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It takes me forever to read Yotsuba because I read tiny portions before bed when I m feeling stressed I m savouring it There s nothing as cheerful, pure or wholesome as Yotsuba Every volume deserves the five stars I give it. Yotsuba is cute and funny and very realistically portrayed So sometimes too dramatic and they yell so much when Yanda is around It s pretty funny also, eating ice cream described as it feels like light is coming from my mouth yes. @DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⚤ よつばと!7 ì Mooooo MOOOO Cows Are Neato It S Fun Pretending To Be A Cow And Milk Comes From Cows, So I Bet They Re Real Nice Too Cos Milk Is Super Yummy, Right Yotsuba Thinks So And Milk Comes In Lotsa Flavors, So Cows Must Come In Different Flavors Too How Else Is There White Milk And Coffee Milk And Chocolate Milk Then There S The Black And White Cows, They Ve Gotta Make A Super Secret Special Flavor, Huh Yotsuba Wants To Know Let S Go Ask The Cows At The Ranch, Daddy Come On I love ep 46 Express the convenience store very well The texture of merchandise is very realistic one of the merchandise in convenience store is real So you can compare merchandise in this episode and the merchandise in real life. So grateful to be having this series in my life I think I laughed the most during this one Yotsuba is still a cutie, but I wasn t a huge fan of the baking chapter Everyone ganging up on Yanda was funny, though In this absolutely, enthrallingly ADORABLE book, Yotsuba, Ena, and Miura chan make paper cup phones, Yotsuba goes to the store with money for two ramens and an eraser, but she gets candy instead of the eraser However, she doesn t have enough money, so rather than going back and getting an eraser instead, SHE PUTS HER DAD S RAMEN BACK This made me laugh SO HARD I thought I was going to die Then, on the day of the trip to the ranch, Yotsuba gets a fever and stays inside instead The next day, she goes over to the Fuuka, Ena, and Asagi s house, where Fuuka and Miss Stake are baking a strawberry shortcake The cake turns out HILARIOUS It looks like a pile of whipped cream with Pocky, sliced strawberries, and last, but certainly NEVER least, who could forget the EGG ON TOP I love Yotsuba s expression when she plops the egg on top of the cake, she just looks like BAM TAKE THAT CAKE with a little gleam in her eye Then the book skips to next week, when Yotsuba, Jumbo, Koiwai, and of course Yanda DUN DUN DUN The ranch is an amazing place to run around and fall into some sheep , get head butted by a sheep, punch the sheep, MILK THE COWS, pet the dogs and cats, and ride the pony This book EASILY gets 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 out of 5 stars EASILY. There were two moments that made me laugh really hard First, when Yotsuba goes to the store on her own and doesn t have enough money for their instant noodles lunch AND the candy she wasn t supposed to buy, and the checker asks her which one she doesn t want, and she holds up the cup of spicy noodles for her father The second time was actually not when the sheep at the ranch headbutted her, so she got mad and punched the sheep in the face It was when her father s response was, What did I say at the zoo about punching the animals On the other hand, I find it very stressful when Yanda shows up. Cuteness and delight Fun adventures that become and relatable as my kiddos leave infancy and toddlerdom and head towards a better and unique understanding of the world Love the art, a great blend of stylistic and realistic I especially loved the food and farming aspects of this volume.