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This is a fantastic reference book, filled with 55 entries of Greek Roman women writers Each entry has a wonderful introduction with many references, the extant work or a sampling for those whose work has survived in quantity , and endnotes I d heard of only a few of these women, so I was very happy to be introduced to so many Their work still resonates today I have to add, though, that whenever I read things like this, I always weep for how many works we have lost from antiquity. (EPUB) è Women Writers of Ancient Greece and Rome: An Anthology è Despite A Common Perception That Most Writing In Antiquity Was Produced By Men, Some Important Literature Written By Women During This Period Has Survived Edited By I M Plant, Women Writers Of Ancient Greece And Rome Is A Comprehensive Anthology Of The Surviving Literary Texts Of Women Writers From The Graeco Roman World That Offers New English Translations From The Works Of Than Fifty WomenFrom Sappho, Who Lived In The Seventh Century BC To Eudocia And Egeria Of The Fifth Century AD The Texts Presented Here Come From A Wide Range Of Sources And Span The Fields Of Poetry And Prose Each Author Is Introduced With A Critical Review Of What We Know About The Writer, Her Work, And Its Significance, Along With A Discussion Of The Texts That Follow A General Introduction Looks Into The Problem Of The Authenticity Of Some Texts Attributed To Women And Places Their Literature Into The Wider Literary And Social Contexts Of The Ancient Graeco Roman World