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Personal Response For Keeps was an overall pretty good book It had many parts that allowed for me to connect to it easily For example, Josie is the athletic yet hardworking type of girl which made the book easy to follow and relate to One of the parts that I did not like very much was where Josie and her friend, Liv skipped out of one of their practices ended with them skipping three games The book only followed one of the games they sat for Altogether, I have many positive things to say about For Keeps.Plot Summary For Keeps is a romance type book with quite a few plot twists throughout Kate, Josie s mother starts off being a control freak in a way since Josie is headed in her junior year in high school This also turns out to be the year that Kate got pregnant Paul Tucci, which is Josie s father, moved away before Josie was even born leaving Kate to take care of her With that being said, Paul s parents were someone that Kate avoided greatly One day when Josie was working, she ended up having to serve Nico and Christina Tucci, her grandparents This was a secret that she kept from her mother for quite some time Josie soon learns that her grandfather is diabetic and had too much chocolate ending in a ride to the hospital, where she formally meet her grandparents and uncles Throughout the book, Matt Rugsby and Josie had some chemistry what seems to have occurred before and during the novel With there being a very slim chance of Kate and Paul getting back together, she goes out and finds a guy named Jonathan The relationship between them was going good until a break was taken toward the end of the novel Finally, Paul and Kate talk with Josie about trying to get to know each other so that Paul would not miss the next sixteen years of her life Recommendation I recommend this book to anyone from the eighth grade up Though the cover may get some looks, the story told is very good for anyone There are a few different lessons that could be pulled from this type of story A romance novel like this is not full of love stories and such, but has romance put in places that make the book enjoyable to read Overall, For Keeps is a book that I would for sure recommend for it was easy to follow and connect with. Did you say please just follow me, I thought you wanted me, cause I want you all to myself I was listening to All to Myself by Marianas Trench when I was thinking of how to write the review for this Well, the chorus of it definitely describes Josie s relationship with her mom More on that laterI can t say I hated the book I got through it, and actually liked the relationship between Josie and her grandfather, little that it was, and also the concept to some extent I felt the author didn t stick to the story She starts the book off with Josie and her mom running into Josie s paternal grandparents, who don t know she exists, and then they re not mentioned again until the end of the book It seems that the author got sidetracked by Josie s other relationships The characters were quite cliche, storyline was predictable I wanted to read of Josie and her grandparents, but the author didn t give much importance to that relationship.And there were a few annoying factors 1 As I said above, Josie wanted her mom all to herself To some extent, that was fine, but her portrayal seemed quite exaggerated, she came off as very clingy 2 Her worshipping Liz You know how there s always that character that can t do anything wrong Everyone just loves them and wants to be them That is Liz according to josie at least When Josie talked of Liz, it was always something like She can wear the weirdest outfits to school, and she ll pull it off when no one else can The next day all the freshmen girls will be wearing that same outfit a That just doesn t seem realistic to me and b Josie said that same sentence at least 3 times that i remember 2 too many times.That is my rant for the day. #Read Book ⚞ For Keeps · Josie S Never Met Her Dad, And That S Fine With Her To Josie, Paul Tucci Is Just A Guy Who Got Her Mom Pregnant And Then Moved Away It All Happened Sixteen Years Ago, When Josie S Mom Was Still A Teenager Herself But Now Paul Tucci Is Back In Town, And Josie Has To Deal With Not One But Two Men In Her Life Her Father And Her First Boyfriend, Who Josie Fears Will Hurt Her Just Like Paul Hurt Her Mother Imagine if everything you thought you knew about the parent you ve never met turned out not to be true.In Natasha Friend s young adult novel For Keeps, 16 year old Josie is just about to enter her junior year of high school when the grandparents she s never met the parents of the man whom Josie s mother says did not want any part of their lives after Josie was born move back to Josie s hometown after 17 years.Josie s mother, Kate, and her high school boyfriend, Paul Tucci who moved to another state with his parents long before Josie was born never told Paul s parents about the pregnancy And the sudden arrival of the Tuccis in Josie s hometown throws her mother, Kate, for a loop I am crouched behind a tower of Meow Mix in the pet food aisle of Shop Co, watching my mother hyperventilate, Josie says the first time she and her mother spot the Tuccis at the grocery store, and when Josie learns who they are, For a moment I can t breathe I have a thousand questions for him, if he ever decides to show up on our doorstep, begging to answer them, Josie says.But as the arrival of the Tuccis sends her mother into a serious regression to the girl she was in the 1980s a heartbroken high school student with a lack of self confidence and a passion for cheesy 80s movies and television shows, Josie ends up befriending her grandfather in the most unlikeliest of places the coffee shop where she works And when a tragedy connects Josie with her father for the first time, she learns the real reasons she s never met him and it brings into question the us against the world relationship she s always shared with her mother.There s a lot of drama in For Keeps but there s a lot of humor, too, as when Liv, Josie s best friend, teases Josie for her crush on Matt Rigby, who formerly went out with the captain for Josie s soccer team, and with whom Josie shared stolen kisses while Matt and his girlfriend were on a break Easy, Hester, Liv says As in Hester Prynne As in The Scarlet Letter, which we read in sopho lit and which has haunted me ever since Or when one of Liv s two dads serenades the other during a family dinner to congratulate him on his promotion at work Or when Liv, stone cold sober, starts Riverdancing to Eminem, and she couldn t care less what anyone thinks That s why I love her, Josie says.And there is honesty in the dynamics between family members and friends that will ring true for teens, as when Liv tells Josie, who is scared to go out with Matt because she s afraid of getting hurt, Matt Rigby is not your dad So stop assuming that every guy in your life is going to do what he did It s not fair to anyone, least of all you. I don t love the reality fiction so much unless it s true, and even then I prefer history Modern, everyday life for teens is too depressing I mean, the loving, monogamous, moral, responsible role models in this story were gay Which, nice for kids who have two dads, but.It did make me think, though, about what it s like for my kids to go to school every day and face an endless barrage of kids thinking and talking about sex, drinking, and drugs, and how much that affects them It makes me want to make my home a safe, comfortable, loving place, where they can slough all that off and clear their minds At least I hope they can. Josie Gardner and her mother, Kate, are best friends Kate had Josie when she was only sixteen years old, after her boyfriend, Paul Tucci, moved away to Arizona and left her to raise the baby alone Josie works for an OCD ice cream shop owner who dreams of one day opening a coffeeshop, plays soccer on the girls team with her other best friend Liv, and worries through her complicated relationship with Matt Rigby, while her mom, who owns a bookstore, starts dating a jazz musician But one day, Kate and Josie see Paul s parents at the grocery store, and Kate hides behind a grocery display until Josie sends her out to the car This odd behavior causes Josie to wonder a bit, and as the story progresses, she begins to see her mother not just as her mom and best friend, but as a woman who has made mistakes and has regrets And one afternoon when Josie goes in to work, she discovers that Bob, her employer, has taken the leap to convert the ice cream shop to a coffeeshop, and soon Josie finds herself serving pastries and cocoa on a regular basis to her grandfather, who still doesn t know who she is.I found this book to be an interesting glimpse into the relationship between a single mother and her daughter Although the story is told in Josie s voice, Kate is a well developed character The conflicts are not always well written or explained, but that is in line with Josie s perspective of her mother It is also worth noting that Josie s best friend, Liv, has two male parents a gay couple This novel would appeal to fans of Sarah Dessen or Deb Caletti. A sweet, touching read that zigs when you expect it to zag. Name Faith WisniewskiBook title For KeepsPersonal Response Personally, I really liked the book For Keeps It took me a week to read this book and normally it takes me a very long time to read a book I like the constant drama and the unpredictableness of the book.SummaryFor Keeps is about a girl named Josie who lives in a single parent home Josie has never met her dad and she is fine with that She doesn t spend any time mourning the fact that she has never met her dad She is grateful for her amazing mom and her little makeshift family that consists of her friend, Liv, her mom, and Livs dads One day in the supermarket in her mom s old hometown her mom starts having a mental break down about seeing her ex boyfriends parents She freaks out thinking that he might have moved back to town with his parents This a big deal because her ex boyfriend Paul is Josie s dad Josie doesn t freak out but at the same time, she is kind of curious She claims that she has no interest in meeting her dad The main character works at a coffee shop where her grandpa shows up He doesn t know he is Josie s grandpa until he passes out on the floor in the coffee shop one day Josie calls 911 then rides with him in the ambulance Once they arrive at the hospital Josie waits around in hopes of meeting her dad view spoiler Josie meets her dad at the hospital and then her mom shows up They end up talking and surprising the whole family with the news that Josie is Paul s kid hide spoiler Okay, so after reading this book, for some reason, I keep picturing the Gil Girl chacters in my head Especially Paul Tucci I keep seeing him as Christopher from the TV shower I see a lot of similarities in the way that the mother daughter bond is in both the tv show and the book This was a pretty good book for me Nothing spectacular, but I enjoyed it I felt that the characters and the story line seemed very real I think that having a mom dating again is an ordeal not sure if this is the right word that many teenagers go through if they live with a single mom And I think that the romance between Riggs seems pretty real too I know some bloggers are having problems with Josie forgiving him for something too easily, but honestly, I probably would have done the same thing The only thing that I didn t like is that I felt that the ending was too soon I want to know about what happened with Paul Tucci and with the guy Josie s mom was dating And I want to know about Josie and Riggs relationship.If you want a cute, real read, then I think you would enjoy this one Okay, after posting this and then going to read other reviews of this book, I see that I am not alone in thinking that the book resembles Gil Girls. For 16 year old Josie Gardner s entire life, it s always been just her and her mom, Kate The two of them share everything and have an incredible relationship the ideal mother daughter best friend bond Josie s never known anything different, until the Tuccis move back in town, who just so happen to be the parents of Paul Tucci Josie s father that left town when he and Kate were teenagers themselves and had just found out they were going to be having a baby Josie s never known him and feels resentful, meanwhile, Kate has become an emotional mess, while they anxiously tiptoe around town hoping Paul doesn t show up anytime soon Throw in Josie s hot new boyfriend, Matt, Kate s clingy new boyfriend, Jonathan, Josie s whacky but always lovable best friend Liv and her two dads, and you ve got one hell of an adventure This was a really enjoyable read I loved the emotions and honest feelings it kept the story feeling real and helped me to connect with the characters Josie in particular I loved the strong mother daughter relationship, because to me, that is the most special relationship in the world Their s reminded me of the Gil Girls one of my all time favorite shows I also loved that the author kept their relationship real and added tension and fights between them, because let s face it, no matter how close any of us are with our parents, we all fight with them sometimes Liv, as well as her two dads, Pops and Dodd, were also great characters that provided lots of comic relief For some reason, I kept envisioning Dodd as Cam from Modern Family, which is another one of my favorite shows He reminded me a lot of him, which is a good thing Anyways, I thought this book was wonderfully done It was realistic, charming, and emotional I am planning on reading Natasha s other books.Note I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.