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Status On goingHave read from volume 01 to volume 14First of all, I would like to say that I was not really a fan of this mangaka before I ve read a lot of her earlier works and I thought we will never jive But then she wrote Kanojo Wa Uso, and though this series is far from perfect, I still keep on reading it again and again and again There is something about this story that is addicting at least for me The struggles of each characters as well as their imperfections and insecurities are something I enjoy reading I especially love Aki and Shinya They are both talented but deep inside they are envious of each other s talents In a way, I also like Riko because she has a pure love for singing and she is strong in her own way Though sometimes I don t understand why hot guys always fall for her But you see, there are moments when I just love to read stories like this, with human drama and imperfect characters Sometimes, it is good to just shut down the critical part of your mind and just enjoy every page And I will keep on following this series until the very end. Strano che nessuno avesse ancora inserito l edizione italiana di questo mangaBeh, ho cominciato a leggerlo perch finalmente finito e a me piace leggere i numeri uno dietro l altro, altrimenti mi dimentico tutto Quattro stelline se le merita tutte come primo volume Poi magari il secondo scende a tre, ma non importa Come introduzione a una nuova serie mi ha colpito molto Lui viene da una famiglia povera e vive di musica Scrive la canzoni di un gruppo che appena arrivato al primo posto della classifica Non vuole pi avere a che fare con la musica e per questo si mette con la prima ragazza che incontra per strada.Lei ha la musica nel sangue, ma lui fa finta di non vederlo una liceale un po stupidotta e con una pettinatura ridicola a forma di funghetto Per accetta la proposta di lui e i due si mettono insieme Ma c sempre la musica di mezzo.Partenza a razzo, speriamo che regga per 21 volumi. Well, well Guess who just added a new title to her ff shelf 20th March 2017 Chapter 1 54 I really can t stop reading this manga, after one chapter you will always crave for and Too bad it hasn t complete yet.It was just start by a single question, Do you believe love at first sight and then here i am, finished all 54 chapters at work and suffering from hangover MAJOR one My heart was crushed so many times, and it s so beautiful, the character, the character development, the love story, the general conversation, everything I REPEAT EVERYTHING Es tut mir leid, aber ich kann einfach nicht mehr als einen Stern geben, weil dies ein Manga war, den ich berhaupt nicht verstanden habe Es war alles so verwirrend und ergab allen Ernstes null Sinn f r mich Die Charaktere konnte ich ebenfalls kaum auseinander halten und das nervte mich ungemein Ehrlich gesagt kann ich gar nichts weiter dazu sagen Der Zeichenstil war an sich okay , aber wenn ich die Charaktere nicht auseinander halten kann ist auch der Zeichenstil f r mich nichts Somit ist dies einer der wenigen Mangas, die ich wirklich bereue gekauft zu haben. ( Book ) ☫ カノジョは嘘を愛しすぎてる 01 ♫ Ogasawara Aki Is The Reclusive, Idealistic Composer Of The Popular Band Crude Play Discontented With His Life And With No Drive To Succeed, He Meets Riko, The Year Old Grocer S Daughter In A Band Consisting Of Her Childhood Friends, And Asks Her To Be His Girlfriend On A Whim Riko, Young And Innocent, Agrees Immediately, But Worries About Her New Boyfriend, Whom She Suspects Has Just Broken Up With A Woman He Cared Very Much For 3 5 I really really really want to hate this Just like the other series that Kotomi Aoki wrote, I can t stop There is tragedy, misinterpretations, unspoken thoughts, all of it is tied to the two centre characters Sometimes you like them Sometimes you hate them Most of the time you can t help but admire that despite the interferences of the people around them, they are still together I really hate love triangles, what is up with shojo manga and characters who live to steal another s girl away But still I want to keep reading I want to see Mush s reactions Mush is her nickname, I forgot what her name was I like Aki s character, but I hate that he s a coward at times It reminds me of the other series I read I thought the male protagonist was weak and really realistic, I still admired him, because he felt real Aki is like that too He s very human and a very sympathetic character for the reader He is believable And that s why I love Aoki s works That s why I m drawn in even though I hate some of it It s mesmerising.As for the plot, this concerns the music industry I love stories about the music industry In this we also see the gritty side of the same industry, and I like that we are brought down to earth Just one reason to read this manga I guess in some ways I could compare this to Skip Beat though it s not an equal comparison since the only thing these two mangas would have would be that they each have something to do with showbiz Other than that, they are both completely different However where Skip Beat in some ways glorifies showbiz as well as brings for the harsh realities of an actress, this manga talks about the harsh realities of being a celebrity It shows us a different side of showbiz that is darker and realistic It makes me hate the industry in ways But also, it shows how hard it is to be unique.There is both a lot to hate and like in this manga, but yet it has all the necessaries for an interesting read I know I cannot put it down at all Not even because I hate it The voices in this story are way too strong Before I knew it, I was swept into the current and washed up on shore that said next volume out in 20xx So I cannot wait for the next set of anxieties and misunderstandings I think I ve fallen in love with this mangaka s works Really, it s unbelievable, since these are not normally the types that I read at all. March 17th, 2014 UPDATEGonna give this series a reread since I keep losing my place I love the music aspect this manga has Inspired me for a story that may or may not happen somewhere in the future The artwork is gorgeous as ever 3 March 19th, 2014 THE REVIEWI remember first reading Kotomi Aoki s Boku no Hatsuko wo Kimi ni Sasagu and followed it to the end I really liked the story for various reasons One of them, besides the art style, was probably the characters They re given to you broken in their own wayslike us, mankind isn t perfect We re flawed and sometimes we re broken by events and matters that affect us deeply.This is the kind of mindset I dove into Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishiugiteru when I first saw it released and translated There s been many stories depicting the glamour of being famoushere, you see what people perhaps forget once they achieve fame the harsher reality of being famous The setting is the music industry There s lots of various aspects linking to music bands, singers, CDs, composers, singing, etc you name it.The story is centred around Ogasawara Aki, the famously mysterious composer for the popular band Crude Play, who meets 16yr old Riko, the daughter of a grocer Now with this story deals with various matters such a drama what s life without drama , relationships, and everything else contemporary however add the music scene and everything gets complicated as events happen and opportunities arise and life goes onwards.not gonna rehash the entire blurb, since it is up there and in EnglishEven though I m rereading these since I lost my original place , I m still looking forward to knowing what happens next. Respon pertama AKI ASDFGHJKL yaAllah GANTENG BANGET ASDFGHJKLRespon kedua Well Karakter utama ceweknya mirip jamur LOLKayaknya aku memang lagi ketagihan sama karya karyanya Aoki Kotomi deh 3 Setelah kemarin aku ketagihan sama Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu dan tinggal satu buku lagi, aku bakalan menamatkan ceritanya akhirnya tapi aku keburu pengen baca yang lain Soalnya dulu pas SMA aku pernah baca juga sih, hehehehehe.Untuk yang ini juga, kalo ngga salah pas SMA juga pernah baca Tapi aku udah lupa lagi gimana ceritanya dan udah lupa lagi gimana gantengnya si Aki ini OMG Dan kupikir, semua karakteristik cowok idaman aku ada di sosok Aki uhhhhhhh aku pengen nangis Well, Aki gantang, bisa maen gitar asdfghjkl sense of fashionnya bagus, AAAAAAAAAAA frustasi Seperti biasanya, Aoki Kotomi udah memaparkan masalah yang sekiranya akan dihadapi oleh Aki dan si jamur ini nantinya Tentunya masalah masalah yang dihadapi Aki juga berkenaan dengan perasaannya yang kompleks dan misterius DAAAAAAAAN, selalu saja Aoki Kotomi pinter banget mengakhiri setiap bukunya yang bikin ke kitanya JADI PENASARAN BANGET ASDFGHJKLKali ini temanya tentang musik Aku suka 3 Aku suka ngeliyat Aki pegang gitar yaAllah ganteng banget fangirling mode on Well, wajib dibaca buat fans nya Aoki Kotomi Lanjut ke buku berikutnya ga sabar ketemu Aki lagi kyaaaaaah Hay pocos mangas sobre m sica Se trata de un chico que compositor y ex bajista de uno de los grupos m s famosos de j pop ficticio pero lo oculta en todo momento Por otro lado est Riko, una chica t mida de instituto que quiere montar un grupo con sus dos mejores amigos y ser ella la vocalista Se cruzan los caminos entre Riko y Aki, el compositor, como buen shojo que es pero no llega a empalagar, pues hay favores sexuales que nos se ven pero se comentan A este primer n mero hay quedarle una oportunidad, le cuesta arrancar.