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The Full Plate Diet by Stuart Seale, Teresa Sherard, and Diana Fleming This is a simple diet which might be effective It requires minimal changes in your lifestyle, and has no fancy complex recipes The hard part of the diet as with any diet plans is self control Can you train yourself to stop eating when you are full Can you chose not to eat when you not hungry The premise of the Full Plate Diet is that in order to lose weight you must reduce the number of calories you eat which will make you feel full The solution they propose, their big idea is to eatfiber, drinkfluids 6 glasses of water, which will make you feel full and avoid in between meal snacks which add unnecessary calories They believe diet fails because they ask you to eat smaller portions and weights of food instead of changing the kinds of foods you are eating Feelingfull will encourage you to eat less They ask you to set a goal of gradually eating 40 grams of fiber everyday The authors ask you to eat the fiber rich foods 1st then eat the rest of your meal The idea being the fuller you feel the less of the meal you will eat The books goes into great detail about which foods contain the most fiber The book also gives suggestions on how to enhance your existing diet with fiber The diet seems based on a simple idea that may have a chance of being doable for the average person This is a book I have bought. lost 2 pounds this week The fiber is doing a little havoc with my tummy and I am going to the bathroom a lot due to all the water I am drinking.Hope I am healthier This book is beautifully, cleanly laid out with eye popping photography and quite good information about food and practical, accessible ideas of how to incorporate a plant based diet into daily life.Considering that it s supposed to be based on the Adventist health message, however, I was a little perturbed at the overall casual meat and dairy is okay attitude They didn t promote the use of meat and dairy but neither did they really talk about good reasons to avoid it except for a very brief blurb at the end of the book The basic premise is eatfibre which, in a plant based diet, you will get a lot of , but it seemed a bit too simplistic Or maybe I m just sceptical. This has changed my life It makes complete sense and it doesn t try to sell you supplements or special products The format is quick and interesting. Glad I borrowed it from the library All the info is online. Clear explanation of the Full Plate diet program There s not a lot to say, so there is a considerable amount of photographs Good info overall Simple plan Interesting concept just eat lots of fiber We ll see. Quick to read and makes sense Helpful shopping lists and meal ideas I wish I owned it. This is not the typical American fad diet book, and it s not a hard concept to grasp It is actually very simple drink a lot of water, eat a lot of high fiber foods, and if you are eating high fat high calorie food, have the high fiber stuff FIRST so by the time you get to the bad stuff, you will be almost full and won t want it all Easy to read book, unlike many diet books that are 250 pages long and go into WAY too much rambling needless detail Includes top choices for several food groups, and suggestions of food combinations via food wheels as well as info on their website Highly recommended for anyone wanting an easy way to eat better and as a result lose weight, rather than counting everything or doing some fad diet that, as soon as you end, you ll gain the weight back Also helpful for people like me who are nutrition illiterate `Download Pdf ☝ The Full Plate Diet: Slim Down, Look Great, Be Healthy! ↼ Slim Down, Look Great, Be Healthy The Full Plate Diet TM Is Based On Eating Foods Our Moms Said We Should Eat Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains, Beans Peas, And Nuts Seeds You Can Eat Meat Just Follow Mom S Advice No Yo Yo You Can Stay On This Diet Because You Won T Feel Deprived Won T Have To Eat Tiny Portions You Get Started By Making Small Changes, Not Big Ones No Hassle You Don T Have To Count Calories, You Can Shop At Your Regular Grocery Store, And Spend Less On Food Big Health Payoffs Include Heart Health, Cancer Fighting, Diabetes Friendly, Energy, And Long Life Lots Of Medical Research Backing The Full Plate Diet TM