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I m risking genre burn out so I ll stop here for now I liked it but I need to break it up with a romantic comedy or something Well, that s extreme Probably not a romantic comedy. Because fate cannot be cheated, it governs us, and we are all its slaves. I don t know how much I can love this series I don t know how much I can say that I haven t already said I don t know how much I can tell the world that I need a Viking, that I want to be a Dane and fight next to them I think my bloodlust has intensified and all I want to do is be a warrior This book, by far, is the best in the series Book one was heartbreaking and full of discovery I cried a lot in that book Book two was all about finding your place and figuring out where you need and want to be Book three is all about BETRAYAL, REVENGE and CONQUERINGFather he shouted, FatherOh gah That scenemy heartthe revenge I m really at a lost for words I could tell you about what happens but I went blindly into this, not expecting anything and got so much than I could imagine PLEASE.PLEASE read this series. [Kindle] ♷ The Lords of the North ⚖ The Third Instalment In Bernard Cornwell S King Alfred Series, Following On From The Outstanding Previous Novels The Last Kingdom And The Pale Horseman, Both Of Which Were Top Ten Bestsellers The Year Is And Wessex Is Free From The Vikings Uhtred, The Dispossessed Son Of A Northumbrian Lord, Helped Alfred Win That Victory, But Now He Is Disgusted By Alfred S Lack Of Generosity And Repelled By The King S Insistent Piety He Flees Wessex, Going Back North To Seek Revenge For The Killing Of His Foster Father And To Rescue His Stepsister, Captured In The Same Raid He Needs To Find His Old Enemy, Kjartan, A Renegade Danish Lord Who Lurks In The Formidable Stronghold Of Dunholm Uhtred Arrives In The North To Discover Rebellion, Chaos And Fear His Only Ally Is Hild, A West Saxon Nun Fleeing Her Calling, And His Best Hope Is His Sword, With Which He Has Made A Formidable Reputation As A Warrior He Will Need The Assistance Of Other Warriors If He Is To Attack Dunholm And He Finds Guthred, A Slave Who Believes He Is A King He Takes Him Across The Pennines To Where A Desperate Alliance Of Fanatical Christians And Beleaguered Danes Form A New Army To Confront The Terrible Viking Lords Who Rule Northumbria The Lords Of The North Is A Powerful Story Of Betrayal, Romance And Struggle, Set In An England Of Turmoil, Upheaval And Glory Uhtred, A Northumbrian Raised As A Viking, A Man Without Lands, A Warrior Without A Country, Has Become A Splendid Heroic Figure Wyrd bi ful r d Fate is inexorableI had a super long review written for this series but I deleted the document accidentally so let me share with you at least some major points to explain my reasons for loving this series so much Astonishing storytelling skills Bernard Cornwell brought 9th century England alive for me Unforgettable narrator Uhtred of Bebbanburg is unapologetic and ruthless yet lovable and admiration worthy character with brilliant military strategic mind He is a true hero Complex and fascinating side characters that you will love to come back to Constant philosophical battle between paganism and Christianity that depicts given period precisely Well thought out storyline and twists War and fight scenes are chillingly realistic I really felt like I was there with Uhtred, fighting every new enemy or being part of countless shield wars.All in all, The Warrior Chronicles Saxon Stories series all 10 available books is spectacular story with spectacular writing It is one of the best historical fiction stories I have ever read and it is the perfect example of how to write engaging historical fiction series that never get boring or predictable Moreover, I loved author s note at the end of every book where author explained which parts were based on historical facts and which parts of his novel he made up RECOMMENDED Uhtred makes me laugh I like him and I get him.Okay, if you have read my review of the first two books in this series, The Last Kingdom and The Pale Horseman, and it would be most arrogant of me to assume that you have then you will understand why I have started this review with those few simple words.For those who have not read those reviews, let me explain.I love this Saxon series of Cornwell s, I love the main character, Uhtred, I love the way Cornwell writes, I love this world he has brought to life for me and I love the whole blood letting, gorified please excuse the fake word , lustful storyline.Need I say Hmm, yes, I think I will, but only a little because I have said it all already in my reviews of the former books.This book is so me It really epitomises everything I like and want in an historical fiction I wish there were scores like it so that I would never be let down again by poorly written historical fiction books That IS one of life s little pains in the arse Bad historical fiction Cringe.Cornwell could not have written a book suited to my likes and dislikes if he had tried It is so close to my exact taste that I could nearly imagine that it was written for me, but, of course, it wasn t Oh, and I don t mean that literally Trust me, I don t reeeaallly think he wrote it for me I am a fan, but not THAT kind of a fan I am in the middle of reading the next book in the series, Swordsong, and then I have the latest instalment released in 2009 , The Burning Land to go I can t wait and hope Cornwell is working on another in the series after The Burning Land, because I don t think I will ever tire of Uhtred s story. Another good episode in the story Uthred s story is isolated in this one and we don t have the epic battles of the first two. rating 4.5 5This is the third in the Warrior Chronicles Saxon Stories series and am still loving it Uhtred is a blood lusting arrogant ass with a cruel streak but also a redeeming goodness which seems contradictory but you just gotta read for it to make sense This book picks up soon after the battle in the second book, The Pale Horseman, ends Alfred gives Uhtred five hides as reward for his actions the bastard so Uhtred buries his fortune and, with Hild in tow, makes it for Northumbria Then shit happens, Uhtred acts recklessly, gets himself in deep trouble, etc The standard, marvelous Cornwell formula for good adventures and lots of bloody killing.In between Uhtred gets a good dose of late 800s politics, meets a slave king, takes some long overdue revenge, makes fun of priests, and spouts Viking insults left and right regardless of the station or ferocity of the person Oh, and did I mention Gisela Uhtred s love interest and a hard ass Dane Someone s gotta keep him in line and if anyone has a chance it is that girl We also got Ragnar yay but I still miss and grieve view spoiler Leofric hide spoiler This series just takes my breath away It is a superbly told story that gripped me from beginning to end This novel is the third in The Saxon Stories by Bernard Corwell This is the story of Uhtred, born as a Saxon, taken by the Danes Vikings at the age of 10, and then raised as a Dane He speaks both languages well, and seems to bounce back and forth from one culture to the other And, besides being smart, he is a brilliant warrior.Each character in the book comes to life, especially in the audiobook, read with clarity and distinction by Tom Sellwood He makes each character sound distinct, and it is never difficult to tell who is speaking, because of Sellwood s accents One cannot say that the accents are authentic, of course, since the story takes place in the ninth century But, he uses English, Irish, Scotch, Danish, and other accents to good use throughout.This series of historical novels has such a good reputation, that a TV series The Last Kingdom has been based on it, and is now up to 16 episodes two series.The protagonist in the story, Uhtred, lives to fight A number of other characters also seem to have that aim in life As a result, and because of the multiple would be kings all have their subjects fighting for their hegemony, it seems like everybody in the land is touched by violence Continuously Almost without a break So, as I listen to the story, I am reminded about how true the book The Better Angels of Our Nature Why Violence Has Declined by Stephen Pinker is so true A millennium ago, violence was a way of life. Danes and Saxons fighting over a piece of land that is soon to be known as England This was quite a rough story in terms of trust, faith, and betrayal. It s Danes versus Saxons in a fight for the right to rule over a cold, wet island soon to be known as England, as depicted by these toys in this unrealistic settingOur hero Uhtred is still at it, trying to regain what is rightfully his, the impregnable fortress Bebbanburg But as usual, a bunch of assholes stand in his way.Sorry for cussing just then However, if you ve read any of Bernard Cornwell s books before, you re probably not too shocked by it The only thing that might ve surprised you is that I didn t say bastard instead It was a favored slur during just about any time period the author has written in and he s put it to good use.Cornwell is a master of historical fiction and excels at adding in appropriate details Slavery goes back a long time in the British Isles and the author uses it with good effect in his Lords of the North plot, excellently describing one form of enforced servitude for the benefit of his readers who dig history Through out this series, I ve enjoyed the layer of Christianity vs paganism he s laid over the background And his descriptions of fortifications and warfare add a nice touch to these battle heavy books However, he really laid it on thick with the shield wall this time around The shield wall was a very important battle strategy for the time and Cornwell has his characters utilize the shield wall quite often, which is fine, but did he have to constantly mention shield wall every fricking time a shield wall came into play in this shield wally story..SHIELD WALL My read of Lords took off and flew for the first three fourths, but sputtered and came to a temporary halt just before the end I left it untouched for days at a time, dragging out the last couple chapters over the course of three weeks Why There were too many climactic scenes After Uhtred and Co succeed view spoiler in capturing Dunholm and reuniting the beat down Thyra with her brother Ragnar in a very emotional scene hide spoiler