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( Read Kindle ) ⚼ The Inklings: C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, and Their Friends ë CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien And Their Friends Were A Regular Feature Of The Oxford Scenery In The Years During And After The Second World War They Drank Beer On Tuesdays At The Bird And Baby , And On Thursday Nights They Met In Lewis Magdalen College Rooms To Read Aloud From The Books They Were Writing Jokingly They Called Themselves The InklingsCS Lewis And JRR Tolkien First Introduced The Screwtape Letters And The Lord Of The Rings To An Audience In This Company And Charles Williams, Poet And Writer Of Supernatural Thrillers, Was Another Prominent Member Of The GroupHumphrey Carpenter, Who Wrote The Acclaimed Biography Of JRR Tolkien, Draws Upon Unpublished Letters And Diaries, To Which He Was Given Special Access, In This Engrossing Story An informative biography of the Inklings, the Oxford literary society whose members included CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien I liked the narration by Bernard Mayes. Humphrey Carpenter seems to have a penchant for group biographies I recently read his excellent book on Evelyn Waugh and his friends, The Brideshead Generation, and now I ve finally managed to track down a copy of The Inklings As with The Brideshead Generation, Carpenter does focuson one member of the group, C.S Lewis, than on the others, for, as he argues, the Inklings owed their existence as a group almost entirely to him He gives some details about the life of Tolkien of whom he has written a separate biography andabout Charles Williams, but it s in the depiction of the Inklings as a group that Carpenter really shines.The pivotal chapters of the book present Carpenter s description of an imaginary meeting of the Inklings and his analysis of what drew the group together I usually don t approve of too much dialogue in a nonfiction book, as it tends to sound made up and inauthentic, but Carpenter does an excellent job It helps knowing that the dialogue is taken from the Inklings actual writings in fact, I recognized a lot of what Tolkien had to say from his letters These chapters are compelling and convincing reading the heady atmosphere of debate and discussion is brilliantly portrayed, making this essential reading for anyone interested in Lewis, Tolkien, and the Inklings I came out of it wanting to readby and about Williams, myself. A slightly rambling account of the Inklings, focusing mainly on C S Lewis, with Tolkien and Charles Williams as supporting actors It s always pleasant to spend time with these people even if Charles Williams was certifiably insane The only issue I have with this book is the strangely detached and critical attitude Humphrey Carpenter takes with respect to C S Lewis s writing This happens in the last quarter of the book, completely unexpectedly, and it cost this book its five star rating Honestly, I m not that interested in what Humphrey Carpenter says about Lewis s writing I ve read most of it, and I have my own opinions, thank you very much Not as good as his biography of Tolkien, which is definitive. Informativo y did ctico a la par que algo pesado Hubiera sido mucho m s interesante si estuviese novelado