sleep state which we cannot remember because there are no objects to remember as in the normal waking and dream states and, therefore, no objective consciousness The author also states that there is no world, no mind, and no body outside of Consciousness and that everything fits within Consciousness We feel that we are the mind and the body and that there is an outside world because Consciousness has constricted Itself and has been tricked into believing so On the contrary, Consciousness is not the limited self of individuality but the Unlimited Eternal Witness of Consciousness The question that arises from this interpretation is why Consciousness would devolve Itself from Perfection into duality where it would experience imperfection and delusion This theory also appears to be a secular interpretation of man that places him at the centerpiece of Consciousness solely in control of his own destiny Perhaps a different interpretation would be that, indeed, we are all separate individual entities but relative ones dependent on the Absolute for our existence The Absolute Reality, Consciousness beholds its own essence in subjective terms but can only perceive Itself through Its own Creation We are, indeed, eternal but are the image of the Absolute We carry the spark of the Absolute and share this Consciousness but it can never be said that we are the Absolute As the author has stated in different terms, we have become lost in our own individuality and have forgotten who we really are. .Free Kindle ♳ The Transparency of Things ♴ The Purpose Of Rupert S Book Is To Look Clearly And Simply At The Nature Of Experience, Without Any Attempt To Change It A Series Of Contemplations Lead Us Gently But Directly To See That Our Essential Nature Is Neither A Body Nor A Mind It Is The Conscious Presence That Is Aware Of This Current Experience As Such It Is Nothing That Can Be Experienced As An Object And Yet It Is Undeniably Present However, These Contemplations Go Much Further Than This As We Take Our Stand Knowingly As This Conscious Presence That We Always Already Are, And Reconsider The Objects Of The Body, Mind And World, We Find That They Do Not Simply Appear To This Presence, They Appear Within It And Further Exploration Reveals That They Do Not Simply Appear Within This Presence But As This Presence Finally We Are Led To See That It Is In Fact This Very Presence Itself That Takes The Shape Of Our Experience From Moment To Moment Whilst Always Remaining Only Itself We See That Our Experience Is And Has Only Ever Been One Seamless Totality With No Separate Entities Or Objects Anywhere To Be Found After reading this book I think I get what the author trys to teach The same thing is explained from various angles, which I think is required for this topic.But I could not distinguish facts from assumptions and ideas, which leaves me in a place where I can not decide if the world works like Rupert Spira explains or if some parts of it are sure others not or if it is all nonsense. 4.5 stars This is the third book I ve read of his this year and with each book my understanding deepens He has a way with a metaphor like nobody else, demonstrating perfectly the meaning of non duality through the metaphor and making something that seems difficult to understand suddenly illuminated with clarity by it The man is a genius Now onto book number four, The Nature of consciousness. Very good for contemplation and looking at what is the actual experience Highly recommend his work I found it best to consider what he said in silent contemplation His description of time, space, and memory and consciousness where very helpful to me Thank you for sharing this material.