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The first half of the book is a one or two star, the second half a four or five, so I compromised and gave it three stars.The negatives about the book Something about the tone bothered me, particularly in the first half It seemed that the author went out of his way to include obscure events during the time period of President Kimball s presidency The chapter on the ERA, for instance, spends half of the chapter on a woman who was outspoken against the Church and eventually excommunicated It sounds like she was loud enough that she deserves a mention in the book, but half a chapter given to a woman who wasn t that consequential, never even spoke with President Kimball and never had anything to do with him except that he upheld her excommunication Some of the things included in the book gave me pause I think too much weight was given to things supposedly said in private conversations For instance, there were several times the author said something like, So and so s grandson reported that so and so said this At one point, the author says that David O McKay was Said to have wanted and sought such a revelationbut no reference at all is given as to who said such a thing about President McKay I thought the book was nit picky and overly critical at times For instance, the author includes a long note in one of the first chapters that President Kimball s many journals were not as extensive after he became president, and that many times the entries were recorded by Arthur Haycock, his personal secretary In a later chapter referencing President Kimball s counsel to the Church on journal keeping, the author repeats the same criticism It just seems petty to note such a thing twice as if to say President Kimball didn t keep his own counsel I realize another reason the author gave it so much weight is that as a biographer trying to write about that specific time period, it was probably frustrating to him that the level of detail wasn t as great as Kimball s previous journals Another instance is the story told of a quote given by Elder McConkie about the priesthood revelation where he says something like, We all heard the same voice and felt the same witness President Kimball is reported to have wanted it clarified so that people would not misunderstand and think that an actual voice was heard Elder McConkie kept it as is The story probably deserves to be in the biography, but then a few chapters later the same story is included again, this time with the added detail that son Ed the author was the one asked to have Elder McConkie change the words Including the story twice just seems petty I thought it was strange that Paul H Dunn was quoted quite often in this book, sometimes in telling very engaging anecdotes about President Kimball, and once in reporting in great detail of what was said in the private meeting of the general authorities on the revelation of the priesthood First, with all the many, many stories and experiences people have had with President Kimball, I found it interesting that Dunn s reflections were included instead of others, especially when Dunn is associated with embellished stories Second, in a meeting with many, many people attending, why is it the author couldn t find another authority present to quote Kimball s words at the time I have to assume that s because what was said was meant to be confidential and that Dunn was the only one who gave him the quote he wanted to use Even the parts of the book about the author are written in third person, which makes for an awkward read I couldn t help comparing it to Bruce R McConkie s biography, also written by a son, where the first person narrative really adds to the story and genuineness of the book Here, the occasional references to letters written to son Ed or He told son Ed, made the book less personal.And now to the many, many positives, especially in the second half of the book, which dealtwith President Kimball himself and not the time period or historical details of the Church during his presidency The chapters on the revelation on the priesthood were absolutely wonderful, very detailed, and very interesting I was so touched by the many stories of President Kimball s love for people and his kindness to others I was inspired by President Kimball s work ethic, especially in the face of so much physical pain I loved the many stories of area conferences, traveling throughout the world, the miracles of the gospel opening up to new ares, and . Edward Kimball s biography of his father is probably my favorite biography of all time This book chronicles the administration of President Kimball and is equally readable and compelling I picked it up with the intention of scanning it before teaching my institute lesson on President Kimball Four days later, I ve read every word including the footnotes And, I m exhausted from reading about the man Brad Wilcox characterizes as the Church s Energizer Bunny What a great man I m grateful to remember his administration so well and to have had some personal contact with him. Recommended by my dear friend Lon Tibbitts, I was fully engrossed in this book For those of you who are not Mormons, this is a story of the term this man had as President of our Church His administration is famous for lifting the ban on ordaining blacks to the Priesthood or authority to conduct official church ecclesiastical business and perform certain rites The author the son of President Kimball , did not shy away from some of the tension and controversy of President Kimball s administration I appreciated the candor Clearly, the son is a fan of his father, so it s certainly not an expose Quick update on my view of biographies No good biography was ever written by a staunch critic of a person they focus on what they don t like Nor was a good biography ever written by an purely objective, disinterested party Have you read a Congressional report They read sort of like that bereft of passion or insight or any effort to truly appreciate someone s life SOME but not all biographies, written by people with an interest and passion for someone s life, and with some kind of admiration for their subject, are excellent Some are not they are pure distortion and propaganda But many are excellent So I ll take my chances with someone with a passion, interest, and type of admiration for their subject.I mean, even the biography of a bad guy if written by someone who is sympathetic to the influence and forces around a person who went south, is better than reading the venom from those who despise them Venom omits and distorts Neutrality ignores and narrowly focuses Admiration sympathy may over reach or exaggerate but it s easier to discern truth from this, than the other two possibilities Okay so, it a good biography More candid that you might expect from a son And very honest in terms of how certain decision are made in the Church Some members have this vision of a weekly meeting in the temple where Jesus gives the team an action list, a few helpful tips, then disappears I don t know but I don t think it works that way I think leaders of the church have to struggle through their own life experience, tradition, and frame of reference Inspiration is there to guide and confirm but choices are typed neatly on 3x5 cards for leaders to work off of Terrific story of how the whole Priesthood issues was dealt with and solved Was this Church wrong to ever deny blacks the priesthood Maybe But Kimball s journey to get an answer on that issue, one way or another, is inspiring and renewed my faith. I ve finally found an LDS biography on the same level as David O McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism What an amazing book The details of all the changes in the LDS church in a twelve year period made recent changes in the church seem rather mundane.I was only 7 years old when President Kimball passed away, but this biography has given me the greatest appreciation for him and all the wonderful things he accomplished I greatly appreciated the way in which Ed Kimball the author made his father so relatable and human in a way I ve observed in only one or two other biographies of LDS general authorities This book is a pleasure to read. Even though I was still a child when President Kimball passed away, I can still vividly recall my feelings of affection for him and my sorrow at his passing This was an interesting account of his years as president of the LDS church, made especially personal by the recollections and insights of the author, his son I loved reading about how incredibly loving President Kimball was and to everyone I was especially interested to read about the 1978 revelation which made the priesthood accessible to all worthy males in the Church.I do hope the Kindle version gets updated somehow, because it was a bit jumbled and not formatted well to the format Footnotes were mixed in with the refular text and not separated even by having a different font size or style It made reading a little tricky I was impressed, however, with the quality of the photographs, since I could enlarge them without losing auality or getting pixelated. This book is a sequel to the 1977 biography of Spencer W Kimball, Spencer W Kimball, written by Edward L Kimball and Andrew F Kimball, Jr., and is authored solely by Edward L Kimball Given that Spencer W Kimball, the twelfth president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, served as the president from 1973 through 1985, the book focuses on the event that occurred after the events detailed in the first biography, including the events surrounding the revelation that allowed all worthy male members of the church to be ordained to the priesthood and receive temple ordinances I liked this book better than I liked the previous biography probably because the previous biography focused so muchon President Kimball s insecurities and feelings of inadequecy that its mood was often sad and depressing to me Perhaps because the events described in this book occurred well into President Kimball s prophetic term, he wassure of himself and less inclined to self doubt This book at times was fantastic The section on the revelation of the priesthood was very engaging and well written I, however, am not a fan of the presentation of biographies in a non linear subject matter organization because it often rips decisions and events from the entire context in which they occurred However, I believe the author was effective in his telling of these events in that fashion Overall, I thought this book was very well done. I love behind the scenes books This book didn t disappoint with a special view of what it was like for Spencer W Kimball as president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints It was amazing to read about his rigorous work and travel schedule, his love for people he met, and how the church changed and grew during his administration I also enjoyed reading about the revelation on the Priesthood I wasn t alive during that time and have heard various versions of what it was like, but this was really fascinating Great read. *READ BOOK ✐ Lengthen Your Stride: The Presidency of Spencer W. Kimball ☝ The Presidency Of Spencer W Kimball, FromTo , Spanned Years Of Remarkable Growth And Dramatic Developments In The Church In That Time, Church Membership Grew FromMillion ToMillion, The Number Of Full Time Missionaries Serving Grew From , To Nearly , And Temples In Operation Increased FromToThis Book Focuses Exclusively On President Kimball S Ministry At Church President, Descriging Such Landmark Events As The Revelation Extending The Priesthood To All Worthy Males, The Publication Of New Editions Of The LDS Scriptures, And The Reorganization Of The Quorum Of The Seventy The Accompanying CD ROM Created By BYU Studies Contains A Wealth Of Additional Information, Including A Longer Version Of The Biography, Photos Not Included In The Book, Some Audio Clips Of President Kimball Including A Sample Before The Surgery On His Throat , As Well As Copies Of Other Books Written By Or About President Kimball Loved it highly recommend An excellent biography of President Spencer W Kimball Written by his son, Edward Kimball, the book provides a thorough overview of President Kimball s presidency There is a lot of good info about the big issues from that era no pun intendedERAget it We also get to see the day to day life of the prophet, as he travels the world and struggles with various health issues.The book is very informative in its coverage of the revelation on Blacks and the Priesthood specifically, now they could have it , and helps us better understand the process by which the change came about.Also covered in detail are the final years of President Kimball s life, when his declining health confined him to his apartment and limited his abilities to perform his duties It is an interesting portrait of a man burdened by his desire to serve, and his frustrations with his inability to meet his But the most interesting aspect of this biography is the accompanying CD ROM In addition to several talks by President Kimball and the entire text of Ed Kimball s previous bio that covered the time period from Spencer Kimball s birth to his call as Prophet , the CD ROM features the author s version of the book This alternate version is an earlier draft, before the book was edited down to itsmanageable size The document is color coded to show which parts were changed Many of the changes were done for brevity or to cut extraneous information, but other changes were made to soften portions of the book that were considered too critical of other General Authorities, or possibly put the Church in a bad light Very informative.