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`DOWNLOAD BOOK ↝ The Tai Chi Directory ☞ The Holistic Nature Of Eastern Systems With The Emphasis On Integrating The Mind, Body, And Spirit Has Become A Focal Point For And People Tai Chi Offers A Route To Inner Peace As Well As Developing Real Health Benefits And Scientific Research Has Found That Regular Practice Can Reduce Stress Levels, Improve Physical Balance, And Help Muscular Flexibility This Book Suitable For The Beginner Or The Experienced Practitioner Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Establishing A Tai Chi Practice At Home It Includes A Background To Tai Chi What It Is, Why It Works, And How It Developed The Basic Principles Of Practice, Including Good Posture And Breathing, How To Learn Tai Chi And Prepare For Practice, Plus Basics Techniques And Safety Tips Tai Chi Exercises, Known As The Form, With Each Movement Clearly Explained And Illustrated In Full Color How To Integrate Tai Chi Into Your Daily Life To Ensure Lasting Improvements To The Way You Feel Every Day