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Viola s story was one I ve heard much about I ve never read genies before but loved Aladdin and was curious enough to finally pick AYW up I can t say I m regretting my decision, but I do have a few qualms.I m not sure why this was rated YA lit In all honesty, Viola, despite being a teenager on the brink of adulthood, just seemed plain and a little young for her age Her quest for belonging was, although one every teenager struggles, a little immature That being said, I don t know anybody who s been recently dumped by a guy because of his sexuality, so I could be judging her a little harshly Still, I found Vi a tad on the young side and boring Jinn was a pretty decent character I don t absolutely love him would never fall to my knees in absolute awe and actually thought him a bit bland Nothing was unique about him, in comparing him to all the other amazing literary characters out there Which brings me to the writing style was another one of my misgivings I don t like dual narratives As I think back on every dual narrative I ve ever read, I realize I ve never outright LOVED any book with two characters in the spotlight, both with their words being spilled upon the pages in first person To name a few Shiver, Personal Demons, Tempted It reflects upon the authors writing poorly, in my eyes I wonder why they don t write a third person story is it because the market isn t as great and then, not only do the voices begin to sound the same, but the scenes are often cut in poor places and I get confused between what just happened and what s going on now and who s doing the talking In this case, Vi and Jinn sounded identical and had no difference between them to tell them apart.And oh, am I sick of this storyline I don t know why I continue to read YA paranormal romance I love the paranormal aspect each author tends to have a unique take on X named lore and I love figuring and piecing the pieces of their puzzle together but the romance is beginning to fall flat I know, I know everyone wants to be a NYT bestseller and they think that writing something drier than Twilight will bring them to their happy place at the top NEWSFLASH IT WON T I don t know how many times I can take a boring male X species character, one otherworldly and opportunity blessed than the drab human girl, falling quickly in love with, yes, that drab human girl Do you catch my thoughts I m surely not the only one out there tired of the whole I love him but it goes against both our species natures lives Please Enough already.It was a quick read, but boring I couldn t keep my eyes on it and the ending was a total letdown I picked up other books between reading this one and forgot what was going on here because it was so average I never, ever do that I m always in either one story at a time or on top of both It s only redeeming qualities was the new type of paranormal GENIES Or, jinns Whatever the name, though, it was a fresh take on the alien species and fun than another vampire story even though I love the newest vamp lore as much as the next person.AS YOU WISH by Jackson PearceAudience 10 okay A very MATURE 10 year old, please and thank you There s some sex talk, but nothing a kid in fifth grade can t take Rating 2 5Recommend No Of course, there are many wonderful additions to dual narrative Perfect Chemistry, Taken by Storm Viola Cohen wants to feel like she belongs to something bigger, someone special, someplace amazing Ever since her boyfriend Lawrence broke up with her and announced that he s a gay, she never feels the same any She s the Invisible Girl, the kind of girl who has a handful of close friends and many acquaintances, but doesn t belong to anything And now, she s just sad all the time.He s a genie who comes to grant Viola s wish He s good in genie standard never breaks out rules, never gets too attached to human, and always leaves human world as soon as possible Like a fairytale, he gives Viola three chances to make a wish He doesn t have name, so Viola gives him name Jinn Jinn wants Viola to wish quickly, but how could Viola wish for something if she doesn t even know what she wantsI mean, I know what I want to wish for to belong somewhere, to something, with someone But I want to belong only so I canfeel complete again, instead of broken apart from losing Lawrence As You Wish is a lovely and quick read I meant to read only a few chapters, but I found myself finishing the book in one sitting Viola and Jinn are wonderful characters I really like books with characters that grow up throughout the story Viola is such a relatable character Her flaws make her even real She s too kind to wish for Lawrence, and she refuses to be so pathetic by wishing to belong It s very easy to connect with her I love Lawrence s character too, and how supportive he is to Viola and Jinn s relationship The moment when sparks flying between Viola and Jinn makes me want to go aww.I m not usually a fan of multiple POVs, but I like both Viola and Jinn s voices in the book Things that might seem confusing to Viola seem crystal clear for Jinn, and vice versa They live in very different worlds, but both care for each other deeply The ending is perfect, and the message behind the story is so powerful Wishes can give you anything you want, but it all depends on you to be happy.I like As You Wish very much and this makes me want to read books from Jackson Pearce Totally a recommendation As You Wish is a book that digs deeper beyond a story between a girl and a genie that fall in love It s a story about finding your own happiness and discovering the real youI can t go away unless you wish I shout, my temper finally at its breaking point And what happens if I don t wish she wheels back My breath freezes in my lungs It was a direct question, so I have to reply I swallow hard, hoping my voice won t quiver when I answer Then I die Read other reviews in my blog Catch the Lune @READ DOWNLOAD î As You Wish Ý Ever Since Viola S Boyfriend Broke Up With Her, She Has Spent Her Days Silently Wishing To Have Someone Love Her Again And, Importantly, To Belong Again Until One Day She Inadvertently Summons A Young Genie Out Of His World And Into Her Own He Will Remain Until She Makes Three WishesJinn Is Anxious To Return Home, But Viola Is Terrified Of Wishing, Afraid She Will Not Wish For The Right Thing, The Thing That Will Make Her Truly Happy As The Two Spend Time Together, The Lines Between Master And Servant Begin To Blur, And Soon Jinn Can T Deny That He S Falling For Viola But It S Only After Viola Makes Her First Wish That She Realizes She S In Love With Jinn As Well And That If She Wishes Twice , He Will Disappear From Her Life And Her World ForeverJackson Pearce Spins A Magical Tale About Star Crossed Lovers, What It Means To Belong And How Important It Is To Be Careful What You Wish For Reviewed on the first day of Christmas 2009The year is almost over and, frankly, I did not expect to stumble across another perfect book I believed my quota was full Well, what is Christmas for, if not for miracles As You Wish is my kind of teenage urban fantasy love story, Jinn is my kind of supernatural hero I would have wished for him to stay as well, if I were sixteen and Viola is the best kind of heroine kind and funny with flaws.The story is told in turns by Viola and Jinn, who actually does not have a name, but Viola choses to call him that although he grumbles that is the same as if he would name her Human Viola accidentally summons Jinn, because the wish in her heart to feel like belonging to someone or to some group wells up very strongly Jinn appears and impatiently reminds his new and hysterically screaming master to get on with her three wishes so that he can return home to the world of jinns where he does not age and leads a carefree, fearfree and stressfree life He does not expect Viola to start considerering her wishes with care And he is not used to masters thinking beyond their own good and to be genuinely interested in him and his well being In fact, he breaks the first protocol in interaction with human masters when he agrees to call Viola by her name instead of Master After a few days he begrudingly has to admit to himself, that he wants Viola to wish for something that will make her really happy, that he cares for her and that mortality is not so bad when individuality and strong mutual attachment come with it Can he go back to the jinn world having no name and no real friends, living one perfect, eventless day after the other, knowing that Viola has forgotten the time spent with him Viola cannot pinpoint her disconnected feeling If she made an effort, she could be part of the Royal Family , if she wanted, she could hang out with the art kids, if she did not mind, she could spend all her free time with her best friend Lawrence, former childhood friend and first sweetheart But somehow she knows these options do not give her back the piece of herself she thinks she is missing So she is determined to find out what she really needs after asking if wishing for world peace would make sense or not although she resents keeping Jinn from returning home An accidentally uttered wish with ill consequences makes her think even Can something that is to change her life permanently be forced anyhow I love the normal and casual way in which Viola worms herself into Jinn s business like heart I love the fact that Jinn is the first to discover his feelings no weak heroine with questionable taste in males pining after the bad boy who treats her like dirt And I like the design of the situation Jackson Pearce does not need to present a depressed heroine, an outsider, a loner She hands us a perfectly normal girl, with friends, talents, nice parents Somebody ro relate to who gets to be heroine of an engaging genie story in spite of that.And by the way did you know that Keanu Reeves unfortunately wished to be a famous actor instead of for becoming a talented one, because good acting does not inevitably lead to popularity Surely you didn t think he made it on his acting skills I grant wishes I don t work miracles p 50 Wow It just seems that in the short of a few days I ve uncovered a lost treasure trove of books As You Wish was sweet but with a touch of sadness Viola goes through a breakup with a best friend since childhood because, you guessed it, he s gay It seems that all the good man are always gay, taken, or, you know, mythical She goes through a change that leaves her sad, but just lonely She can t find her place where she belongs, giving herself the nickname Invisible Girl Sure everyone s nice to her but it felt that she s not whole when Lawrence broke up with her Then Jinn comes along Viola was a perfect main character She grew throughout the entire novel Jinn was such a swoonful man In general I thought the progression of the storyline was smooth This entire setup was nicely done that gave an ease of effortlessness Magically delicious Honestly there isn t much I can say about this book, just pick it when it comes out Overall Awesome Loved it When I bought this book, I just expected a sweet and fun read which it was but it also had alot of heart It was not only a story about love but also about belonging and self image It is an effortless read that I didn t want to put down I love the dual narration, allowing us to get to know both characters thoughts and feelings as they developed a friendship which then grew into love Viola is a likeable and realistic character, feeling broken and invisible Watching her grow and become confident and believe in herself was wonderful Jinn is gorgeous and funny and I liked the way he dealt with his new feelings and emotions Their romance was really sweet And the ending ahhh it was perfect A great feel good book TThe story was captivating and completely original The writing was humorous in some areas and deep in others It s on of the most perfect light reads ever I wanted to read it again once I finished I recommend this book for anyone. I read Jackson Pearce s AS YOU WISH back to back with Malinda Lo s ASH, and I m going to write about what an interesting experience that was when we review the books at length next week on the Beautiful Creatures site Quickly, though, it s amazing how smart and how different and how completely excellent two talented twists on loosely the same genre can be More on that to come Jackson Pearce is a lightning fast genius, funny, slick, who puts very real teen characters in the midst of a rollicking magical adventure That s hard to do When you re reading, the book itself is the jinn, serving up so much wish fulfillment that it rightly earns the AS YOU WISH title Don t be fooled into thinking that the lightness of the tone or the likeably comic beats of the story imply in any way that Jackson Pearce is a lightweight JP is nothing if not clever She s a structural craftsman, she s blazingly good at what she does, and she s here to stay. I ve admired Jackson as a writer before I even read her novel And now that I ve actually read one of her novels, the admiration continues She s a genius Funny, off the wall, talented writer I loved Viola I saw so much of myself in her, it was scary Remembering how it feels to be absolutely invisible, and not even being able to see yourself clearly Very real teen characters, dealing with even realistic situations, you know, despite the whole magical aspect As You Wish is a light and fun read, but at the same time it s very thought provoking That so me is what made it so great I just thoroughly enjoyed it It s one of those books that I wouldn t mind reading again and again Exceptional characters, exceptional plot, exception writing I can t wait to get my hands on Jackson s next novel. With well developed characters and a unique, seamlessly written plot, Pearce lends weight to what could be, in less deft hands, a chick lit cliche Instead, As You Wish is a quick, enchanting read with unexpected depth and subtle but important messages about identity, self respect, and what it means to really belong A fantastic book for avid and reluctant readers alike