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A number of years ago, I found myself without a job for the first time in my adult life At 40, this was scary until I woke up one morning, created a subchapter S corporation and became a consultant This book, along with others by Peter Block, was a significant help in getting started and having the confidence to persevere for two years independently Now I m a consultant in a big four firm and the things I learned from this book still ring true. From the dust jacket Flawless Consulting affirms the notion that authentic behavior and personal relationships are the key to technical and business success That s really the book in a nutshell Not that that isn t a valuable insight But you can save yourself a bunch of time by not reading the book, because the book mainly restates that premise over and over again using every combination of words the author could think of to say basically same thing The author makes the case that people are emotional creatures, and as a consultant, the best way to approach clients is to build relationships in order to build trust And the author makes the complementary case that the wrong way to approach clients is to diagnose their problems rationally and explain to them what they need to change in order to besuccessful This is an important insight, and probablytrue today than at any time since the beginning of the Enlightenment If you successfully engage with the client at an emotional level, the client is less likely to view you with resistance.But then the author undermines his premise with chapters on healthcare reform and education reform Not that these systems don t need reform, but the author posits that Flawless Consulting is the answer to what ails these systems, and recounts a doctor and a high school teacher who claim to have used this book to reform their respective institutions Color me skeptical For one thing, the surgeon was apparently fired, because the healthcare system just wasn t ready for the greatness of Flawless Consulting The teacher changed the paradigm to put the students in charge of their learning This is based on the reality that successful learning is random discovery The teacher told the students, If you are tired, take a nap Tests are bad, because students become performers rather than learners In this model, the teacher doesn t teach, but is rather a consultant, and the student is a self directed adventurer, encouraged to fail often, since if the goal is learning, failure is a big way it happens One hopes that none of these students are surgeons or engineers today.These two chapters then cast the rest of the book in a different light In an Enlightened world, the consultant would engage with clients in a rational, analytical way, diagnose their problems, and present solutions based on evidence and logic The author makes the case that people are by and large too emotional for that Better to focus on building relationships, and be authentic, and that s really all the consultant has to do The client will then magically become successful The world will provide the events that will force movement Life provides the disturbance We do not have to induce change, drive it, or guide it All we have to do is join it The consultant doesn t need to teach or advise or be any kind of motive force It will be enough if we simply show up This manner of consultancy may work in, say, social services, but organizations that build bridges or airplanes might want to think hard before taking this leap of faith It may be better to sum up the book this way There are people in this world who are analytical thinkers, and can be approached in an analytical, rational way Then there are people in this world who are emotional thinkers, and who need to be approached in an emotional, authentic, relationship based way And there are many people in between who can be rational, but really only after engaging with them to build relationships first, and then approach them with rational thought and analysis only after trust has been established Therefore, it s safer to start by approaching everyone in a relationship based way first Okay, fair enough In a way, it s an indictment of our educational system that people are apparently not taught to be approached in a rational way as can be seen today on college campuses , but rather have to be coddled emotionally until a friendly relationship is established before a rational thought might be floated toward them Which would indicate that real education reform might actually be the opposite of what the author is promoting in this book. This is an amazingly comprehensive manual to consulting It covers techniques in detail while also discussing mindset and sharing recommendations.The author s focus is on the process of consulting The title is derived from this process view If you followed the process, then you consulted flawlessly, regardless of the outcome Therein lies a seed of humility As consultants, we learn, advise, recommend, and encourage action we do not have the power to guarantee outcomes.For all the wisdom in the book, reading it is a bit of a hard slog I wish the content was available on a platform like Udemy, Lynda or Coursera instead, preferably with exercises included. Read it for work Decent, relevant to the work we are doing, but not life changing. I picked up a public policy capstone class to teach this semester and this book was suggested for the students, who are doing consulting projects for government entities cities, counties, state agencies, etc It s fine book, has good basic material and a website for checklists My primary concern is it is way too expensive over 60 for a hardcover for pretty basic information There isn t anything here you couldn t find elsewhere online. Tokia nuobodi, kad net nebaigiau skaityti I have to admit that I really liked Peter Block s Flawless Consulting This book was originally written in 1978, and then revised in 1998 I expected the book to be dated and irrelevant, but it wasn t The concepts that Block wrote about many years ago are still very much applicable today Having been a consultant for 6 years, I especially liked this book because it focuses on the style of consulting I like or rather liked to do improving the capability of the client to find and implement his her own solutions I was especially impressed by the emphasis Block places on how to establish a relationship with the client, as well as defining the assignment Consultants love to define assignments, but often don t give much thought to the relationship The book is also well balanced between the needs of those who are internal consultants as well as external consultants experts A great strength of the book is that there are extensive examples of the same issue so that you can get a good perspective, even if you don t yet have much experience as a consultant So it is a terrific book for those who are new to consulting For those of us who have had consulting experience, there is still a lot to learn The questions and checklists Block provides throughout the book are practically a book by themselves They are very well designed and address the most important issues What I especially found useful were the extensive list of ways to diagnose what may be going wrong when the client asks questions or is inactive I found evenuseful the many ingenious responses to those situations that had never occurred to me I have stumbled into a few successes in my consulting career and can look back and see it is because I applied the concepts of this book whether by design or accident Conversely, I can also see some other situations where the application of these concepts would have been very useful.Block strikes a perfect balance between theory and execution In fact, there is a lot of both He backs up his theories with flowcharts, checklists, and even cartoons This book is the real deal Block clearly knows what he is talking about when it comes to organizations and the consulting process There is no doubt you will be a much improved consultant or manager if you learn and apply the methods in the book Truly a classic, and a must have for anyone who consults, or who hires consultants. So far so good, and I think this book is written for professionals who already have competencies for working with people in consulting I also think if you want to read this book keep in mind this book has a companion book too The Flawless Consulting Fieldbook Companion A Guide To Understanding Your Expertise Peter Block, who has focused attention on consulting skills, empowerment processes, and reclaiming our individuality.As these books will guide a professional to know all the stages and adhere stictly to them to be successful as a consultant You will be able to assess your own abilities to these competencies even as a beginner It does take time to become an expert in the field, but it will be worth knowing that you can help others help themselves.I just finished this book and found that it is a very good approach for consulting, but I also found a better author for consulting Schein I will give a review but compared to both it is the approach that counts when dealing with clients.The six steps in Blocks book are closely related to Schein s, after all there are basics to consulting or even coaching.The consultants goals are Goal one Establish A collaborative relationship Contract or not to take the work if one does not have the competencies Block calls Entry and ContractingGoal two Solving Problems so they stayed solved Block calls Discovery and DialogueGoal three Two elements technical business in how people react around the problem Block calls Analysis and the Decision to ActGoal four Staging the client s involvement, step by step Block calls Engagement and ImplementationGoal five Completing feedback the requirements of each stage continue with process plan Block calls this last step Extension, Recycle, or Termination.If a consultant fails at one of these steps Schein agrees then the client will lose confidence and trust Also, failure brings not being authentic it is a lot better to turn down the work if there are no competencies If one does continue on then the chances are you will either be asked to leave, never will have the chance for future projects this is the heart of consulting to return to the same clients this build rapport and leads to other work. (FREE DOWNLOAD) à Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used í The Second Edition Of The Consultant S Bible Is Here For Over Fifteen Years, Consultants Both Internal And External Have Relied On Peter Block S Landmark Bestseller, Flawless Consulting, To Learn How To Deal Effectively With Clients, Peers, And Others Using Illustrative Examples, Case Studies, And Exercises, The Author, One Of The Most Important And Well Known In His Field, Offers His Legendary Warmth And Insight Throughout This Much Awaited Second Edition Anyone Who Must Communicate In A Professional Context And Who Doesn T Will Use The Lessons Taught In This Book For Years To Come Who Would Have Thought The Consultant S Bible Could Be Improved Upon Count On Peter Block The Consulting Profession S Very Own Revolutionary To Push Us To Confront And Struggle With The Paradoxes Inherent In Our Work Candace Thompson, Organization Development Consultant, First Chicago NBD A Bank One Company Block Has Distilled Years Of Experience Into A Wise, Down To Earth, And Eminently Practical Guide To Excellence In Consulting If You Are New To The Practice, Flawless Consulting Will Chop Years Off Your Learning Cycle And Even If You Re An Old Pro, Block S Insights Will Elevate You To New Levels Of Effectiveness Flawless Consulting Is Not Simply About Becoming A Better Consultant It Is About Using Consulting As A Path Toward Becoming A Better Person Barry Oshry, President, Power Systems, Inc Author Of Seeing Systems And Leading Systems TLDR