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I enjoyed this book It s a YA, so I read it in a day I like this author a lot and I ll read anything from her, but I like her chick lit books better I think maybe because they last longer But this one was okay The issue was the girls dad died in a car accident and she sort of blamed herself for the accident She and her two brothers were in the car with their dad when he got into an accident She blames herself because she purposely and jokingly took longer in the bathroom then needed and if she had just finished sooner, he wouldn t be dead I think that is a good reason to feel guilt The main part of the book takes place like a year later, how the whole family has changed They used to be super close, but aren t any Of course, new guy moves to town and they get together, but there is a twist, which I won t ruin, because I like this author a lot It s definitely valid Probably my least favorite part of this book was how many freakin characters there were There were like two pretty popular blond girls in the book and I couldn t tell who was who There also were like way characters mentioned then needed to be I think there were so many that at least once the names overlapped, which I hate as then I can t keep anything straight Luckily, the main cast was small, but I hate books that just mention name after name like once and then never again I like a manageable cast Otherwise, the story was good, perfect YA. 3.5 [Kindle] ⚐ After ⚇ Lacey S World Shatters When Her Dad Is Killed In A Car Accident And Secretly She Feels Like It S Her Fault If She Hadn T Taken Her Own Sweet Time Getting Ready That Morning Well, It Never Would Have Happened Her Mom Wouldn T Be A Basket Case Her Brother Logan Wouldn T Drink And Her Little Brother Would Still Have Two ParentsBut Life Goes On Even If You Don T Want It To And When Lacey Gets The Chance To Make A Difference In The Lives Of Some People At School, She Jumps At It Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons Is Her Specialty Except She Didn T Count On Meeting A Guy Like Sam Or That Sometimes Lemonade Can Be A Pretty Bitter Drink To Swallow This is the third book that I ve won off Goodreads and it is easily the best It deals with a sixteen year old girl and her grief It also deals with her family and how her entire world changes when her father is killed I think Harmel did a very good job with describing the events of this young girl s life without going over the top.Lacey s reaction to her father s death is that it was her fault She believes that she was the reason for his death, mainly because she dragged her feet the morning it happened She seems to deal with her grief by taking on every responsibility Her family is falling apart around her and she constantly feels the need to fix things I felt like she was trying to fix everything in the hope that it would make up for the one thing she couldn t fix.Lacey also couldn t seem to drum up sympathy for anyone around her Her best friend, Jennica, had parents who had just gone through a divorce All Lacey could think was that at least they were still alive and, despite being such good friends with her, couldn t really see how it was worse than what Lacey herself was going through It wasn t until Jennica s father remarried, and decided not to invite his two daughters to his wedding, that Lacey started to understand that just because your parent didn t die didn t mean you couldn t lose them.Sam was the love interest of the story and was actually one part of the story that I didn t enjoy His arrival seemed too well placed He moved into Lacey s school about ten months after Lacey s father died and plays the part of the understanding comforter and friend who has also lost a parent He seemed to be everything she needed and, of course, Lacey, who had been closed off to everyone since her father died, opened up to Sam Then, predictably, he betrayed her However, to Harmel s credit, it was not in a way I thought Harmel had Sam tell Lacey the ever ominous I have something to tell you line, which always ends up being something bad I was betting on Sam being sick Then Sam disappears for five days and Lacey finally talks to his aunt It turns out that Sam s father isn t really dead he was just in a coma and had woken up.Lacey had started a group that consists of kids her age who have lost a parent, including her older brother It isn t really a grief group they ve all been through that and couldn t stand it It was just a group of people to hang out with who understood and weren t going to treat you differently For the first time people weren t staring at them, weren t giving them sympathetic looks and they knew that the other people weren t befriending them for the sole reason that they had just lost a parent It was a group of kids that finally started to feel normal again, if only for a few hours Sam joined the group, not realizing at first that it was a group for kids whose parents had died, no just people who felt that they had lost them When Lacey learns that, not only did he never clear up the misunderstanding, but now his father is awake and Same has gotten his second chance, she refuses to talk to him, feeling betrayed, and reasonably so It wasn t quite the surprise I expected which counteracted the formulaic feeling I was starting to get in terms of the romance.Lacey s family is also a mess Her mother spends almost all of her time working, never really helping her kids in the way that they need it She wasn t dealing with the situation so she couldn t really help her kids deal with it Lacey s younger brother, Tanner, all but stopped speaking If he said a sentence a day it was a big deal He completely retreated into himself and even stopped hanging out with his friends You find out later it s because he thinks that it wasn t right for him to feel happy, to be happy, now that his dad was gone Lacey s older brother, Logan, started drinking heavily Lacey s way of coping was trying to hold her family together I liked the different reactions Harmel presented her readers with No two people dealt with their grief in the same way Lacey continually insisted that she was fine when it was obvious to everyone that she wasn t fine.One of my favorite scenes in the book was when Lacey went to her father s grave on the one year anniversary of his death She had been there earlier with her mother and younger brother but was once again taking care of her family Later that evening, she went out running and ran to the cemetery She starts talking to her father s headstone apologizing for everything how she dragged her feet that fateful morning, how she should have said something when she saw the SUV coming, how she should have looked up sooner, and finally, that it wasn t her, that she wasn t the one that was hit It was such an emotional and moving moment and Lacey finally confronted all of the things that she had been avoiding for a year She finally admits that she was angry at him She was angry at her father for leaving and not caring enough to stay When she leaves the cemetery, Sam is standing there, ready to support her and Lacey finally forgives him, realizing that just because people s parents haven t died doesn t mean that she should shut them out of her life.The only other thing about the book that I didn t like was that, at the end, Logan ends up in the hospital after drinking and hitting a telephone pole with a car He ends up being ok but suddenly, all the problems the family was seeming to have disappeared Lacey s mother started to take an interest in her family again, Logan went to rehab, Tanner found a friend, the younger sister of one of the kids in Lacey s group, and started talking again I don t mind things fixing themselves, because eventually things usually do fix themselves It s never easy and it s never quick but it happens I just think Harmel did it a little too quickly Everything was wrapped up into a neat little bow and everyone was happy again Not that it wouldn t happen, I just think that it would take time than that.Overall, I was impressed with the book I love YA lit anyway and Harmel really presents us a tragic yet wonderful story I was a little unsure of this book because often books that deal with grief don t execute well However, I really feel like Harmel managed to show you how differently everyone reacts to things and not just to death. Reviewed by Angela S for TeensReadToo.comSixteen year old Lacey had her life turned upside down one Saturday morning, when a routine trip for breakfast with her dad and two brothers turned tragic Just minutes from their house, Lacey s father was killed and Lacey was seriously hurt in a car accident that no one could have predicted.Lacey has spent the last year of her life blaming herself and trying to hold her family together She tells herself that if only she hadn t taken as long getting ready or didn t spend time deliberately teasing her brothers, then maybe her father would be alive today.When a new boy named Sam arrives at school, the last thing Lacey wants is for him to tell her he understands No one really knows unless they ve lost a parent So how can this new boy act like he understands her when she knows he doesn t Despite what she s telling herself, Lacey really likes Sam and wants to give him the benefit of the doubt But juggling her own grief and a relationship is a lot harder than she thought Especially when she s asked to comfort fellow student Kelsi, who just lost her mom.Then one day, Lacey comes up with the idea to start a club for all of the other kids in school who have lost a parent They don t need to discuss death all they need to do is get together and have some fun Lacey wants to create a place where they don t feel so different from everyone else A place where everyone actually does understand what it s like to lose a parent.As the club grows and Lacey falls for Sam, will she be able to put her father s death behind her and trust that the future will be okay A heart wrenching story full of wonderfully crafted characters, AFTER is a book that readers will enjoy until the very last page. 3.5 Lacey s father is killed in an auto accident, leaving her mother and two brothers obviously consumed by grief Lacey, although she blames herself for the accident, is fine or so she keeps telling everyone She is doing well in school, has taken up the household tasks her mother cannot seem to accomplish, and is watching out for her younger brother Tanner, who has virtually withdrawn from life The kids at school have mostly stopped giving her pitying looks, and even though she d like for things to return to before she recognizes that she must deal with after One thing that helps is a club she starts for other classmates who have lost a parent a place where they can feel normal and know that expressions of I know how you feel are genuine and not just a rote response And the attentions of a new boy in school, handsome and popular, definitely help This is a good YA novel that deals with some very real issues Lacey, her brothers and mother each deal with their grief in different ways ignoring it, keeping busy with work or school, withdrawing from friends and family, turning to alcohol Those around them are sometimes puzzled by the reactions to their offers of help and support Harmel shows how the loss of a parent affects not only the surviving family members, but also those around them colleagues, teachers, friends, and neighbors What does a friend do in this kind of situation Do you reminisce with Lacey about her Dad Do you pretend everything is fine Do you avoid mentioning your own family Do you try to have fun like a normal teen Do you stick by your friend or find new friends who don t shut you out This is a sensitively written story of one family s journey back to normal after suffering a devastating loss The characters are fully realized, and the situations believable Definitely recommended for teen readers. Teen YA nonfiction Lacey s world is turned upside down after her dad s tragic car accident You want to know the worst part She saw it with her own eyes and the feeling of guilt is killing her slowly Her family is no longer the same, but then the new student Sam comes along and makes things a less sour and bitter Is that coincidence a little too good to be true I hated it when people tried to help me, especially now Couldn t they see I was dealing just fine I didn t need anyone s help or pity Especially not some new guy s Lacey wanted to have control over everything, but her life was an undiscovered mess She wanted to live a perfect lifestyle, knowing that avoiding the situation was not the right answer The author demonstrates Lacey s stubbornness when it comes to receiving help from others Her character was not very open, because she did not want to feel sympathy from anyone She feels guilty for even finding a moment worth of happiness Living with guilt was a challenge for lacy, but that did not meant that her life was near a dead end The obstacles became easier after she became open and received help from people that shared mutual feelings with her I highly recommend this book It can be relatable, but it is definitely a touching novel It reached deep into your heart and makes you really think about what the author is trying to express The main character overcame her obstacle and that will give the reader a sign of hope to reflect on I loved the narrator s positive perspective and outlook near the end of the story, it made a perfect ending. I ve read two other Harmel books, her YA debut When You Wish and her adult debut How to Sleep with a Movie Star, and loved both of them This is no different in the fact that I really enjoyed it, but it s different from her previous novels in tone I was a bit surprised by what the book was about when I got it in the mail a few weeks ago, considering Harmel s past works, but was eager to see how she would fare with a somber book.Let me just say that she did a very good job there s just the right mix of somber and lightness, and everything felt realistic Lacey was a wonderful, flawed character to read about, and I loved her eagerness to help others, despite some backlash I liked the idea of a club for kids who had lost a parent and it felt right to have something like that for those who had gone through something like that It was nice to see this small group band together and help each other out.The romance aspect of the novel was handled well It wasn t rushed and made sense, and was realistic There were bumps along the road, but inevitably ended sweetly It was a nice addition to the story The climax was a bit surprising and I wasn t expecting it, or at least not half of it I guessed correctly on one count but not on the other It was interesting.Overall, I really enjoyed this novel and it made me want to read from Harmel I ll have to see if my library has some of her books or actually read the other one I own, and I m eagerly waiting for her next novel. Poignant Adults and teens who ve lost a parent will appreciate the emotional content of this novel and the grieving process descriptions and frustrations. AFTER is a gentle and sweet read about death and love The book doesn t cover any new ground, but it makes for a quick, pleasant read.The characters dilemmas regarding, grief, friendship, family, and love are realistically complex Grief affects people differently, and in AFTER we get to see many different facets of it Lacey s younger brother s silent withdrawal, her older brother diving into a relationship that she can t understand, her mother flinging herself into work and neglecting the rest of the family The different situations, breakdowns, and verbal showdowns that Kristin Harmel portrays in this story are rendered accurately and sensitively.However, many of the characters interactions with one another still felt rather forced to me While I appreciated and could even understand Lacey s uncertain feelings toward Sam, it is not well explained why Sam had such a persistent interest in her And, unfortunately, there really was nothing new in this book there are already a number of YA books on grief out there.AFTER is a quick but ultimately forgettable read that may perhaps best be enjoyed by readers who either understand what Lacey is going through or are looking for an easy and quick read.