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Excellent biographical background on one of my most beloved composers. @Download é Brahms (Life and Works (Naxos)) º Brahms Is One Of The Best Loved, Yet Most Controversial Of All The Romantics Almost Uniquely, His Works Have Never Suffered The Slightest Period Of Eclipse Profoundly Emotional Yet Governed By An Iron Discipline, The Music, Like The Man, Is A Fascinating, Entertaining, Often Deeply Moving Blend Of Opposites He Had A Gift For Friendship And A Capacity For Love Far Beyond The Ordinary, Yet No Man Could Be Ruder Or Hurtful Though Humble, He Was Consumed By A Sense Of Destiny, And His Inner Life, Colored By His Adoration And Fear Of Women, Found Expression In Some Of The Greatest Music Ever Written Listening To This Audio Biography Is Leaping Inside The Life And Times Of A Great German Romantic, Understanding The Man Who Was Haunted By The Ghost Of Beethoven For Years And Was Forty Three Before He Wrote His First Symphony Accompanied By A Richly Detailed Booklet, This CD Set Is A Sympathetic, Absorbing Account Of A Fascinating Composer Quick read and listen for this audio book about Johannes Brahms It mixes narrative about his life with actual performances of some of his major works that gave me a little musical break throughout the book The narrative about his life refers to him as one of the best loved, yet most controversial of all the Romantics A prolific German composer and performer, he always had some amount of self doubt about himself and his works This book includes musical performances of his best known works matched with narrative explaining background that likely influenced his music Great read listen for anyone interested in one of the best composers of his time. A major composer, one of the three B , left much that is still standard fare in the concert halls, and with anyone who appreciates good music. Johanns Brahms had an interesting life This audio book through music and letters from friends opens up the life of a genius It was a good read and excellent music. I wish they would use voice actors who could perform with the accent that the historical people would have had they are all spoken with British accents Otherwise, the production is very good. Note to self Musical biographies should always be in audible form. Love this series The audiobook mixture of biography music is terrific An engaging audio book combining a succinct biography of the great composer with some of his most memorable music.