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Spoiler Alert Though it started out really well, I hated the ending In typical Sparks fashion, your not left with a happy ending Though I have been a fan of his The Notebook is one of my favorites , I am growing weary of these endings I just don t like to invest my time and the roller coaster of emotions he sends you through only to be left unsatisfied If you ve seen the movie Cold Mountain, you may get what I mean I felt the same way at the end of it, HelloI spent 3 hours watching this movie for this Anyway, I felt like this could have been a really good book had it ended differently I mean the poor guy is left with absolutely nothing, while thanks to him she goes off into the sunset with another man Yes, it was a great selfless act that he did, but it doesn t make for a great ending Did I mention the man was left with nothing hehe I took the recommendation of a female friend whom I respect highly and bought this book, but when I first looked at it, put it aside figuring it was a romance novel that would only appeal to women How wrong I was.The leading man , John Tyree, a US Army sergeant who served in Bosnia and Iraq, was a highly sympathetic character, as was leading lady Savannah.Not only were the characters good, but the plot was also.The book moved very quickly and I finished it in one sitting, and then had to eat crow to the woman who recommended it to me I just bought four Sparks novels from , the book was that much fun to read, even for this curmudgeonly retired wire service reporter. Reread 2017When all is said and done, we do what we do for one another For friendship Not for country, not for patriotism, not because we re programmed killing machines, but because of the guy next to you You fight for your friend, to keep him alive, and he fights for you, and everything about the army is built on this simple premise When I first read Dear John I was an optimistic, romantic teenager I gave it 3 stars because I wasn t happy with it s ending, I wanted the happily ever after.Now I m a cynical 24 year old, and a lot of the issues and relationship troubles for John and Savannah resonate with me a lot than they did for my younger, inexperienced self.I ve upped my rating to 4 stars Though I m not a fan of the insta love beginning, their relationship while John goes back into the army and thereafter is much convincing, and real At least to me.So heartbreaking though this story is I enjoyed it because it is believable, because things don t always go the way we plan, or even just the way we think We are all just muddling along in this world, and if we find even a glimpse of the happiness this kind of love brings then we should think ourselves lucky, as it is usually fleetingI also learned that it s possible to go on, no matter how impossible it seems, and that in time, the grieflessens It may not ever go away completely, but after a while it s not overwhelmingOriginal Review below March 2012 I ll be honest I struggled when reading Dear John.I loved the film, but when I tackled the book I found that I actually preferred the film I know i m sorry There is little no hope in this book for the two MCs Now I like a sad tale as much as any pain loving masochist but this one hurt me greatly, mainly because we all know that is it unnecessary pain that could have been avoided Now this is just me, and we all know we can t always get what we want, but I just wanted so much for Savannah and John s relationship.It was heartbreaking, but in the awful way than in a way I could willingly accept. This book needs to have a different title like maybeThe RehashorThe Tragic TragedySeriously how many times do we have to hear about the same scenes Ok so I didn t hate it, but really it was a bit of an overload I had it coming though, I mean what did I expect by picking up a Nicholas Sparks novel Sparks is a popular author for a reason His writing draws you in but not forcefully The words gently tug you along and before you know it you have to finish the book I will give him props for that because I m not one of those people who has to see a book to the end, if it s not holding my interest I chuck it.After I finished reading I literally was exhausted It s like Sparks was sitting at his computer and thought about all the ways to make it romantically tragic I can just see him now,Aha That will definitely be a tear jerker, I m a geniusWay overdone I cannot say that enough Don t get me wrong there a scenes where you are like that was good, but he tries to stick in too many He is a master puppeteer when it comes to pulling your heart strings, basically merciless this guy.The premise was interesting because I grew up as a military kid and I wanted see the perspective of a soldier without children John is good in the beginning but then he changes pretty dramatically In the first half of the book he keeps saying and my love grew stronger at least 4 or 5 times Really John how much stronger can it get There was this thing that really bothered me He kept saying base but in the Army they call it a post, the Air Force calls military installations bases The terms are of course are interchangeable and people use them both, but for the time John is in the Army he would have known that.I would have rather read a story focused on John s relationship with his father and have Savannah as a side note That would have been better Kind of a let down and don t even feel like watching the movie any Basically I m saying to pick up something else if you are not into sappy, sad, melodramatic stories. ( Download Book ) ⚆ Dear John ⚕ An Angry Rebel, John Dropped Out Of School And Enlisted In The Army, Not Knowing What Else To Do With His Life Until He Meets The Girl Of His Dreams, Savannah Their Mutual Attraction Quickly Grows Into The Kind Of Love That Leaves Savannah Waiting For John To Finish His Tour Of Duty, And John Wanting To Settle Down With The Woman Who Has Captured His Heart But Changes Everything John Feels It Is His Duty To Re Enlist And Sadly, The Long Separation Finds Savannah Falling In Love With Someone Else Dear John, The Letter Read And With Those Two Words, A Heart Was Broken And Two Lives Were Changed Forever Returning Home, John Must Come To Grips With The Fact That Savannah, Now Married, Is Still His True Love And Face The Hardest Decision Of His Life OK, soI finally finished Like a lot of other people, I read this simply because I saw the preview for the movie and I HAVE to read a book before I see the film adaptation In this case, I really wish I wasn t so anal retentive.Anyhoo, the book Typical Sparks fare star crossed lovers, torn apart by fate, life, what have you I really enjoyed the interaction between John and his father a lot than I did his relationship with Savannah, maybe because it seemed far real I never warmed up to Savannah, even though she was supposed to be the perfect, lovely Southern young lady And, like SO many other reviews on here, I too thought the ending was horrid As I was nearing the end of my audiobook, I knew exactly how it would end, but I still had another disc to go It was seriously painfulI can get behind tragic unrequited love stories, but this one just seemed so pointless John literally gives up everything he has in his entire life for someone who treats him badly for 90% of their relationship I always know what I m getting myself into with a Sparks book, but in this case I left feeling totally dissatisfied it s like when you go to a buffet, and you know what you re about to eat is terrible for you, but you binge anyways and have massive regrets immediately afterward I ll still go see the movie, mostly because my sister in law is super excited to see it, but part of me hopes this is one of those instances where Hollywood romanticizes things and changes the ending This book could really use it. If Savannah can wait for 21 years to give her virginity to someone she lovesThen why can t she wait a little bit longer for John to come back from the army She s madly in love with him Is that what a nice and a sweet person supposed to do I could handle the slowness and the too much narration of this book but THAT THING, the one that I mentioned above I couldn t take it Really She s just unbelievable She doesn t even know what she really wants Okay, so, this is my second Nicholas Sparks s novel after A Walk to Remember, which I really loved It tells a story of John Tyree who takes two weeks off from the army Then he met a sweet girl named Savannah, who by chance did a volunteering in John s neighborhood As you might already guess, they fall in love for each other Really deep They re quite certain they re gonna get married to each other and live happily ever after Until 9 11 tragedy ruins everything I started reading this book 2 months ago but it stopped after I read chapter one I liked it when John talking about his awkward relationship with his calm quiet father, but my enthusiasm faded when he talked much about Savannah It kinda boring to me Maybe I m not really into romance But I don t think it should be that flat, right What happened to John is love at first sight with a sweet, nice and almost perfect girl with almost no real conflict between them Even their fight over Savannah s diagnosis of John s father didn t really move me Tedious as before And then that moment came When John s father got sick My God, it was so depressing Really Even the single explanation of his father s condition broke me into tears I really wish Sparks would talk about Asperger syndrome that John s father suffered from rather than his agitating relationship with Savannah And I think this is the main reason why I gave this book a three stars instead of two It was all for John and his father relationship 333 Alright, it s not always agitating when John narrated his relationship with Savannah It was good near the end, though The conflict was real Even though Savannah became hateful than before at least to my own opinion , it was nice to finally read something interesting between them What happened to John and Savannah in the end wasn t something that everyone would call a happily ever after, but it s still acceptable to me Since, you know, i don t really adore this couple pSo that s all my review for this book I really need to watch the movie again and decide which one is much better And for you, who decides to read this book, enjoy yourself while reading it and be patient if you hate a slow pace story. Mom recommended this one I hate Nick Sparks writing It s too simplistic and yet too formal In my opinion, no one in this day and age is allowed to use for when they mean because Too plot driven and he spells everything out I might have loved this in 7th grade Let me start off by saying that I am not a re reader My philosophy is why re read when you can read something new, right But when I saw the re release of Dear John by Nicholas Sparks with Channing Tatum on the cover and the fact that a movie was made based on the novel, I wanted to revisit John and Savannah.I think it goes without saying that Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors If Sparks writes it, I will read it His books are on my auto buy list It all started with the movie The Notebook I was completely and utterly captivated with Noah and Allie s story I wanted When I found out the movie was based on a novel, I went to the bookstore and picked it up and read my very first Nicholas Sparks novel Then I read At First Sight, True Believer, Message in a Bottle.the list goes on and on I fell in love with his writing style, the characters and with North Carolina the state itself is a character in its own right in each of his novels Sparks has a way of getting the reader immersed in his story, longing for He has a knack for pulling the reader right into the story Dear John is story of love, loss and emotion It is a story that begs the question what if What if you took a different path in life Would you still end up at the same destination What if you made the wrong choice Would you live to regret it And what about the tougher questions, like how long would you wait for the one you love Can love survive the distance John is a bit of a rebel but never fell too far off the right path He was raised by his father, though the two weren t all that close John had a hard time relating to his father His father s coin collecting hobby kept them close for a short while Over time, the two grew further apart After high school, John realized he wasn t going anywhere in life so he enlisted with the Army for a 4 year tour.Savannah is a girl who is pure and full of na ve innocence She s an all around good girl you could even call her a goody two shoes She lives in a small town and is very close to her parents She dreams of opening up a horse ranch for autistic kids It is on a break from school, when she s volunteering for Habit for Humanity, that she meets John and the two fall quickly in love.Neither John or Savannah were expecting to fall in love but their attraction was inevitable His two week furlough is up and he has to return to Germany Savannah promises to wait for John to finish out his tour The two continue their relationship through handwritten letters Savannah writes first Dear John,There s so much I want to say to you, but I m not sure where I should begin Should I start by telling you that I love you Or that the days I ve spent with you have been the happiest in my life Or that in the short time I ve known you, I ve come to believe that we were meant to be together I could say all those things and all would be true, but as I reread them, all I can think is that I wish I were with you now, holding your hand and watching your elusive smile. The two continue their relationship through romantic letters, then the events of 9 11 happen and John re enlists The distance and time apart put a toll on their relationship And the questions of what if begin Dear John is one of my favorite reads by Nicholas Sparks It is a story you will not soon forget You will cry Your heart will ache You will find yourself asking what if Dear John is about a love lost but not forgotten I don t agree with some of the choices made by either John or Savannah but John s selfless act at the end of the story made me proud Have the tissues ready If you love a good, seamless love story that pulls on your heart strings, then you need to read Dear John In fact, you need to read everything by Nicholas Sparks His stories of timeless, endless love will captivate your heart and stay with you.A movie has been made based on this novel To date, there have been 6 book to movie adaptions for Sparks works I have yet to see Dear John but I will definitely be getting the DVD once it gets released for my collection Review originally posted on The Book Vixen. Dear John, Nicholas SparksThe story is about a romantic couple who fall in love over one summer They are separated during the man s military service John Tyree, the main character, has a father with Asperger s syndrome The story is partially set in Wilmington, North Carolina where John s father was a single parent who had difficulty having meaningful conversation with his son and has an obsession with coin collecting John knows there is something wrong with him but he has never been to a doctor to find out what it is Feeling a lack of direction and no good fatherly influence in his life, John enlisted in the U.S Armed Forces John returns home on leave from the army when he gets news of his father s death After the return he seeks out Savannah, where he is surprised to learn of her life events following her marriage to another man It was obvious to John, Savannah, and even her new husband, that Savannah still had love for John But he decided to let Savannah go, because he cared about her than himself Although drained by battle overseas and the loss of Savannah, he realizes that due to a legacy from his father, he s able to express his love in an unexpected way 2012 1389 351 9789642950089 21 2000 1977 43 1951 1926 1927 1924 1895 1883