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a Have you ever experienced what happens when you mistakenly play a porn DVD before your 70 ever old Grandmother and the DVD player refuses to stop.b Have you ever experienced what would happen to a group of mid aged people if they are served a mixture of vodka and sex pills in a party.c Have you ever experienced how it feels when your girlfriend kicks in your groin when you try to kiss her.d Have you ever experienced how it feels when your are forced to date a mid aged sexy lady whose husband carries a gun even when he goes out for a pee.e Imagine how you would feel if you are conspired into a murder that you have merely witnessed.f Imagine how you would feel if your reading your potential wife s suicide letter after her death.Oh shit, Not Again deals with all the above mentioned stuff Its a tale of 5 friends Raj, Arti, seema, andy and sam, how they met and how things turned out for the lead character raj because of the other four characters.The narration begins with Raj relocating from bombay to pune as his father gets transferred In his new locality he meets up with Arti, seema, andy and sam and instantly gel s up with them As time flows by, the budding friendship between Raj and Arti blossoms into love The story then taken a U turn with the introduction of shetal a mid aged lady, with a body which a arouse sexual feelings even in a 60 year old man Sheetal meets raj and asks him to do her a favor by acting as her boyfriend so that her husband who has been cheating on her for another lady can be taught a lesson This favor leads to a funny ride which the reader would enjoy to the core The rest of the story is how Raj helped sheetal, how he gets involved in a murder crime,how Andy proposes Seema, how Andy fights with seema s dad and tries to convince him for their marriage and how and with whom Raj has his first sex with..I am indeed very much shocked and thrilled to see how a normal boy s story can be narrated in such a gripping way Hail Mandar Kokate U got some great talent Keep it goin.I Rate it 4.5 5 A must have novel in your collection. one of the worst reads ever I do not even want to elaborate. @DOWNLOAD EPUB º Oh Shit Not again Ê Have You Ever Experienced What Happens When A Porn Movie Is Mistakenly Played In Front Of Your Grandma And The CD Player Refuses To Stop Have You Ever Experienced What Happens When Mixture Of Vodka And Soft Drink Is Served To Hundreds Of People Gathered For A Party Have You Ever Experienced What Happens When A Boy Is Kicked In The Groin By A Girl When He Attempts To Kiss Her Have You Ever Experienced What Happens When A College Going Student Has An Affair With A Married Woman Whose Husband Carts A Gun Have You Ever Experienced What Happens When You Are Conspired Into A Murder That You Had Merely Witnessed Welcome To Hilarious Story Of Five Friends Named Raj The Flirt Chap , Arti The Sweet Female Lead , Andy The Creepy Leader , And Sam The Biggest Problem Of Raj S Messed Up Life These People Can Answer All The Above Questions In This Fun Tickling NovelAre You Ready To Experience The Roller Coaster Ride Of Events If Yes, Then Sit Back And Enjoy This is a must read for all aspiring writers as it shows how not to write a book The Introduction says, we will die laughing I didn t laugh even once during the whole novel I observe that many so called modern Indian writers only write about sex or love Maybe, Chetan Bhagat is their inspiration This book is no exception It has no properly etched out characters and no interesting plot The book is like watching a B grade movie Many scenes felt like the author is writing down what he might have spoken if asked to narrate the story of a film It was that lame This fellow makes Chetan Bhagat look like Charles Dickens of masala books I regret spending 3 4 hours of my life on this book From now on, I will not buy an Indian author book without reading some reviews or inquiring about it. I felt i have wasted my money in buying such lousy book It talks about porn nothing else Oh shit not again in my life will i go for such new authors The name suggests the kind of content it has Worst Read the full review at Elgee WritesThe protagonist Pathetic a guy in search of love huh oh, is that why he thinks every time he approaches a girl physically he thinks it is love Bullshit How do all the troubles in the world get attracted to him And he accepts everything No, I dont want to talk about this guy Raj again ever..Love interest First of all, there is no love He seems to get attracted to every woman in the plot with the same sexual notion and then he calls them love Arti, Neha and Sejal Oh come on and Seema too So a few drops of tears and Raj accepts to act as an illicit boyfriend to Sejal, whom he didnt even know a day earlier It could not become filmy when Raj announces to marry Sejal Let me not go into that one Is there nothing called sanity in this piece of writing And all this crap takes place in a week, maximum Verdict Reading through the blurb, I thought it should be quite interesting without reading the reviews That is where I went wrong So take the situations from the blurb add a dumb no no pathetic, stupid male protagonist crappy writing bad bad bad plots from a badly made B grade Bollywood movies lots and lots of masala, sleazy moves, sex Oh shit not again Blog Facebook Twitter P.S Beware before you readyou may die laughing Oh Come on I could not take the irritant look off my face till I closed the book P S 1 BTW, How do you hold someone s neck, from end to end The cover and remarks are very misleadingi actually put this on my wishlist for my birthday.such a waste of time.its one book i would ask everyone to avoid.the author has just mashed together really bad movie like plots and even worse jokes..there is no plot, no character build up, in fact no reason for the story and its protagonists.horrible bookit is a minus 5 I wish there was some system of negative rating as well, just for stuff like this book.I didn t waste much time on it and didn t want to spend any time at all writing about it but I just wanted to warn off anyone lured to this so called book.It is utter rubbish, and I couldn t bring myself to read beyond the second page becausea The writing is worse than abysmal You get way better from schoolchildren s compositions.So,b I was genuinely afraid that I d end up forgetting whatever little I know of the English language.The crap fest begins with the title itself, and I would imagine from the little I subjected myself to goes on and on until the book mercifully ends.What self respecting publisher would even want to touch this one, even with asbestos gloves on Answer None The publishers of this National Best Seller advertise at the very front of the volume that those who want to have their work published can just email them and Voila become a best selling author themselves Pathetic.I don t know what justification the publisher has to call it a best seller It sure seems like a great big lie, a publicity stunt to make people actually just pick up the book from the shelf Or maybe the author himself just bought enough copies to have the fame The guy seriously makes Chetan Bhagat look like the Messiah of Indian writing in English.You don t need to use complex words and literary constructs to be a good author You need a story and enough conviction and command over the language to tell it But you do need to have atleast the standard of English that a 5th standard English medium student would.Do not, I repeat DO NOT read this book, even out of curiosity to see why people are saying it s so bad The authors wants desperately to ape and become the next Chetan Bhagat but even that is too high a standard for his capability.So when you see this on the shelves in the book store hold your nose, say oh shit and pass on Life is too short to waste even a few minutes on this one. Dhoooooom Whaaaaaat I was so shawked that my thirty two teethes fell broadly open in tribulation , as my mouth twitched in In short, my mental fuse detonated and bad sector crept in p 108 Kokate is culpable for this mishap p 95.Kokate has deep cravings about boobs crap I never heard of concave ones till now , and his ideas about sex seem to end at holding thirty six inch hips and kissing Seriously, real life Arti deserves better Kokate s English is atrocious, his spellings unheard of no wonder he didn t get a publishing house for this book And yes, his blog doesn t have one rabid comment, thus displaying an egotistical tendency overly soaked in mama s love who, no doubt, would have advised that bad comments will come from spirits who bode ill will LMAO.Kokate should either write in Marathi, or learn English, and definitely learn to use a word processor Because if he continues like this, people from Maharashtra will brand him an alien from North India.By the way, I really enjoyed the book never read such shit English in two score and four Kokate is a dumb I scored the book at 3 on 20 1.5 out of 10 seemed illogically non integery, if I may Through the lyrical prose, I realized that I was the ass hole he even inserted a space in asshole to have wasted 150 on it.Anyway, hope the fellow recovers his investment in Expression Publications, and never writes again. This one s a bit unconventional The plot is like the many others Except that the x factor is quite a triple x.You may or may not like it depending upon your taste But is a good one time read for someone who prefers this genre of fun, easy going books.Predictable but full of instances.