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A decent, dry, forensic, very academic deconstruction of the classic, Singin in the Rain No new groundreads like a term paper.2 and 1 2 jimmys out of five. A fascinating and remarkably detailed examination of one of the most beloved movies Many, many of us have the film memorized, and have absorbed a lot of the lore surrounding its making But this book is still essential for fans The authors present a really complete granular, even history of the inception, creation, marketing, and legacy of the film The exhaustive research is organized very readably, broken down into detailed but concise sub chapters on the studio and film personnel, songs, dances, and technical aspects If you want to know the name, a brief bio, and the day s salary of the actors who played the policeman and the umbrella recipient at the end of the title sequence well, you ll find it here Really a definitive work, and very enjoyable. @Download ô Singin' in the Rain: The Making of an American Masterpiece ⚛ There Is No Movie Musical Fun Than Singin In The Rain, And Few That Remain As Fresh Over The Years It Is A Transcendent Experience, And No One Who Loves Movies Can Afford To Miss It Roger Ebert America S Most Popular Film Critic Is Hardly Alone In Singing The Praises Of Singin In The Rain This Quintessential American Film Made In Hollywood S Golden Age, Showcasing The Genius Of Gene Kelly, And Featuring What Ebert Calls The Most Joyous Musical Sequence Ever Filmed Has Inspired Love And Admiration From Fellow Critics, Film Scholars, And Movie Buffs Worldwide For Than Half A Century Indeed, Its Reputation Continues To Grow The American Film Institute Now Ranks It Number On Its List Of The Greatest Movie Musicals Of All Time And Number On Its List Of The Greatest American Films Of All Time Echoing The Enthusiasm Of The Film S Most Devoted Fans, Earl Hess And Pratibha Dabholkar Embrace And Illuminate Both The Film And Its Reputation Combining Lucid Prose With Meticulous Scholarship, They Provide For The First Time The Complete Inside Story Of How This Classic Movie Was Made, Marketed, And Received They Re Create The Actual Movie Making Experience, On The Set And Behind The Scenes, And Chronicle Every Step In Production From Original Concept Through Casting, Scripting, Rehearsals, Filming, Scoring, And Editing They Then Trace Its Distribution, Critical Reception, And Enduring Reputation The Book Is Brimming With Human Interest, Bursting With Anecdotes And Quotes By And About The Film S Stars And Makers Here Are Gene Kelly And Donald O Connor At The Top Of Their Form, Along With Debbie Reynolds And Cyd Charisse In Their Breakthrough Roles Here, Too, Are Fascinating Tidbits About Censorship Troubles, Continuity Flaws, Stunt Doubles For Kelly, Voice Doubles For Cast Members, The Dubbing Of Taps, And Genealogy Of All The Songs Hess And Dabholkar Also Provide In Depth Analyses Of Each Of The Major Song And Dance Performances, Including Details Of Everything From The Dynamics Of Gotta Dance To The Physical Challenges Of The Remarkable Title Number Based On Exhaustive Research In Oral Histories, Studio Production Records, Letters, Memoirs, And Interviews, Their Book Is Factually Impeccable, Compulsively Readable, And Indispensable For Anyone Who Loves Movies At Their Absolute Best Making Singin In The Rain was I absolutely loved making Singin in the rain I wish there was a book like this for all of my favorite classic movies This was a great book but only super fans would truly appreciate the details of the making of what is arguably the best musical ever made Last year, I read a biography on Gene Kelly and I was very disappointed that the author spent such a small amount of time discussing Kelly s involvement in making Singin Here, I found what I wanted in jelly biography and so much I soaked up all the facts about the people both in front of the camera and behind who worked so hard to craft a near perfect movie Just learning how the story shifted from a hokie comedy to the solid emotionally yet funny movie that was the ultimate result was interesting Kelly was seen as such a maniac when it came to dancing thatbhis costars donal O Connor was too fearful to tell him when he was doing a step wrong even when jelly continued to yell at him I also loved the stories about the making of the title dance number Singin in the rain Do do do dodo dodo dodo Kelly had a concept for the dance but described it humorously to the writers that it should be raining and he should be singing and dancing with a glorious feeling The reports that Kelly shot the scene with a high fever were true The schedule showed that he spent several days preceding the shoot in bed with a very high fever.This was a must read for all fans of the movie. For die hard fans of the movie If you want to know what time of the day Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds were rehearsing on any particular day in 1951, for example, you will find out This is one of my favorite movies so I loved it. Enjoyable and thorough play by play As a nerd who can or less quote this movie verbatim I really enjoyed the technical and behind the scenes data Of particularly pleasing note is the final section where the authors list as many of the cast and crew as can be identified with a birth death and bio based on data available This is a comprehensive text and worth the read. Might be too much information for those who have only seen the movie once or twice but for the diehard fan, like me, it is full of interesting and fascinating background information about everything related to the making of this musical classic. Interesting to read about the making of Singin in the Rain but sooo much detail A little too much for my taste. This analysis of the most beloved filmed musical study would appeal primarily to nerds like me who love the film and are than glancingly familiar with it However, access to YouTube videos enhances the experience, allowing the reader to view, say, the Moses Supposes number with a greater appreciation for its artistry than before Bios of the key players and creators provide added info, and just learning about Donald O Connor s early life is a true revelation I particularly enjoyed reading about the blocking of dance numbers and the problems encountered during many scenes, the ballet numbers with Kelly and Charisse in particular oh, that white veil, or rather, those veils, and the difficulties they caused Lavishly footnoted, illustrated, and Appendixed, this is a scholarly work as well as an entertaining one The appeal of the title dance number can be summed up in the phrase There is no better idea for a movie than to dance for joy. A well documented and exhaustive account of the making of a great American movie The authors have done a first rate job with their research, preserving for future generations the genesis of this masterpiece of moviemaking Bravo