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@Kindle ⚻ Japanese Comickers 2 ¸ Following The Success Of Japanese Comickers, This Book Profiles Twelve Japanese And Korean Artists Working In Anime And Manga All Of Whom Eagerly Discuss Their Work And Share Their Thoughts On This Incredible And Increasingly Popular Genre Some Featured Artists Use Digital Tools To Create Their Work, While Others Work In Traditional MediaEach Of The Twelve Profiles In Japanese Comickers Includes A Brief Biography Of The Artist, A Visual Of His Or Her Most Representative Work, And A Pictorial Gallery With Detailed Explanations Of Their Techniques Also Included Is Information On The Materials Used By Each Artist And A Glossary Of Terms Unique To Manga And AnimeA Showcase Of The Cutting Edge Vanguard Of Anime And Manga Illustration And A Valuable How To Guide For Aspiring Artists, Japanese Comickers Is An Essential Addition To Every Fan S Library A tour de force in contemporary Japanese art.Simply a beautiful collection. Beautiful book and a wonderful discovery while looking for something else in the library Normally I like certain elements of artworks but never affiliate elements with specific artists I m thing than people oriented I suppose Examining this book forced me to admire individuals that take the manga anime style beyond the popular series and see it as fine art I ve picked a few artists that emphasize elements I wish manga anime artists used Just so gorgeous And the profiles have opened me, as someone just starting digital art, which programs to use everyday photoeditor and OR illustrator programs, and sometimes just a scanner countries these artists originate I should investigate Taiwanese artists , and basic procedure from sketch to full digital coloring. Don t be mistaken if you think this is a how to draw book Rather than teaching you how to draw, this stunning art book provides pages of gorgeous illustrations from various Asian artists For the aspiring artist, it s easy to draw inspiration from this book.There is also step by step demonstrating the drawing process of each artist It a nice way to study the unique style of each artist If you re a fan of the anime and manga style, this would be a great book to add to your collection.