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I don t really know where to begin writing a review for this So much happens in the story and I don t want to give it away However I will say it s as action packed if not than the first And many of the questions that were unanswered in the first are answered here That being said there are still a lot of questions left to be answered A fantastic read with an ending that will leave you screaming for blood. Book 82 complete I am quite proud of this one, I started it this morning and literally just finished Yep, I need a life. 3.5 Stars Vampires Humans story with drama,romance,and lots of strong sex scenes for everyone. Blood Eclipse 1 was just a taste and ended too suddenly for me Part two though has lots of action and plot and ends with a punch Loved it, and want. *READ DOWNLOAD ☞ Rapture (Blood Eclipse, #2) ⇫ In The Continuation Of Blood Eclipse, Rory Finds Himself Hopelessly Enad With Carden And Will Finally Experience The Rapture Of Loving A Pure Blood Vampire But There Are Those Who Are Determined To Have Carden At All Costs To Satisfy Their Own Self Interest, And They Won T Let Anyone Get In Their WayCarden Still Seeks The Truth Of What Happened To His Parents Long Ago, And He Won T Rest Until He Finds The Answers And When The Discovery Is Made, And Shocking Secrets Are Revealed, All Hell Breaks Loose As Carden Sets His Sights On Vengeance And Suddenly The Fragility Between Good And Evil Will Be Blown Wide Open