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~EPUB ♁ Bad Voltage ♫ Life Is Cheap In Riot Torn Paris, And No One Knows It Better Than The Livewires, A Doped Out Gang Of Bio Enhanced Delinquents When Lynx, A Livewire, Becomes Involved With An Uptown Heiress, Their Relationship Sparks A War Between Uptowners And Downtowners That Could Completely Destroy Their City Can not rate this high enough One of my favourite books of all time Captures the feeling being young to a T The brain eating though yuch Part of the popular mainstream response to cyberpunk writers like Gibson and Sterling, this pulp cyberpunk novel rehashes most of the technocultural, cybercultural tropes of late 80s sci fi including near future urban setting this time Paris , youth culture, drugs, techno music, high speed chases, jacking in, gang warfare, and downloaded consciousness However, as I write about in my dissertation, Littell s Bad Voltage offers an interesting counterpoint to Gibson s Neuromancer in how it deals with the embodiment disembodiment binary and how it incorporates queer queer of color characters into the mix. I read this book as a teenager and whoah dug it so much Then I re read it later twice it s so cool still. Has a writing style that conveys the setting without muddying the meaning A decent historical background provided as you read However, a little to live in the moment, followed by what seemed like character change, but ultimately wasn t, making the story kind of unsatisfying.