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What a complete disappointment I had high hopes for Afterlife Particularly because I really enjoyed the third book in the series, Hourglass I am an original fan of the first book and I eagerly awaited each book s release However, for me, Afterlife fell flat Afterlife picks up exactly were Hourglass left off we are waiting for Lucas to arise as a Vampire And right off the bat, I had a sinking feeling I wasn t going to like this book very much Why After Lucas rises, he immediately takes on the role as what I consider the tortured soul character And Bianca turns into, or less, his psychiatrist Lucas spent almost the entire book loathing his existence, while Bianca constantly kept telling him, You are stronger than this, It will get better, It s going to be ok It s weird, because even though this book is told through Bianca, it seemed to be all about Lucas personal struggle with himself I didn t need to be constantly reminded about it It got old very fast mostly because it was the same dialog over and over Another thing would have to be the grudge Bianca held against Balthazar Literally, in almost every chapter until Balthazar confronts Bianca Gray mentions something along the lines, And wasn t it Balthazar who lead Lucas to his death It almost seemed forced Either way it annoyed me This book also seemed to be very anti climatic too There were a few revelations, but nothing that blew my mind It pretty much gained the reaction of, Oh, really Ok SPOILERS However, my biggest problem with the book would have to be the ending First off, it seemed rather rushed Secondly, I would have liked to have seen the reunion of Christopher and Mrs Bethany I was actually looking forward to that part and it pretty much happened off scene There was a small glimpse if them, then the cabin burns down and they die Wow There were so many open ends for the characters What happens to Vic, Randolf, and Maxie I guess they just went home shrug What was the whole thing with Skye Her being able to sense the wraiths I really thought Gray was going somewhere with that But she just goes home too Dana and Raquel just go back to their motel Balthazar goes to tend the Evernight stables Lucas decides to pretty much forget about his mom The biggest upset Lucas is mortal and Bianca remains a wraith They briefly have a conversation about the future knowing he will one day die and she will continue to live on Bianca says she will cross that bridge when she gets to it and that she would rather have him for 50 60 years then mourn him for all eternity So he says something wack like, You will live forever and being remember for eternity by you is all the immortality I need Ummmwhat Is that supposed to be comforting What an awful way to end a book I wish I could have loved it, but I didn t I found myself wanting to stop reading it several times and take it right back to the public library. Original review posted on heathersworldofbooks SPOILERY and negative When I read the last line in the book, I first flipped to the next page to see if it continued on I then got on the computer to see when book 5 would be released Surprising there is no extra page or book 5 This is really the ending and I m terribly disappointed Out of the 4 books in this series,this book is probably my least favorite Bianca is completely unreliable in this book Since she is a wraith now, Bianca isn t able to have a real active role in the book Most of the time, Bianca seemed like a creepy narrator who talks about what her friends were doing As for Lucas, he loses a lot of the qualities about him that made the reader love him Since becoming a vampire, he is depressed and on the verge of suicide He only remains alive out of obligation to Bianca Nope not alive because he wants to be with her, only because he is her anchor to this world I really enjoyed the series all the way through but I m a bit disappointed with the way this series ended I didn t feel that the ending left any closure for Bianca or the reader Since Bianca is still a wraith, her parents are hesitate in accepting her, she has limited similarities with humans or vampires any, and she will out live Lucas Also, now that there is no Evernight Academy, how are the vampire who want to learn about the modern world suppose to go if this was brought up, I may have skipped it I disliked the ending so I rushed through it I m also not buying the whole Lucas always be with Bianca forever because he will be in her memory Um What So its okay if your lover diesyou will just live forever remembering him0.o In addition, is Lucas really content on being with someone who fade in and out of this world I guess I was really hoping for a happily ever after and instead all I got was a lot of unresolved things. [Ebook] ♂ Afterlife ☨ Destiny Awaits Bianca And Lucas Bianca And Lucas Believe They Could Endure Anything To Be Together When Fate Transforms Bianca Into A Ghostly Wraith And Turns Lucas Into A Vampire The Very Creature He Spent His Life Hunting They Are Left ReelingThere Is Only One Place Lucas Can Turn For Help Evernight Academy But The Vampire Hunters Of Black Cross Are Still Pursuing Them, And A Final Battle Between Wraiths And Vampires Looms At Evernight Bianca And Lucas Are Facing Dangers On Every Side Sometimes Even From Their Oldest Friends And Allies They Ve Overcome Every Obstacle Life Has Thrown At Them, But Is Their Love Strong Enough To Survive The Challenges After Life Book Details Format Paperback Publication Date Pages Reading Level Age And Up 4.5 Stars Ugh It s been a week since I finished this and I STILL am upset by the end, a littlenot that I wasn t happy.I was But, then again, it also made me upset But that s not to say it isn t my pregnancy hormones at work Who knows I LOVE Lucas ADORE HIM so I ll never forget this series I might come back and add to this review, but ATM I m super sucked into the Morganville Vamps, so I ll likely stick closer and truer to those reviewswe ll see For of my reviews, please visit AFTERLIFE Evernight 4 4,0 5 Destiny awaits Bianca and LucasBianca and Lucas believe they could endure anything to be together When fate transforms Bianca into a ghostly wraith and turns Lucas into a vampire the very creature he spent his life hunting they are left reeling There is only one place Lucas can turn for help Evernight Academy But the vampire hunters of Black Cross are still pursuing them, and a final battle between wraiths and vampires looms at Evernight Bianca and Lucas are facing dangers on every side sometimes even from their oldest friends and allies They ve overcome every obstacle life has thrown at them, but is their love strong enough to survive the challenges after life Okay, I finally finished this series This week had been an amazing experience while reading this books and the conclusion of Lucas and Bianca s story feels like only the beginning what a cliche I know of their lives, and I feel so happy for them ok, not so because it s kind of tragic The reason for Ms Bethany to act the way she does was finally explained and omg, I was not THAT shocked but at the same time I gasped while reading about her past What really impressed me was Bianca s behavior, she finally accepted her destiny and maybe true call She finally understood who she could be happy and what was the right thing to do Her ability to piece things together is what made me love her even And her love for her friends and family was something that was so real Usually, the parents are something that is left out from the main plots of YA books and I m so happy that they are important to her and the story The whole thing about wraith being the soul and vampire being the body was so interestingvery refreshing coming from a book that I thought would be another cliche vampire love story I don t know was to say , but I liked this book a lot and it was an addicting read.Needless to say I need to read about Balthazar and Vic, I m so glad that at least we have one book that is a solo book for our favorite vampire, Balthazar I really liked the first three Evernight books, so was very much looking forward to this one Unfortunately, this series ender didn t quite work for me The events of the book seem pretty scattered and when action sequences finally happened, they seemed rather rushed and were described in a distant, brief way you might tell a story to someone who wasn t there The biggest issues, however, were that Bianca just didn t seem as likable or interesting as a wraith, and the relationship between her and Lucas just felt off with its constant and repetitive push and pull More push than pull, actually, and the push factors didn t really seem to be all that insurmountable There s a lot of talking about loving each other and recalling it in this book, but there s not much showing of it, and the ending, while realistic, might have been emotionally satisfying if it had been a little less blunt Hopefully the Balthazar spinoff does him justice This has to be one of the most disappointing books that I have ever read The other books amazed me and I enjoyed them so much that I actually feel angry that this is how Gray decided to end the series First off, it was so slow going and almost painful to read It starts right where the last story ended Lucas is a vampire and the majority of the book is centered around his struggling being a monster that he has spent his life killing They are all forced back to Evernight and Mrs Bethany to receive help for Lucas Once there, we discover that Mrs Bethany is gather wraiths so that she can become mortal again For Bianca, she is a super wraith that has the ability to bring spirits over to the land of the lost where Maxie and Christopher are Christopher happens to be Mrs Bethany s dead husband Both were Black Cross hunters when supposed friends killed Christopher for his money He became a wraith which Mrs Bethany did not know As revenge, Mrs Bethany becomes a vampire and kills his murderers She has spent much time trying to become mortal again so that she can die Christopher ends up sacrificing himself to die with his wife in the end.How the story ends for other characters Vic Not sure, he was left standing with Maxie My prediction is that she stays with him while he lives with Ranulf.Raquel and Dana go on as lesbian lovers and have a normal life.Balthazar decides not to try to become mortal He s going to look after the Evernight horses and then what Bianca s parents off to LondonWhere was my HEA Lucas and Bianca went through all that so that he can die and she can spend eternity alone She asks him how he feels about giving up immortality and he responds as long as you remember me, then I ll be a small part of you forever This is not the undying love that the story was centered around I actually kind of hope he dies so that she can spend eternity with Balthazar At least he s willing to spend it with her I can honestly, say that I think I hated this book. If someone told me that the Evernight series was going to be one of my all time favorites back when I read the first book, I would have given them a funny look and ask Did you read the WTF moment in the first book I m so glad that I didn t give up on this series back then I would have missed out on so much Gray pulls her readers through such an amazing forbidden love story and a fun filled world and despite those WTF moments, I loved every single minute of this much beloved series.I don t want to say to much about this book, so I ll keep this short.Afterlife was an awesome ending to such an amazing world I loved it and thrilled that Gray remained true to her characters till the very end.Lucas and Bianca love story has always been somewhat tragic, forbidden, doomed from the start So, view spoiler despite how much I dislike Bianca roaming the world as a wrath for all time, it s really no different then her as a Vampire for all time Lucas however has always made it known that he would rather die then become anything other then human, so in the end he got what he wanted, to be human and die human when ever that time may be.So, yes, I m content with the not so crystal cut ending, and I m thrilled that at least these two did finally find there happily ever after.My heart goes out to you Balty hide spoiler I m an original Evernight fan and have been since the first book came out in 08 As with every installment, I eagerly anticipated each book to ease the cliffy pain Claudia Gray is so great at planting Well, I d be less than honest if I said that this book was a slight disappointment for me and I m bummed with how it ended After close to three years of being vested in this series, it ends in disappointment for me sighs I guess I wanted for Lucas and Bianca I knew these two characters were made for each other As much as Balthazar made me swoon, I know Bianca belongs with Lucas and I didn t feel they got what they deserved view spoiler Yes, they are together, but am I the only one that s bummed she remained a wraith Okay, yes this is a paranormal book, with paranormal creatures and all that good stuff, but a wraith No shakes head in disappointment hide spoiler OMG WTH NOOOOOOOOO Did this series just ended or am I going crazy oOI am so not sure how I feel about this just yetI guess like image error