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Candice Proctor writes beautifully, sensually about life, death and love in the hot New Orleans during the Civil war These are some thoughts that got to me, Emmanuelle is thinking about his saying I love you or maybe it was the beautiful way Proctor writes For some men, the words came easy She knew that, knew it all too well Some men simply loved women, all women, loved the siren call of silken hair sliding over a bare feminine shoulder, loved the soft smoothness of a woman s flesh beneath their seeking hands For such men, the words were not so much a lie as an exaggeration, or perhaps a trivialization, a confusion of something that was supposed to be eternal and profound with the fleeting and casual intoxication of a moment For others, of course, the words simply were a lie, a calculated device to soothe the qualms of the virtuous and timid a vague, hollow promise that the attraction and devotion would endure beyond the passionate embrace and hot breathless release of driving need.But sometimes, she knew, sometimes men and women said the words and meant them Sometimes, they actually believed in love, believed it could last, believed that the magic and the joy and the sweet contentment would go on and on, forever. This book is my perfect romance Two tortured souls find each other Instant attraction A mystery to solve before they find happiness Slow sizzling sexual tension First sex scene takes place during thunder storm And it really helps that they are both attractive at least to each other Not a lot of conversation, very definite descriptions of time, place and people Story is as meandering as the hot southern city of New Orleans Loved the story, loved the romance and loved the mystery All my favorite things Oh, and secondary characters that never, ever overpower the romance or the mystery A romance novel or mystery novel BEST USE OF Rain, humidity and New Orleans, sexual perversionsALPHA MALE 10SPUNKY HEROINE 10CUTE KID 6WALKING THROUGH NEW ORLEANS IN THE SUMMER 10HOT SEX 8HEA HAPPILY EVER AFTER Oh Yes PROLOGUE EPILOGUE Epilogue only and it was a great one Rating System10 Excellent A keeper Heat Level5 Very hot lovemaking scenes COVER SHENIGIANS A red cover with a sparse tree does reflect the heat of the storyHOLLYWOOD CALLING IMHO this book would make a great movie Mystery and Love in New Orleans During the Civil War a great romance Another great historical romance from Proctor, this one set in the time of the Civil War in 1862 in New Orleans, occupied by Yankee troops Rich in intrigue, mystery and deep felt needs of the heart, it will keep you on the edge of your seat right up to the very satisfying epilogue.It tells the story of Major Zachary Cooper, a Union soldier and the provost marshal of New Orleans, and Emmanuelle de Beauvais, a beautiful widow, mother and healer On one hot, sultry night in July, she and an old doctor who, together with her husband, founded a hospital, visit the grave of her mother, as they always did on that date Suddenly, out of the darkness, the old doctor is shot in the heart with a bolt from a small vampire killing crossbow a bolt Emmanuelle knows was intended for her.From the beginning, as Zach investigates the murder, and those that follow, he is suspicious of Emmanuelle and knows she is hiding something, knows she is lying Worse, he is attracted to her, his Castilian blood drawn to her, comparing her to the city like a dangerous woman, this city as reckless and seductive as sin Emmanuelle tries to keep the hospital open, and though she is as knowledgeable in medicine, she is only one woman and there are many needs, little money and the few doctors are being killed off The officer in the blue uniform Zack is her enemy, but she is drawn to him nevertheless And all the while, she fears the evil she knows is drawing near.A worthy romance with intrigue and mystery set against a tumultuous time in American history in a place where various cultures came together, united in their hatred for the Yankees It s easy to see that Proctor would, after one novel Beyond Sunrise , transition to writing mysteries as the elements are all here she is good at this But beyond the mystery is the story of the beginning of a deep and abiding love You ll not regret getting this one I have previously enjoyed Candice Proctor s stories and this one seemed like a very interesting read It is set in New Orleans at the end of the Civil War and it is a mystery The heroine is a local doctor well not exactly a doctor because that wasn t allowed but something similar and the hero is a Yankee soldier They meet when Emmanuelle witnesses a murder and he is the one in charge of its investigation The murder weapon was an original one and that is only the beginning Several other murders take place and Zach starts suspecting that the motive may have to do with Emmanuelle and that, eventually, she may be the next victim I had a hard time believing in the attraction between them as they had such different views of the world The intensity that I ve found in other Proctor books seemed to be absent here and none of the characters seemed that interesting to me so it was a very slow read and I ended up picking some other book several times Regarding the mystery I also didn t work all that well It seemed that every victim was connected to Emmanuelle s latte husband, who had quite a few dark secrets, but I did not feel that darkness was fully explored In fact, eventually, I guessed the culprit and was a bit disappointed because I felt there wasn t enough build up for the climax to truly work But I did like Proctor s descriptions of New Orleans, the social norms imposed by the Creole aristocracy and their way of life Emmanuelle was considered to have married above her and her husband s family always treated her with some condescension I also found it interesting that she details the lack of social status the coloured mistresses of the important Creole man had and the stigma attached to their children She does include a lot of social information and that was the best part for me.Grade 3 5 This is not a pure romance like the other two of hers I ve read It s a mix between romance and mystery and very well written It reminded me a little of Sandra Brown s romantic suspenses, especially the romantic tension between the H and h which CP portrayed excellently The only thing, it took me a little while to get into the story, which is why I read it for three days But when I did get into the story, I couldn t wait to know who was the mysterious murderer, and my guess was only partly right. This book is clearly different than the rest of Proctor s historical novels This one is a mystery surrounded by some romance, but it s easy to see that Proctor wants the mystery to be the important feature of the book I could not get into it from page one.I gave it a chapter or two and still I could not enjoy it It is so different than her other works, and I did not like the feel of it at all The writing is classic, descriptive Candice Proctor, but the plotting and mood are that of a mystery It s easy to see how she quickly segued into writing historical mysteries shortly after this book was published, and good for her I will try out the first book of the St Cyr series to see how I like those.From the start I had doubts about this book, and my instincts are usually not wrong very often In this case, they were spot on This is not my book I adore her other novels, though, so if this is your first Candice Proctor novel, PLEASE go read Night in Eden, then get back to me. |Download ☩ Midnight Confessions ♡ With A Gift For Creating Lush, Evocative Settings That Instantly Transport The Reader To Intoxicating Places, Candice Proctor Now Turns Her Remarkable Talents To The Dazzling Splendor Of Old New Orleans, Where The Air Is Fragrant With Mock Orange And Sweet Olive And Danger Wafts On The Gentle Southern BreezeWidow Emmanuelle De Beauvais Devotes Herself Tirelessly To The Sick And Injured Of A Grand City Now Occupied By The Enemy Then A Night Of Unspeakable Terror Puts Emmanuelle At The Center Of A Murder Investigation And Under The Watchful Eye Of Yankee Provost Marshal Zachary Cooper Although She Despises The Uniform And The War It Represents, She Finds The Man Who Wears It Impossible To ResistZach Cooper Has Never Been Bewitched By A Woman Even As Emmanuelle Veils Every Truth With Layers Of Lies, He Finds Himself Undeniably Drawn To Her Torn Between Passion And Duty, Zach Must Uncover The Dark Secrets Surrounding A Series Of Murders That Threaten To Ensnare Emmanuelle In Their Menacing Web As always, Candice Proctor writes a richly atmospheric novel, with great character depth and development And she makes the history of 1862 New Orleans under occupation by the Union troops come vividly alive The only reason I gave the book 3 stars really 3.5 is that I simply could not warm up to the heroine But the rest of the book was a solid 4 stars for me. Great setting, Civil War era New Orleans, but the heroine kept SO MANY secrets from the hero that after awhile it stopped contributing to the tension and started being just a tease I will read of Candice Proctor, though It looks like she enjoys writing about some fairly unusual locales. I have always admired Candice Proctor s ability to write an accurate historical account of an era Through the use of her characters she is able to lead the reader into the world as it was in that particular time and place She is a talented story teller who uses colorful description to create real characters to tell her story.Emmanuelle de Beauvais, a widowed single mother and a woman who goes against the social grain of the time by quietly practicing as a doctor, hates the Union forces who have occupied New Orleans Zachary Cooper, a Union provost marshal, is called to investigate a murder in which Emmanuelle is not only the only known witness, but also the prime suspect Emmanuelle while knowing she is a suspect, and trying to answer all of the questions Cooper throws at her without giving away too much of her own past and identity has questions of her own The biggest being whether the arrow that killed her colleague and friend had actually been meant for her Her fear intensifies when other friends, also associated with the hospital, are murdered Of course this only makes Cooper view her as an even stronger suspect.Proctor uses a few phrases a few times to many, but despite this she is in top form This novel has it all Romantic involvement that isn t your run of the mill variety, coupled with characters you can love, respect and believe in make this a must read.