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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ♧ The Fall of Candy Corn (Sweet Seasons Series #2) ⚑ They Re Fun They Re Quirky They Re Sweet Seasons Unlike Any Other Girls Books You Ve Ever Read You Could Call Them Alternative, God Honoring Chick Lit Join Candace Thompson On A Sweet, Lighthearted, And Honest Romp Through The Friendships, Romances, Family, School, Faith, And Values That Make A Girl S Life As Full As It Can Be Will Candace Survive The Shift From Cotton Candy To Candy Corn Fall Is In The Air, And Without Completely Knowing Why, Candace Thompson Has Signed Up To Continue What Was Supposed To Be A Short Term Summer Job At The Local Theme Park Working With Kurt Doesn T Hurt, But A Surprising Kink Involving Her Youth Group, As Well As The Shock Of An Unexpected Setback, Threaten To Be Painful Candace S Autumn Holds As Many Surprises As Her Summer As Her Rousing Romp Through The Seasons Continues This is the second book in the series Really good to Candance goes back to the zone to work the annual Halloween event called Scare Then gets hurt working it and gets stuck working as a candy corn vendor. About this bookThey re fun They re quirky They re Sweet Seasons unlike any other girls books you ve ever read You could call them alternative, God honoring chick lit Join Candace Thompson on a sweet, lighthearted, and honest romp through the friendships, romances, family, school, faith, and values that make a girl s life as full as it can be Will Candace survive the shift from cotton candy to candy corn Fall is in the air, and without completely knowing why, Candace Thompson has signed up to continue what was supposed to be a short term summer job at the local theme park Working with Kurt doesn t hurt, but a surprising kink involving her youth group, as well as the shock of an unexpected setback, threaten to bepainful Candace s autumn holds as many surprises as her summer as her rousing romp through the seasons continues Series Book 2 of four in theSweet Seasonsseries Read Review of 1 Here Spiritual Content Prayers A few talks about God His plan H s are capital when referring to God though there s only one Go to Mentions of Church Youth Group A few mentions of those in the Bible A couple Scriptures are quoted mentioned Note Dressing up as Aphrodite Negative Content Minor cussing including a form of dumb , an idiot , a stupid , and two forms of wimp Sarcasm Underage drinking at a party Note This book is set around Halloween the fall, so there s a lot about Creepy things, Ghosts, Halloween, Monsters, Mummies, Vampires, Witches, Wolves, and Zombies Sexual Content six not detailed kisses Noticing Flirts Jerks make comments sometimes tries to touch a girl a floozy and two hot s A nightmare about going to school naked not detailed Noticing a guy and girl making out and Caution gettingfelt up by a guy she doesn t even knowEnd of Caution Boys, boyfriends, liking boys the drama Note Mentions of and sometimes wearing tank tops, short skirts, low cut tops Candace Candy Thompson, age 17 P.O.V of Candace 203 pages Pre Teens One StarNew Teens One Star and a half Early High School Teens Two StarsOlder High School Teens Three StarsMy personal Rating Three Stars Higher ratings for girls in Public School or fans of Melody Carlson Ratings very on your family s opinion of Halloween My family doesn t celebrate Halloween, so I was a bit worried on how much of that would be in this book While it wasn t detailed and there weren t any mentions of devil costumes or skeletons yay there was a lot of the whole scare people theme, being an amusement park While I was amazed with who Candace is still dating I don t like him , I was proud of her for leaving a party she wasn t comfortable at See Negative Content The ending also made a great lead in to 3,The Winter of Candy CanesLink to review BFCG may Read the review to see recommend this book by this author It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author. There were a few things I didn t really enjoy about this book First off, Kirt s attitude towards Candace was completely avasive Basically he was hardly in the story at all Secondly, it was pretty much obvious about what was behind all of the bad things happening around the amusement park.However, there were a bunch of things I did enjoy Basically, the fact that it was the time of Halloween was a plus I also liked the was the descriptions made me feel like I was in the park and not just looking down on the different scenes Along with that, the way the park was changed from the summer season to what they call Scare Finally, I liked the employee breakfast after the night of Halloween It was a great insight on how Halloween can be enjoyed by both the young and the old. A festive book for anyone looking for a book that takes place during October and revolves around Halloween I really liked the amusement park and haunted mazes atmosphere Although, I found Candy to beannoying in this book than in the last one I thought there were some times when she was over dramatic and really overreacted Like when she went on about how disappointed she was in Kurt because he was lying and fueling the urban legend story He was just having some fun and she acted like she just found out he was lying to her and betraying her And then when she freaked out because Tamara was getting people to go see her perform in the maze and she acted like it was the most humiliating thing ever to have people she knows see her in the maze Like, really If she didn t want people seeing her, she shouldn t be working in the maze And then there was the whole thing with Kurt s Halloween party where she got upset because there was alcohol and people under 21 were drinking She got so upset she just left the party And then she was upset with Kurt because he wasn t bothered by the alcohol and he stayed at the party while she left Like, oh no Alcohol at a college party Gasp Overall, the book was good for a light Halloween read It was better than the first one, but those few instances with Candy overreacting made me not enjoy the book as much as I would have otherwise. This book was just as great as the first and I loved it I bought the first book in the Sweet Seasons series,The Summer of Cotton Candy , a very long time ago probably when I was just starting high school I enjoyed the first book because it was so fun and creative What is not to like about a girl getting her first job at an amusement park and an amusement park that isn t ambiguously modeled after Disneyland or anything like that When I was younger I really like reading about The Zone, which was like a harmonious coming together of thrill parks and family amusements all in one To sum it up, it s a cute idea and it s just a fun concept.I liked the first book so much that younger me went back to the bookstore after finishing it so that I could buy the next one Silly me, I went back when The Fall of Cotton Candy was out of stock What did I do next surely what ANY reasonable person would do I bought the third book,The Winter of Candy Canes , and skipped over the second one entirely So, for years, the only two books in this series that have been on my shelf are the first and the third and I ve always been curious to know what happens in the second and fourth books.I recently came into a little bit of extra money, so I FINALLY bought the second installment, like five years overdue It s fall time, this is a fall book I think you can put two and two together.Now that my personal story behind the book is done, what did I actually think of it I m going to stick with a word I used in the first paragraph and I ll admit that this story was cute It really was Candace, the main character, is working her second season at The Zone, and like many other theme parks, they put on a bunch of scary mazes and do all these crazy Halloween activities and I am all for that At the same time, she s juggling school work and friendships and relationships and all that fun stuff All in all, it was an okay book.Even when I first started reading this series, I knew that the writing wasn t winning any awards, if you get what I m saying Candace s narration is fun and endearing, but it s not always the best in the world At least this book had plot The Zone is experiencing a lot of mayhem and trickery during the Halloween season, and Candace has to figure out what s going on before someone gets hurt and it kept me interested It was a very quick read, which I liked, but it just was not the best While it s a cool book to read during the fall season, I just didn t think it was as strong as it could have been.Because Candace is such an innocent, pure person, sometimes her narration can seem a little sheltered a little na ve and somewhat corny forgive the pun On the back of every book in this series, the summaries boast about how this is God loving Chick Lit because Candace is a religious person who relies a lot on her faith which is great for her Personally, I m not on the same wavelength as her, but I respect the viewpoint, and it didn t distract me from the story at hand Sure, Candace goes to youth group and prays when she s in trouble, but for the most part I don t think that her religion isn t as in your face as the summaries make it out to be I think what they mean by promoting such God loving lit is that the book contains a protagonist who is not out there having sex or doing drugs she has morals and beliefs that keep her from engaging in anything negative, which, like I said, I can respect even though we don t see eye to eye on all things That being said, I think that because Candace lacks a lot of rounded insight about a lot of things like she s very biased in her viewpoint and lacks empathy for other s opinions that it affected her narration and made her seem childish at some points, at least to me She talked about a lot of things on the surface, and I just prefer ain depth narrator.I found Candace s viewpoints sometimes annoying For instance, there s a scene where Candace s boyfriend, Kurt, invites her to a Halloween party at his house with his roommates Naturally, there are people there that Candace doesn t know and there are things going on there that she doesn t like under aged drinking, drug use, groping public displays of affection, et cetera She does, in my opinion, the right thing by leaving She tells her boyfriend, Hey, this isn t my scene and I don t feel comfortable here I m going home You go, Candace four for you But at the same time, she s forceful of her opinions and her beliefs about these people She does a little bit of slut shaming to a girl she sees making out with someone at said party, which I just don t appreciate As I ve said, I respect her faith from a subjective place I appreciate that she knows who she is and that she s willing to walk away from things that don t feel right to her, but at the same time, I feel like she can be narrow minded, which affects the narration.All in all, it was just an okay book Don t get me wrong, I did like it and I reasonably enjoyed it I got through it in a couple of hours, which I always appreciate there s always a special place in my good graces for quick reads Of course, just because a book is easy to get through doesn t mean that it s a GOOD book, which is kind of the case here It s a mixed bag for me, because I thought it was cute and I still think the involvement with the theme park is a lot of fun to read about it just wasn t very strong writing It s probablysuited for my fourteen year old self or however old I was at the time because it sof a surface read and it s a little too happy go lucky cheesy for my tastes now But I appreciate that it has morals and a different kind of protagonist it just didn t end up being GREAT There s potential, but not fulfilling execution.Still, I think it was an entertaining Halloween read, and I may reread it next fall season just because it truly fits the autumn Halloween bill. A little while back I reviewed With This Ring, I m Confused because I was looking to see how published authors did light hearted stories that had characters with doses of morality I did that book because I couldn t find any YA Christian literature However, lucky for me, I was able to find this series and another, The Carter House Girls series, that I ll review separately that fits the YA Christian fiction bill.These books were decent, I started to like the characters the further they went on perhaps because this author is kind of new and maybe her writing is getting better each time Whatever the cause, Candace and her friends and boyfriend becamelikeable as time went on What irritated me with this series though is the same issues I ve had with Kristin Billerbeck see the With this Ring review linked above , Christian fiction is way too heavy handed If you want to make your message really clear, make it clear, but don t preach I think the reason I find this so grating is because the target audience is very likely Christians, who could probably draw the conclusions themselves without having the author come right out and put in a little prayer Call me crazy, but some times I like to actually have to think for myself when I m reading.That s not to say that when the final installment in the series, The Spring of Candy Apples, comes out in late February 2009, that I won t be picking it up Maybe I m a glutton for punishment, or I can t stand to not find out what school Candace ends up going to although I m pretty sure I could make a safe bet now , but I ve got to close the loop on this series.All in all, a decent series for young adult readers I d say maybe 14 17, any older than that and it might be too silly and saccharine I gave it an B because, as I read the other YA series, I found that even with its flaws , the Sweet Seasons series could have been worse The B is probably relative. 3.5 stars First of all, someone was dressed as a mime and I hate mimes and clowns so that really detracted for meOverall this series is cute They are fast reads, but there is a lot of growth in Candace She s got a lot of spunk and is easy to relate to The secondary characters are good as well, though I am not wild about her boyfriend The theme park sounds like it would be a really cool place to both work at and visit I m really looking forward to the Christmas one. Readreviews like this at my blog Fall of Candy Corn by Debbie Viguie is a fun read It is the second book in the Sweet Seasons series, which revolve around Candace Thompson In the first book, The Summer of Cotton Candy , Candace AKA Candy , has to get a summer job She decides to work for an amusement park as a cotton candy vendor Now in this book, Candy is back for the Halloween event called Scare It is filled with mazes and scary things Since she got trapped in the park last year, there is a new maze for scare about that Candace is asked to play the part of Candy, and pretend to get chased around by a psycho killer But when Candace gets hurt on the job, she has to sell candy corn instead She is also debating where to go for college Will she figure out who hurt her and where she wants to go to college in time This was a very fun and light read I could relate to Candy with the things she did, such as not liking parties where underage people drink She had good intentions but sometimes they got a little out of hand Candy s boyfriend, Kurt, is also an issue in her life, because she isn t sure if she likes him as much as he likes her It teaches about friendship and being respectful to your bosses and elders This is a great book if you are looking for a Christian lit with a high school girl protagonist Debbie Viguie has created a book that will make anyone learn good morals and life lessons in a fun and addicting read.