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Above Average ReadSolid biography Slow in some spots and overly flattering in others, however it succeed at providing an interesting look into the life of a rather unconventional Wall Street CEO. Fantastic book It s highly insightful on the banking industry in the US in the past 2 decades as well as on Jamie Dimon The book is very well written and very thoroughly researched, with lots of quotations from books, articles, earning calls, annual reports, and quotes from people closed to the situation While some says the book paints a too rosy picture of Jamie Dimon, I find the author has done a great job of balancing the views by giving views from both sides of the camp always It s one of those I really struggle to put it down It s the last thing I put away before I sleep and first thing I grab in the morning Highly recommended for anyone interested in banking industry, finance, investment [Ebook] ⚖ Last Man Standing: The Ascent of Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase ⚑ In The Midst Of This Disastrous Economic Climate, One Executive Has Weathered The Storm Deftly Than Any Other Jamie Dimon, Chairman And CEO Of JPMorgan Chase, Considered The Dominant Fi Gure On Wall Street Dimon S Eleventh Hour Acquisition, In , Of Fl Ailing Archrival Bear Stearns Stunned The World Even Incredible JPMorgan S Continued Success In The Face Of An Industry Wide Meltdown That Has Seen Its CEO Become A Paragon Of FinanceIn Last Man Standing, Award Winning Journalist Duff McDonald Chronicles Dimon S Tumultuous Rise From His Joining The Legendary Sandy Weill At American Express Fresh Out Of Harvard Business School To Their Building Of Citigroup And Dimon S Unceremonious Ouster To His Rescue Of Bank One And, At The Unprecedented Age Of Forty Eight, His Ascension To The Top Post At JPMorgan Chase A Bank He Transformed From A Broken Institution To The Sine Qua Non Of Global Banking In Five Short YearsUpon Gaining Unfettered Access To Dimon, McDonald Spent Countless Hours Interviewing Him And His Full Circle Of Family, Friends, And Colleagues To Provide An Unprecedented And Deeply Personal Look At This Extraordinary Figure Moving Beyond Dimon S Fortress Balance Sheets, McDonald Reveals A Dedicated Family Man Whose Uncanny Facility With Numbers And Tireless Work Ethic Are Complemented By Fierce Loyalty And An Unrelenting Aversion To Offi Ce Politics Dimon, For The First Time, Shares Detailed Insights On The Heart Of His Business And Management Philosophies, And Industry Titans Such As Weill And Warren Buffett Offer Their Analyses Of His CareerAt A Time When Dimon S Competitors Watch Their Companies Crumble, JPMorgan Not Only Continues To Weather The Worst Period In The History Of Wall Street But Is Growing By Leaps And Bounds The Defi Nitive Biography Of Jamie Dimon, Last Man Standing Is By Far The Most Comprehensive Portrait Of The Only Man In Finance Today Who Can Be Called An American Hero Great book about a great bankerThough too much unrestricted praise for Dimon, he surely is one of the top bankers the world has seen Very good book, with much history of each of Jamie s career steps and phases, and also the details of the banks and the decisions that were made The Epilogue is unnecessary, as the comparison between Jamie and Sandy is vain saying that Jamie is bigger or vice versa is irrelevant and wrong both are who they are, and accomplished what they accomplished, because of each other would Sandy be Sandy without Jamie s sharp mind And would Jamie be Jamie if Sandy had not believed in him and gave him all the exposure to the core of banking in his early 30 s Overall, a great book for anyone who wants to learn about the banking industry, and one of its main protagonists. There are two types of biographies that generally work A Autobiographies where you re chasing the author s voice and perspective Or B where the author s position is so remarkably aligned to the subject s style, that the subject is brought to life in vivid colour Last Man Standing wins at the latter, many times over This is above and beyond all there is to take away from Dimon and his way of life Solid gold. Although the story of Jamie Dimon is truly enchanting and interesting to read, I was not satisfied the way the author puts it There are gaps in the narration, and I often found myself puzzled with some parts and how they are related to the story Most of the stuff written in the book seems as if you re reading a news report rather than actual narration of Jamie Dimon s life and his achievements.The style of writing is flawed but I thoroughly enjoyed the aspects of Jamie s hard work, intelligence ,style of leadership and emphasis on building stable businesses I would not recommend this book if you do not have much familiarity with technical aspects of the financial sector. Read it first in 2010.Fantastic book so much to learn about culture, and personalities and how the core of a financial services business is often the culture and the process.A great bio on Dimon.The bits on how the 06 09 period was navigated were brilliant and so was the empire building spree when he was with Sandy during Citigroup s formation.Another interesting note is the low ROEs that the business has managed inspite of being so strong and revered. Decent read The book has a myriad of insights and details about Jamie Dimon portraying him as on the most skilled leaders and bankers ever Parts of the book, namely around the time when the 2008 crisis occurred, are financially technical and some of the details ended up going over my head Otherwise, I enjoyed the read and learned a great deal about the kind of character Jamie Dimon is. One of the best books I ve ever read This writer has verve, style, and erudition. Fascinating and flattering profile of financial powerDuff McDonald s book covers a fascinating historical moment the 2008 2009 Wall Street debacle by profiling a pivotal character in the thick of it, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase Having spent extensive time with Dimon, McDonald combines his reporting with published sources, Dimon s own writings and statements, and interviews with his associates, employees or relatives McDonald covers Dimon s youth, business school education and evolving career Dimon was a nonconformist in business school and politics, an astute lieutenant of his mentor Sandy Weill, and a pivotal figure in the financial crisis Notably, he preserved JPMorgan Chase, bought Bear Stearns and helped lead the market back to stability Readers interested in a critical take on Dimon may find the book too flattering, but if you want to see how the financial wars looked from the CEO s chair, getAbstract recommends this intriguing perspective.