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!Free ♌ Sunrise (Warriors: Power of Three, #6) ♊ There Will Be Three, Kin Of Your Kin Who Hold The Power Of The Stars In Their PawsThe Secret Of Hollyleaf S, Jayfeather S, And Lionblaze S True Identities Has Been Revealed, But One Shocking Question Remains Unanswered Now, In The Harshest Days Of Leaf Bare, Clanmate Turns Upon Clanmate, Danger Lurks Behind Familiar Faces, And One Warrior May Be Lost Forever Lol Loved it RAWR I couldn t believe what happened to Honeyfern.what happens next then Very intense and sad and cliffhangery and frustrating andI can t wait for the next one The best installment in a massively underrated series. EPIC Yeah this book is a close second to Long Shadows The prologue is very well written and intriguing indeed This book is almost as eventful as the last and is very hard to put down as it is like a mystery novel Thunderclan get really determined to find out who killed and a group of cats travel to the Sundrown place to hunt down sol and to get answers This book keeps you guessing and is very interesting When you find out the answer to a big question it was for me a total unexpected surprise but when you think about it, it makes sense Jayfether becomes a bit of a detective himself as he searched for different answers being the most curious of the three.A certain cat does certain jaw dropping things at the ending of the book and I end up really disliking this cat This cat is drove to near insanity and does major things that put her clan at risk A suspenseful and emotional ending that is is sure to satisfy and surprise. This book was a great ending to the Power of Three Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf all return to the villain Sol to find out about their prophecy Three kin of your kin will hold the power of the stars in their paws Great warriors die in the fight to protect kits, and many wonderful kits are born Ashfur dies a mysterious death by one of his own Clan ThunderClan The three warriors find out the truth of their mother and father, and one can handle it all so the warrior ends its life The prophecy would not change from the death but become clear. This review contains MAJOR spoilers.The writing was excellent, the characters believable, but the plot I was disappointed in this last installment of Power of Three, reasons listed below 1 What was the point of having Hollyleaf through all the rest of the books if she wasn t one of the three and was just going to die It makes the whole series seem a little pointless I think the Erins did it because she didn t have any special powers like Lionblaze and Jayfeather, but still.2 I like continuity and patterns, and this book and in fact series failed at that in several ways, the first being that each series is supposed to be one chapter in the history of the Clans and once it is over it is only a story for the elders to tell and no longer really spoken of Obviously that s not the case with this series and the next The whole six books were about learning about their powers, the cats who lived before, and about their parentage The next series will likely be about the new kit, teaching and helping her learn to be one of the three, and actually coming into their power, so two series combined make up the story of the Three.3 Maybe it s just my preference, but it seems way mystical and prophecy fulfilling for the Three to come from the same litter Jayfeather and Lionblaze will always be closer than Dovekit or Ivykit will be to either of them It kind of feels like the Erins made up a subsitute I mean, why them and not Hollyleaf or whichever kit isn t chosen The way we all thought it was made sense.4 Again on continuity, for the whole first two series and most of this one, halfClan, kittypet, and loner cats were distrusted, but eventually accepted Why does Hollyleaf go on such a rampage to learn that she s among the long list She already has kittypet blood in her Surely being loyal is important than parentage, and didn t she say something of that sort It was pretty much like finding out you re adopted You don t see adopted kids, at least I don t, trying to kill their real mother, failing to forgive real and adopted mothers, and trying to leave their home because of it.5 This is just a minor note, but I didn t think the title made sense, this one or the last The Sight refers to Jaypaw s sight, Dark River obviously the river, Outcast Stormfur and Brook s being outcast, and Eclipse the eclipse All real things But Long Shadows just seems to mean that the truth is hidden, and Sunrise that they are finally ready to begin using their power.6 They knew what Sol could do, so why did they still help him escape and trust him That seems like not learning one s lesson to me.7 Finally, I was annoyed about all of Hollyleaf s previously mentioned actions at the end I couldn t like her, and she is or was one of the protagonists.To sum it up, if you don t analyze stories and just enjoy them, you ll love this book just as much as all the rest But if you like continuity and things making sense like me, you ll be annoyed by this book Either way, it s worth reading for the end of the story and the wonderful style of writing, just not as good as the rest. Okay everything one listen up This is a new fan page open to all, and let.e get one thing strait, this Is Not A Group Got it Thank you ILEADER RipjawstarDEPUTY Blazefall a tabby with red black stripes and white paws male, mentor to falconpaw.MEDICINE CAT Doveheart white with black paws and stripes on her back female, mentoring rosepaw wilel Iciclstorm is expecting Tigerpelt, brown Tom with eyes stripes Halkthorn brown Tom with black eyes Mentor to Spoddedpaw.Blossomtail.white female with light red stripes and paws, gray eyesBoneclaw black Tom with red eyes, white spot on left eyeQUEENS Iciclestorm white she cat with silver paws and one silver ear, blue icy eyes Expecting Halkthorns kits recently adopted a kitten named Swankit Apprentices Rosepaw light red female purple eyes Parents died of sickness Spottedpaw tan female with red spots on her back, brown eyes Parents died of sickness Falcon paw.Must write what you look like, are like and act like Please make a comment if you want to join Thank you RULES FOR FAN PAGE No swearingNo bullying Yes be kind, nice, andLoving too your clan mates Thank you k Only THUNDERCLAN is avalbal right now, sorry, but you can switch clans and create the three other clans only one cat can create one clan though. Me enters library picks up the Fourth Apprentice flips at random nearly dies of shock and anger NOOOOOO WHAT DID YOU DO YOU WASTED THE POWER OF THREE SERIES ON ME I WILL NEVER EVER SPOIL THINGS AGAIN takes home Sunrise reads it takes out the Last Hope previews last chapter view spoiler Hollyleaf is alive Firestar died How is Tigerstar alive Why is Spottedleaf not in Starclan etc etc hide spoiler