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This book has become my favorite children s book as an adult The illustrations are beautiful and the whole book is imbued with magical enchantment I read it when I feel scared or sad. The story drags along slowly in the beginning with little interest and one must persevere Once the pictures begin to roll interest is no longer a struggle and it blossoms into quite a lovely story.This tale makes the reader want to pay attention look at things in a new way and not miss the magic in everyday life. A mesmerizingly beautiful story about art and friendship. This book is about a young boy and his older friend Max Max is an artist that lives above the young boy In the evenings, the boy plays the violin for Max when he takes a break from sketching Max always faces his paintings towards the wall when they are done, so the boy cannot see them The boy watches Max s apartment for him when he goes on trips On one trip, Max turns all the paintings the right way so the boy can look at them They are all unique and really cause the boy to think Max eventually moves and the boy is sad about this change He stops playing the violin, but one day he receives a painting in the mail from Max, which encourages him to play the violin again The boy grows up to be a professor that teaches violin The illustrations are very realistic and well done I thoroughly enjoyed looking at these illustrations Some are done in color, while others are done in a sepia tone The cover catches your attention It is one of the paintings that s included in the story It makes you want to figure out what this intriguing illustration is all about This would be a good book for third through fifth graders. It was standing up on display in my library The artwork on the cover peeked my interest The story was lovely and the artwork stunning. A very different sort of picture book I m not sure how to describe it There is a lot of text and then these interesting pictures come along. The dreamy illustrations completely captured my imagination, and I like the story just as well. amazing illustrations story may be appealing for adults did not keep the kids attention, but they loved looking through the book at the pictures. Every picture has a secret to keep Even from me Others might actually discover much in my pictures than I do I m merely the collector I collect moments Max, an artist, moves into the house of a young boy, four floors up The boy is fascinated by Max s artistic process and the pictures that he paints with his words and his art supplies Likewise, Max is enthralled by the boy s violin playing.Reminiscent of The Mysteries of Harris Burdick `READ KINDLE ⇥ BuchBilderBuch ☝ A Solitary Boy Is Drawn To His Mysterious New Neighbor, An Artist Named Max He Spends Hours In Max S Studio, But Max Is Secretive And Does Not Show The Boy His Pictures Until He Departs On A Journey And Leaves Behind A Surprise Exhibition For His Young Friend Max S Pictures Are Strange And Beautiful They Depict A Realm Where Things, Familiar At First Glance, Nevertheless Behave In The Most Surprising And Unpredictable Ways In This Spellbinding Picture Book, The Reader Joins The Boy In Contemplating These Challenging Images, In A Celebration Of The Power Of Art To Transform The Everyday Into Something Magical