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!Read ☥ The Sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok ♶ Although Based On Historical Persons From The Th Century, Ragnar Lodbrok And His Sons Are The Subjects Of Compelling Legends Dating From The Viking Era Warriors, Raiders, And Rulers, Ragnar And His Sons Inspired Unknown Writers To Set Down Their Stories Over Seven Centuries Ago This Volume Presents New And Original Translations Of The Three Major Old Norse Texts That Tell Ragnar S Story The Saga Of Ragnar Lodbrok, The Tale Of Ragnar S Sons, And The Sogubrot Ragnar S Death Song, The Krakumal, And A Latin Fragment Called The List Of Swedish Kings, Complete The Story Extensive Notes And Commentary Are Provided, Helping The Reader To Enter The World Of These Timeless Stories Of Viking Adventure Aaaaaaaaw cute collection of sagas about Ragnar Lodbrok king in leathern breeches First story is almost similar to the one from Heroes of the Norselands by Katharine Boult Version in Waggoner s book is closer to the plot that was played in TV Show, but nevertheless is very interesting Second story is S gubrot the saga about Ivar the boneless, and third story tells about the other Ragnar s sons The last one in this book is Kr kum l dialogue of Ragnar with king Aella, before king thrust Ragnar to the snake pit Variety of styles and genres is present in this collection, but it is cool to have all of these stories conjoined in one edition. I like my Vikings to be on the battlefield But good background to know. I have been watching the TV show Vikings so this was very interesting to read The author uses three major old Norse stories to tell Ragnar s life and deeds There is a lot of speculation as to whether there actually was a Ragnar He has been identified as various historical persons of this period but there is no actual proof His sons are a different matter as there is information about them Anyone wanting to learn a bit about Ragner and this period of Viking history will enjoy these stories. This review is for the Audible edition.If you like the History Channel s Vikings Then you ll probably like this It s a retelling of three surviving stories from Old Norse texts Some of the characters from the show are there as viewers would know them Others take different forms from story to story, but all have fates intertwined with Ragnar and his children The seeds of the television show are definitely here, and Ragnar is no less enigmatic and entertaining than he is on television. This was interesting I ve recently read the Saxon Stories series and characters there worshiped Ragnar They were marauding thieves and Ragnar was also known as being that, plus a mighty warrior So it was kind of fun to read about Ragnar In some ways this didn t long enough, and in others it seemed long So 3 stars. It is wonderful to see all the works relating to Ragnar Lodbrok brought together in one volume They make a fun and fascinating read, and the translation is well handled This book will appeal to lovers of Norse mythology and the sagas, as well as to fans of the TV series Vikings. Superior translation, Very readable and as entertaining as a 1000 year old Saga can be. It s not an easy read The Sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok is patchwork of literary styles, genres, and stories Add a lot of names and genealogies and a rather wordy translation, and you have a bit of work ahead of you.But it s worth it The Sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok contains tree sagas, a list of Swedish kings, and a long poem, Kr kum l If you re unaccustomed with the Old Icelandic literary style, you should start with the sagas Read The Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok first, then The Tale of Ragnar s Sons, and S gubrot last Taken together, the sagas give the heroic legends of Ragnar and his sons Ivar the Boneless, Sigurd Snake in the Eye, and the others The sagas tell the story of how Ragnar got his epithet Lodbrok meaning hairy breeches , how Ragnar killed the snake and got his first wife Thora They tell Aslaug s story how she came to Ragnar neither clad nor unclad, neither sated nor hungy, not alone yet with one coming with her The sagas tell at length of Ragnar and his sons heroic battles, their plundering and terror, of how Ivar the Boneless conquered Northumbria, of the shirt that made Ragnar invulnerable, and of how he nevertheless ended his life in King lle s snake pit while he, as the snakes bite in on him, makes the poem Kr kum l.Aslaug, Ragnar s wife, of course, is daughter of Sigurd the Dragon Slayer and Brynhild told of in The Saga of the Volsungs , even if there are three or four centuries between Sigurd and Ragnar or their quasi historical models But this is legend, or lying sagas as the Icelanders called them, and everything is possible It is in these fornaldersagas literally, tales of times past that we find the roots of modern fantasy.In the legendary sagas we meet dragons, enormous serpents, holy and powerful cows, talking birds and flying horses Some people, the shape shifters, have the ability to turn into animals or birds, and the berserkers turn into wolfs and raging bears Here are giants, dwarfs, elves, spirits, and all kinds of magic people who can foretell the future and visit the other worlds In these sagas we meet Odin, the all father, and Loki, the trickster, meddling and interfering with human fate, we meet soothsayers, seid woman, shield maidens, Valkyries and all kinds of rune magic and sorcery, charms, spell, cursed golden rings and magical swords But first of all we meet human tragedy The legendary sagas tell stories of hate, vengeance, rivalry, murder of brothers, husband and children, incestuous relations, friendship, deceit, loyalty, and everlasting love This is the world of J.R.R Tolkien and the starting point of all Western fantasy It is well worth a bit of hard work. Ragnar Lidbrook, made famous by the TV show Vikings , however the real Norse Sagas are nothing at all like that First off Ragnar is a prince the eldest son of a king The sagas contain two different versions of Ragnar s life In the first version, the Prince Ragnar goes to a neighboring kingdom to save a maiden, named Thora from a snake that has surrounded her house Thora is a kings daughter and this snake eats its tale Kind of like the Midgard serpent After Ragnar rescues and marries her he has two sons One is named Agnar and I forget the other one After a few years she passes on and Ragnar meets another princess In the first version she is the daughter of s slain king Harelig hides her in a harp and travels the land protecting her Later he is betrayed by an older couple that kills him for his money The princess lives the life of a servant girl until Ragnar comes and rescues her They marry and have children The first is Ivar the boneless, the Vitserk, Bjorn Ironsides and finally Sigurth the snake Ragnars first two sons from the first wife are killed in battle The other brothers take revenge Upsalla in Sweden becomes theirs Ragnar will meet his end in England in a pit of snakes after his magic shirt is removed Ivar the boneless exacts a cunning revenge and in the first version he founds London The brothers raid all over Europe Many are killed in battle but Bjorn and Ivar live on as kings.The second version goes into the background of Ragnar s family Ausug Ragnars second wife is known in the second version as of elven descent and has some magical abilities She is also descended from Sigurd and Brunhild In the second version Ivar founds York instead of London Enjoy the read and learn Ragnar s real story