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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ☫ The Lovers ☤ Scott Was A Child Star, And Had All The Pitfalls Of His Profession, Including Drugs And A Controlling, Partying Mom Now He S Clean, Putting His Life Back Together, And Acting In A Nationally Known Soap Opera Things Are Going Great Until His Mother Shows Up, Demanding Money, Threatening To Out Him To The Entertainment World Unless He Coughs It UpWhile Scott Hates The Blackmail, He S Not Out, And Neither Is His Deeply Closeted Lover, Zane Zane S Got An Ex Wife, Kids, And A High Powered Job Scott S Playing A Womanizer On His Soap Opera, And He S Not Sure He Ll Keep His Job If He S Exposed Tough Choices Follow, And Scott Has To Decide If He S Afraid Of Hiding, Or Of Living His Life Openly Can He And Zane Weather The Storm And Find A Way To Make All The Drama Work In Their Favor A really nice novella about what s the most important thing in life view spoiler Scott, a soap opera actor, was being blackmailed by his meth addict mother She d tell the world that he s gay unless he gave him money To pre empt his mother s action, Scott decided to come out voluntary in national news Such publicity not only would affect Scott s career but also his deeply in the closet lover, Zane Himself an actor, Zane was also the owner of the studio that produces Scott s TV series and a father of five While he s a divorcee, Zane didn t want anybody know that he s gay When the studio decided to make the best of the situation by creating a spin off series with Scott playing a gay character, he was asked if there would be a jealous boyfriend since the new series would have some R rated scenes Scott looked at Zane Zane kept his head down so Scott said no They ended their relationship.When Zane finally realized how much he loved Scott, it s been than six weeks since they talked Was it too late for him, considering the production of the new series had started and Brady, the openly gay actor who played Scott s charater love interest was around him on the set most of the time hide spoiler 3.5 4 Totally sweet story Maybe a bit too idealistic, but sometimes that s ok Except for the evil mother, everyone was great and supportive and all jellybeans and sunshine and flowers Great read for a light feel good happy read This story is Hollywood style than the Hollywood s world in which it s setting Scott is a 29 years old former child star now stuck in a soap opera role after his mother dissipated all his money in drugs and parties Scott has the same reputation as his fiction role, a womanizer, but instead he is gay and in the closet, and his lover is even in the closet than him Zane is a macho man superstar with five children from a previous marriage and a very strictly catholic upbringing Together since 15 months, they only meet in secluded places when they want to have sex and no one of their friends or families know of their relationship Or so thought Scott now his mother is again in front of him asking money to not outing his son with the media Scott now has to face a very hard decision finally claim his sexuality in public and lose Zane forever, or give up to his mother s blackmailing.Obviously Zane s character is inspired by some famous Hollywood names I would dare to say Mel Gibson and Scott by some of those actors who found their fortune in the tv fiction The story deals also with the recent event in California, like the temporary legalization of gay marriage All in all Zane and Scott are pretty lucky and all the bad things they really should suffer if they were a real gay couple with a very public image are not shown The story is not very long, 70 pages, and it s most spent telling us family pictures of Scott and Zane the media circus is not far from them and they are aware of it, but it always remains outside, like at the other end of a fence that protect Scott and Zane s world.Even if Scott is younger and also less physically imposing than Zane, he is the top of the couple he is the stronger, the man who has the courage to take in hands the matter and deals with all the problems face to face On the other hand Zane is not a bad character, he had a very bad experience in his past, and he obviously fears to lose his family but he is not a coward and probably if Scott has expressed before his uneasiness with their relationship, he would have done something before But since Scott seemed content with what they had, he saw no reason to unsettling their existences.This is right the romance I like sometime to read, beautiful life, beautiful men, good feelings and a bit of hot sex to spice the thing up.http elisa rolle.livejournal.com 36 A nice and short story about being gay accepting yourself, a life in public, coming out and family It is a nice story with heavy emotions, but not too deep A good read for on between. This was wonderful, and I even shed a few tears What a beautiful love story Sara Bell really is the perfect author if you re looking for short, sweet and incredibly moving romance stories I loved the epilogue too, was just the perfect ending I am such a sucker for gay romance novels that feature famous actors or musicians as lead characters I m not sure what it is that appeals so much to me the whole coming out of the closet routine, the drama involved in such a public arena, or perhaps the typical dysfunctional and or lonely past suffered by said closeted stars While this novella makes a great start at telling this type of complicated story I love, I just wish it were longer so that it could deal with all the issues fully Scott is a has been child star whose druggie mother mismanaged his career and spent all his earnings Scott now works on a soap opera and has been secretly dating another actor, Zane, for the past 15 months Unlike Scott, Zane has a huge career, an ex wife, and five kids to worry about But this is all backstory When the novella begins, Scott s addict mother has come demanding cash in return for not outing her son to the tabloids Yikes What is a guy to do The ensuing decisions to be made by both Scott and Zane are extremely difficult Scott s internal struggles about coming out, his mixed feelings toward his addict mother, and his yearnings for a normal open relationship are heart wrenching to read about Zane is struggling in a different way he s freaked about the possibility of losing Scott, his friends, his career, and mostly his kids It s all achingly sad and infuriating at the same time And that is what s so great about all the Sara Bell stories that I have read so far they all make you feel for the characters struggles as if they are real.Overall, I think this novella is great for what it is an attention grabbing tale with emotion inducing subjects and a gift wrapped finish What makes it less than it could be is its short length and the fact that it glances over a lot of conflict and potential story line I can t help but wish for it to have been a fleshed out novel Regardless, I still liked it and would recommend it On a final note What s up with the title and cover for this book Seriously The only reason I picked this up was because I had read and enjoyed two other books from this author previously I know they say not to judge a book by its cover, but obviously I can t help it And if we re all being honest, neither can most people. I m normally not big on books where any of the characters are celebrities actors, rocks stars, etc but this one was really quite good Scott is a former child actor who is trying to make his way back in the industry by working at a popular cable station soap opera He is also gay and not out of the closet Zane, a bigger actor than Scott, is Scott s lover and is also in the closet Scott s mother, who was the direct cause of his career downfall, threatens to expose his homosexuality to a tabloid if he doesn t give her a large amount of money The way that Scott handles that situation was perfect The way Zane handled it was not While I understood Zane s character, it took me a bit into the book before I was able to get beyond that His reaction was perfectly normal but I found myself rooting for Scott and sympathizing for him and to hell with Zane Zane definitely redeems himself though it takes a little while to get there The love story between the two was very sweet and I love how it came together.The only issues I had were view spoiler the relationship between Zane s ex wife and brother was a little strange While I enjoyed the epilogue, I felt that it jumped SO far ahead which was fine because it was nice to see all of the characters years later I wish the author would ve shown a little in regards to what happened after Zane put the obituary in the paper, publicly outing himself There was a line or two in the epilogue but considering the entire reason Zane was such a jerk early on in the book was over being scared of being outed I would have liked to have seen in regards to it hide spoiler This is my favourite short story by Sara Bell.The emotion in this short story rivals longer novel reads This short brought tears to my eyes while I fell totally in love with Zane and Scott There was also a healthy amount of anger towards Scott s mum Have your tissues ready not just for Zane and Scott s anguish, but for the totally HEA epilogue ETA Still one of my favorites and I still need the tissues lol. Huh Strangely enough, I really enjoyed this one Yeah, yeah, the usual staples Fame, riches, betrayal, marriage, progeny But it was still a really sweet story Simple, but sweet The fact that the protagonists had already been lovers for a while at the beginning of it, something that usually puts me off, really worked in the story s favour here, as did the dual perspective.So yeah Despite the odd fourteen years later, seriously epilogue, this story gave me a fuzzy feeling.Plus I really relish the fact that it wasn t sex based, in contradiction to how the relationship apparently began I know many people read m m for the sex scenes and demand and racier ones all the time It s a bit the opposite for me although I do appreciate a good steam scene I need the emotional connect and I need people I can care about I got that here Who cares if it was idealized and formulaic This one at least did not bore me.