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Continuing with this series Interesting to read how long a period of time the Russian revolution was breweing. This was another great book by Judith Pella There is a war going on, and Anna is worried about her sons going into the war She had already lost her husband and she didn t want to lose her sons as well.My one problem with this was all the names I didn t quite know how to pronounce half of them The war aspect was sad and interesting at the same time.Onward i go #E-PUB ⚸ White Nights, Red Morning ´ As The YearDraws To An End, Great Changes Sweep Through Russia The Tragic Events Of Bloody Sunday Usher In A Sequence Of Massive And Paralyzing National Strikes That Eventually Force The Tsar To Turn His Government Into A Constitutional Monarchy, And It Appears That The Radical Element Has Finally Won But For Anna Fedorcenko, The Overwhelming Tragedy Of That Fateful Day Was The Slaying Of Her Beloved Husband, Sergei While Her Loss Is A Painful Struggle, It Is Sergei S Sons Who Are Most Dramatically Affected By Their Father S Untimely Death Andrei, The Youngest, Becomes Driven To See His Father S Death Avenged, And Thus His Boundless Energies Are Aimed Toward The Downfall Of The Monarchy Yuri, The Oldest, Is Also Grief Stricken, But He Approaches It With Characteristic Confusion And Uncertainty And Finds He Cannot Support His Brother S Revolutionary Fervor As Russia Plunges From World War I Into The Ensuing Civil War Between The Bolsheviks And An Army Of White Russians Comprised Of Nobility And Others Opposed To Lenin, The Family Of Anna Fedorcenko Is Caught In The Middle Of Conflicting National Interests Will Their Faith And Love Be Strong Enough To Help Them Survive I really liked the contrast between Andrei and Yuri, although I have to admit that Yuri s a pretty big clueless jerk I did not like how Mariana dropped off the face of the earth once she and Daniel got married I thought that the best part of the book was the end, but then I found out that there is a seventh book. The RussiansDoes it have to end Is there a book 7 I plan to readby these authors The history is accurate and characters created are so real Must read for anyone who loves Christian historical novels. After getting used to the switch to focus on Marianna this one switched to focus on Andrei and Yuri It is hard to watch the characters on a path of self destruction and I am glad Andrei is able to get back to St Petersburg to see his family I must say I have mixed feelings about Yuri helping to kill Rasputin even though the man was evil. I m loving this series This one sort of stopped, rather than ending, but I know it ll all be wrapped up in the final book Very interesting take on the Russian revolution and the nation in general. I loved most of this series but this book lost me. I read this book many years ago as either a middle schooler or underclassman in high school I adored the book and entire series then This remembered adoration helped me make the decision to skip these books when reading through my collection four years ago I read many books by both of these authors since then and gradually became aware of the glaringly obvious shortcomings of their authorship These shortcomings infected every book I read by them I had no hope that these books would survive a second read As I supposed, they did not. This was a well written and truly interesting historical subtly Christian novel, which is part of a series set in Russia At this point in the series, the novels are focused on the early 1900s when the Revolution really starts to take shape All of the characters are still well drawn, and most of them are also likeable I took the rating down to 3 stars for this one because I thought the ending really stank, but overall, I really enjoyed the novel and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.