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I have now read this book three times The first time was too many decades ago The second time was about twelve years ago I had to own a copy for my collection, so I bought the 2013 re publication Rush to Judgment , along with Sylvia Meagher s Accessories After the Fact are THE works to study on the Warren Commission Mark Lane was the first to publish in 1965, followed the year after by Meagher Take your pick, either book exposes the cover up, the framing of Oswald and the determined efforts by some of the foremost judicial persons of their day, one, a future president to prevent the exposure of treason.Even on the third reading Lane s erudite demolition of the President s Commission is a classic, and essential reading in the JFK case. Mark Lane plies his craft well here Rush to Judgement reads like a stylized trial transcript from the defense attorney I think true conspiracy fanatics who read this book hoping to find an answer to the JFK Assassination will be disappointed Lane does what any defense attorney worth their salt would do he chips away at the prosecutions in this case the prevailing consensus of what happened on 11 22 63 and the workings and findings of the Warren Commission in particular case through detailed analysis and observation of facts and situations He doesn t necessarily disprove the Commission, but he interjects enough reasonable doubt that would prevent s jury from passing judgement beyond a reasonable doubt on a defendants guilt It does seem odd that there are so many incongruities and slip ups on behalf of the governments analysis The physical capabilities of the rifle and Oswald skill with it, the eye witness testimony, the sloppy police work of the Dallas PD, Jack Ruby s dealings in Dallas and connections, as well as the lack of coherent testimony and evidence in Officer Tippit s murder While this book doesn t necessarily sway me to the side of the hardcore conspiracy theorist, it doesn t cast aspersions on the official report. Quite a few books have been written about the JFK assassination and the Warren Commission, but Lane was one of the first, this book being preceded by a lengthy piece he wrote for the old National Guardian weekly newspaper I became aware of it at the time of publication in 1966 through an interview of Lane conducted by Jerry Williams on his radio program, but didn t read it until many years later.Much of Lane s work herein is a detailed critique of the Warren Commission Report and Supplements both as regards its internal inconsistencies and the evidences and testimonies it either disregards or misrepresents Given the two year timeframe within which Lane composed it, it is an impressive piece of work, but now, decades later, much has come to light, including some inconsistencies in this book itself A second edition Thunder Mouth, 1998 has presumably dealt with these.The evidence as it stands to date generally supports Lane s critique The Warren Commission, FBI, CIA and Johnson administration did in fact knowingly conduct a cover up and there was in fact a conspiracy behind the assassination Who actually killed the president and who actually ordered the murder remains in question as does the involvement of Lee Harvey Oswald, the person originally accused but, owing to his fortuitous murder by mob functionary Jack Ruby, not tried Lane s own developing opinions are detailed in both the second edition of this book and in his Plausible Denial. One of the very FIRST books on the assassination of President Kennedy on that fateful day in Dallas He shot out against the Warren Report giving lectures all over the country trying to show the Warren Report for the worthless piece of crap that it was This is the definition of an American Patriot I wish people had courage like Mark Lane. 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I did not read all the book Each chapter was a very detailed account of witness statements, evidence, testimony related to the Warren Commission I skimmed and skipped parts The book contains information that is very important There have been other books on this subject since this book came out We are going to discuss this in our book group and that will be even interesting.