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This is one of the reasons why I read novels in verse They re all about character and emotion You get right to the heart of what the main characters are thinking and feeling The book is written in two voices Becca is the girlfriend, and she writes in verse I greatly preferred reading her sections Camille is the unwitting other woman, and she writes in stream of consciousness journal entries Which would be exactly why I didn t like her parts as much I dislike stream of consciousness style writing intensely But that s the only thing I didn t like about the book. This was one of the most unique books that I ve read in a long time, beyond a doubt I ll confess that I ve never read anything written in verse before I always assumed it would be distancing and gimmicky.But not a thing about this book was gimmicky No, everything about the dual narration was intentional and controlled Camille s second person narration, for example There are a lot of ways that you could read it, but I chose to see it as a demonstration of Camille s disconnect from her life She s so distant that she s not even writing about herself she s writing about you Or Becca s free verse poetry, which comes from the knowledge that her boyfriend, Alec, writes haikus The narration in general was peppered with honest moments, things that made me acutely aware that Becca and Camille were teenagers, and that they were these particular teenagers The book was very successfully voicey and stylistically complex, as shown through the narration and McVoy s fantastically crafted characters.The plot, unfortunately, was weaker Things moved along pretty slowly there were a good number of poems that were, while interesting, not particularly relevant to anything, or just repeating a point that McVoy had already made Nevertheless, this was an exceptionally strong book that I d recommend to any fans of YA looking for something different, something they haven t seen before I m not writing a full review, since the author is visiting my school and I m thoroughly sick of discussing this book, but this is an underrated gem in the mostly monotonous world of YA.EDIT I have now given this book a fuller review, and you can find it on my blog. #Download Kindle ⚠ After the Kiss ⚜ This Moment Changes Everything Becca Has Been Head Over Heels For Alec From The Instant They Met He S A Brainy Jock With A Poet S Heart In Other Words, Perfect For HerCamille Is Careful With Her Words And Protective Of Her Heart, Especially Since Chicago Then A New Boy In Her New Town Catches Her Off Guard With A Surprise KissToo Bad That New Boy Is Becca S Boyfriend, Alec Camille And Becca Have Never Met, But Their Lives Will Unravel And Intertwine In Surprising Ways As They Deal With What Happens After The Kiss This is a beautifully weaved take on a love triangle type situation, pitched through alternating points of view that are connected in an invisible way Though it took me a little to really get into the novel, it was well worth it Camille and Becca have separate lyrical styles, one prose than the other but it certainly helps paint their overall unique perspectives.The pacing, first and foremost, is unique and endearing Some events that are classically elaborated on in most books are instead surpassed here, letting the reader know what happened without going into detail Things rush unexpectedly before slowing again, helping to create the overall feeling of being overwhelemed with events and unsure how to respond This particular facet did not come across as choppy, instead drawing the reader in and forcing attention to keep up with the sometimes rapidly occuring events.Despite the two points of view, there is little retelling and choppy overlap and changes These are two separate stories, twined together because of Alec without either girl knowing the other before his actions Even after said kiss, the two girls remain strangers, showing the mayhem on each side and pitching each in a vulnerable, victim type light without one girl being particularly in the wrong over the other, at least within each perspective.Though this book is in lyrical form, each girls personality comes out strongly, creating the overall picture of who they ve become over the years, their home life, and their habits and drives McVoy does a phenomenal job keeping them separate yet together, allowing the kiss to take place early in the book and showing in sometimes great and other times vague detail the aftermath.The most notable aspect of this book is the manner in which McVoy chose to bring these two girls together, putting them face to face despite what happened and continuing to play the events out Her final outcome was surprising and beautifully played, as was Alec s ultimate ending of the story Despite the dual perspectives, McVoy brought forth each girl s mentality and pulled the reader in to them through her strong writing even in a lyrical setting With the many unique elements added in, even with a commonly used love triangle type premise, McVoy has created something that will stand out and engage the reader. I really enjoyed this book it was cute, it was sweet and I really wasn t expecting to get this much out of it I like how in the book Becca and Camille had their own separate kind of voices and I didn t get them mixed up The author can clearly separate her characters I like the characters have good character development.I just wish that back Uncasville had met straight on.I felt like becca was really nervous and clumsy She reminded me of a Chihuahua freaking out and barking then suddenly pissing itself I liked her from the beginning because I could relate to that She was always making mistakes although the cashiering thing blows my mind stumbling on top of herself, focusing on her boyfriend too much Camille however is selfish, egotistical, judgmental, and ignorant.And on the page 205, poem baseball reject, I just can t believe Camille even did that Really I just got the impression she was a stuck up bitch, she was very previliged and doesn t appreciate her life Sure she moves around a lot, and doesn t always stay at one school But that was her biggest problem Other than that, perfect family, perfect house, perfect features, perfect clothesshe didn t realize how damn good she had it.And after she realized how much of a bitch she is, she soaks up all her self pity on page 257, the hooky poem 30 pages later she talks about how she s looking at a travel guide book and she s like oh wow dads company handles everything, I won t know how to do this Ok, when she first started talking about the 7,000 she had saved up, I did t think she was planning on going to Europe with it The minute she talked about Europe I was like wow that s really stupid of her with just seven grand And there were like seven different cases with seven different people that had dreadlocks What exactly is the obsession with dreadlocks.At least the story has good character development and no Mary Sues Except Camille thought she was a Mary Sue. Becca is a sweet girl who is in love with her long time boyfriend Alec Alec writes haikus to her all of the time He is a jock, but the time that they spend together is magical She honestly can t picture her life without him Becca is also part of the literary magazine, and when she narrates her part of the story, you can tell the structure of her poems and the word choices that she really cares about structure in her life She enjoys tasks and goals After an unfortunate car accident, she is forced to work in a coffee shop to pay off the damage This pulls her away from Alec, but she figures that things will be alright.Camille is very guarded She has moved several times and doesn t allow herself to feel for people because her ultimate goal is to escape to Europe and leave her hectic moving life behind Her love was in Chicago, and her heart is still badly bruised from having to leave him Her narration is done in free form verse There is little punctuation or capital letters She write as a stream of consciousness She ends up making a few friends easily at her new school, and doesn t really think much of the catcher that ends up seeking her out at a party It isn t until after he kisses her that she begins to think about him This kiss leads both girls down a dangerous path Becca is heartbroken, especially when Camille seems to frequent the coffee shop and not know who she is Camille withdrawals from those around her When she finds out that the savings that she had is just not going to be good enough to go to Europe, her world feels like it is over Then she finds out that the catcher had a long term girlfriend when he kissed her and she feels even worse How can these two young ladies find peace This was probably the best book that I have read this year It s hard to compare it to the Book Thief, but I have a tendency to like novels that are written in verse I was wrapped up in the novel from the very beginning I felt like I learned so much about the characters and their heartaches resonated within me I don t often read a book in a day, and this one I just could not put down I really couldn t explain how much I enjoyed it I want everyone that I know to read it I actually bought 3 copies after I sent it out to the next person so that I would have copies to let my students read The mixture of structured poetry to free verse helped me get an immediate sense of the characters, but really the language chosen for each poem was awe inspiring I think McVoy might be crazy because this seems like it would take so long to put together, but I will buy all of her books from this point on.5 5 stars as if that could possibly be high enough THIS BOOK GAVE ME ALL THE FEELS It was so nostalgic, tragic, and beautiful I give props to this author because 1 it s literally impossible to write an entire novel in just POEMS 2 it s legit impossible to tell a GOOD and ENTERTAINING story in poems The author accomplished both of these with easee I read this in one sitting It was fantastic I ve never read a book written in such an unique manner and I m so happy I read it It was hard at first, because I don t like poetry, but I soon got hooked and fell in love with the creative ways the words flowed The sad parts were even sadder due to the poems and all the emotions were amplified due to the poetry It really really complimented this writing I thought it was so sad how Becca and Alec fell apart I guess they weren t meant to be but I really wanted them to be Alec just didn t understand Becca I guess They were meant to be just memories And Camille was so cute Especially when she explained how happy she felt helping the animal shelter, you couldn t despise her She was so innocent and perfect I loved how their story s intertwined I just didn t like the ending that much I can t put my finger on it I felt like the ending was really slow but also rushed It didn t feel like a perfect ending I wish it were better. It s like watching a train crash It was a watered down YA version of stream of consciousness that was that bad, you just feel compelled to finish it Becca s pov was written in verse style that i still could handle, but she was so besotted and whiny and clingy.camilles pov is just lack of punctuation and all the uppercase and lowercase like a whole paragraph of words said in a single breath albeit without really thinking if they are constructive or they just seek to occupy space to make the novel a whole 382 pages which seems much substantial than having nothing to publish why yes I loved the little blip on the dust jacket I did I really did I absolutely love romantic YA stories so I figured this would be exactly what I was looking for And I continued loving it as I flipped through the copyright information, the acknowledgement, and the dedication Then I found the first page of the book and it all fell out the window from there The first thing that annoyed me was the grammar on Camille s part I m usually NOT a Grammar Nazi or not one of the annoying ones that comment on EVERY little mistake but it felt like I was reading a blog or some silly comment on Yahoo News rather than an actual book It just didn t feel professional to me and I sat there attempting to dissect the first page, trying to ignore the lack of capitalization and commas and whatnot Flipping to the second page, I realized that feeling it was like a blog was right Each little rant or cryptic story Camille writes about has a new heading and just randomly jumps around One moment she s telling us about her new house in Chicago and next we re talking about some mysterious boy or her friend in San Francisco And whenever Camille meets a new person, she connects them back to her old friends from a past city until it feels like they re the same person Maybe that s just me, but I found that beyond annoying I somehow managed to make it through Camille s blobs before realizing half of the page is a blob and the other half is free verse I may have groaned at this part since most every time I read books that are split into sections like the silliness Cassandra Clare is starting to do I end up not liking the book And to make matters worse, it s written in different styles Okay onto Becca Becca s part is written in free verse and has much better grammar than Camille s ginormous paragraph so the Grammar Nazi in me could take a break What ticked me off about Becca is her obsession with Alec Alec this, Alec that Alec might as well be her life support as she s lying in a white hospital room in coma from the way she worships the guy She s incapable of doing anything sane without Alec and sacrifices her own happiness for his Which is so NOT okay I thought I left poor dependent girlfriends in Twilight but sadly, I was mistaken And then when Alec goes off and kisses Camille before you spaz at me for ruining the book, it s in the dust jacket so take a breather , making Becca this little gray cloud of depression, it ruined all hope of me ever liking Becca.Maybe Becca changes and then again, maybe she doesn t This is about the time I put the book down before saying, You know what Forget it It was torture enough reading this book and I almost felt bad after seeing all these wonderful reviews of it Almost, of course, being the keyword And I do feel bad about hating on this book so hard when I didn t even finish it. I liked this book than I expected to I think mostly because I admired what the author was trying to do stylistically I picked it up expecting it to be your standard YA chick lit judging solely by the title and the cover , and then found that the story is told from the point of view of two girls, Becca and Camille, whose lives intersect around a boy, Alec What was unusual here was how the points of view were related Camille tells her story in a kind of stream of conscious journal form with little punctuation Becca tells hers almost entirely through poetry At first I wasn t sure what to think about the alternating styles I wasn t sure that I d be able to get enough of the story to understand what was going on and how the characters interrelated I was pleasantly surprised at how much McVoy was able to convey about both characters, and I admired Becca s voice, in particular, because the poetry was able to perfectly capture her character deep, profound, skeptical, creative without over doing it.