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I really wanted to like this book as an HFiction group choice and as a new writerand I bought it despite the price which was three times a bookstore paperbook of a mainstream writer.The setting is 5 star and well described with good imagery and detail that takes us into this bustling city and its conflicts.But what is it aboutI struggled to find what the plot was and the pace was way way too slow In fact, I wasn t clear what the story was or the character arc i.e how the heroine changes She comes over as a Mid West sort of cheerleader and I m not sure that fits.A good editor from a publisher would spot the plodding pace and perhaps cut or said how to carry the reader along and that is what may hold this back.The book is written with love and dedicationit shines through with great researchbut that isn t enough.I give it 2 stars on the basis of being unclear what the story was or what the heroine s battle is beyind growing up and that wasn t enough. Medical and Philosophical Teachings, Romance, Witchcraft Accusations and Mob Violence in the 410s AD of Roman AlexandriaWhile most of us are familiar with the early Egyptian historical periods, during the reign of the Pharos, Alexander, Cleopatra, Caesar, Mark Anthony and others, little is known about a Greek lady philosopher named Hypatia Faith Justice has chosen to pen a historical fiction novel during Hypatia s life and times in Alexandria during the 410s AD By then although Christianity had become the official religion of the Roman Empire, a significant populace of other believers, Jews and pagans, existed in Egypt The civilian rule was administered by the Constantinople appointed Prefect governor , while the Patriarch bishop presided over the Christian church affairs This heart wrenching story is narrated through the eyes of a young girl, Selene, born to a land owning Christian family Her mother having died, she is brought up by her ailing father and an elder brother, although they are busy in business and other duties A second brother, her childhood playmate, joins the army and leaves for service overseas Hence, Selene, having to grow up on her own, develops an independent mind Even though it was most uncharacteristic for girls of her time, she decides to become a physician Her desire blossoms when she witnesses the death of her beloved mother and decides to thwart death any way she could She shears her hair, disguises herself as a boy and with the help of her brother attends Lady Hypatia s school Hypatia is taken in by Selene s courage and helps her with some assistance from the recently appointed Prefect to overcome her father s vehement objections to embark on a medical education Herein lays Justice s skillfulness in narrating the story We are able to observe the lady philosopher through the trials and tribulations and romance that Selene encounters.Although a movie, Agora, on Hypatia s life was made in 2009, one of the reviewers on its debut at the Cannes Film Festival 1 had remarked that a problem with the movie is that it struggles to properly develop the romantic side of the story, Justice s novel has no such problem While, keeping with the historical facts, Hypatia remains virginal, there is no dearth of romance in the story Justice has skillfully woven three love stories into the plot to add much interest to make the novel into a historical romance epic.Readers interest will also be maintained by all the intricate details of the 5th Century life in Alexandria, the surroundings, buildings, people s clothing, food and everything that will perk our imagination and enable us to walk and sit beside the characters The fruits of the research that Justice began in 1980 show amply For instance when describing the top of the sarcophagus of her girl friend s coffin that another less careful writer may have simply referred to as a cover Justice writes The lid standing on end next to the coffin was covered with Christian symbols an ankh, a lamb in a meadow mixed with traditional Egyptian death scenes The Sky Goddess spread her wings over the world in protection while an ibis speared fish in the Mother Nile Such evocative writing would surely make the cover appear before our eyes.Selene puts her medical knowledge to good use on several occasions She brings her father back to life after a severe heart attack and administers first aid to victims of the religious riots It was her timely cesarean on her girl friend who had died moments earlier during child birth that saves the baby But it gets her in trouble with the jealous physician, who complains to the Patriarch of Selene s unqualified surgery Selene gets dragged first through a malpractice trial and then a charge of witchcraft The Patriarch, who had been systematically engaged in having his people riot and expel the Jews and pagans from the city, takes this opportunity to excite the inhabitants against the aging Lady Hypatia Selene is caught in the conflict between the fanatical Patriarch and the Roman authoritarian Prefect, who develops a soft corner in his heart for her While historians have been searching, over the centuries, for justifications for Hypatia s unpopularity with the Christian church, through skillful plot twists, Justice has provided us a plausible reason for that unspeakable event conducted by an unruly mob.Selene of Alexandria, at 346 pages it a moderate length book that usually requires a few sittings to complete, but Selene s last 100 or so pages are so engrossing that they will definitely make one read those to finish, regardless of the lateness of the hour Having closed the book, it s the kind of novel that lingers for quite some time in one s mind Finally, Justice has introduced another charming aspect of the novel Readers and book club members would likely spend many thoughtful hours debating its ending Reviewed By Waheed Rabbani, author of Doctor Margaret s Sea Chest, available from 1 Ref www.firstshowing.net 2009 05 17 canne #FREE ë Selene of Alexandria ¸ Selene Of Alexandria By Faith L Justice Goodreads Selene Of Alexandria Book Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readers Selene Strives To Be A Doctor Hard Enough For Women In ADReadreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readers Selene Of Alexandria EPub Faith L Justice AchatSelene Of Alexandria, Faith L Justice, Smashwords Edition Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction Selene Of Alexandria Faith L Justice Selene Of Alexandria Does What Historical Fiction Does Best Weave Historical Fact, Real Life Historical Figures, And Attention To Detail With Page Turning, Plot Driven FictionSelene Of Alexandria Faith L Justice Livres Not Retrouvez Selene Of Alexandria Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Selene Of Alexandria Raggedy Moon Books Selene Of Alexandria Does What Historical Fiction Does Best Weave Historical Fact, Real Life Historical Figures, And Attention To Detail With Page Turning, Plot Driven FictionSelene Of Alexandria Faith L Justice Livres Not Retrouvez Selene Of Alexandria Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Plot Of Selene Of Alexandriav YouTube Author Faith L Justice Discusses The Plot Of Her Book Selene Of Alexandria During A Reading And QA At The Brooklyn Public Library For Women S History Month Selene Of Alexandria By Faith L Justice LibraryThing Selene Of Alexandria Is Pure Fiction MagicI Couldn T Put This Book Down I Love The Way Justice Mixed Historic Facts With Her Fictional Character S Lives, Dreams, Loves, And Aspirations I Truly Felt For Selene And Rooted For Her Along The WaySelene Of Alexandria Made Me Laugh And Cry, Hope And Despair I Can T Wait To See What Else Faith L Justice Has In Store For Us Selene is set in Alexandria in AD 412 It is the story of Selene, a young woman who wishes to break free from her father s expectations for her to marry and have children to become a physician and spend her life helping others in need We follow her as she works to convince her father to let her study to be a physician and then see her struggle to be the only woman studying medicine at that time She faces many dangers along the way, Alexandria was a dangerous place filled with many different people who would wish to do a woman healer harm.This was a really well written book that I enjoyed reading The plot was interesting and moved the book along well and the main character, Selene, was likable and given lots of time in the book to grow and mature The part of the book that I was most impressed with was the amount of detail the author used to describe the characters and importantly the city of Alexandria I really felt like I was in this amazing city from the descriptions of all parts of Alexandria It was obvious a lot of time and research went into writing this book and this made the book all that enjoyable to read The book also introduces us to Hypatia, a famous philosopher in Alexandria Hypatia s story is just as interesting as Selene s and I found myself wanting to find out about this important woman from this time I am so glad I read this book and got the chance to learn so much about Alexandria, Hypatia, and what a young woman faced growing up during this time. As a lifelong daughter of a research librarian and an absolute historic guru and geek I was so pleased to see this book In fact, this book in my hands is like giving chocolate to a child I babbled so much about how much I liked it, that I got sent to my room.The white limestone walls of Alexandria once rose from the Mediterranean Sea like a beacon of light The most intuitive people and the most amazing minds throughout history sat in Alexandria s famous libraries and museums, speaking to the crowds of people about the past, present and future, and making monumental discoveries that are still in use today Ptolemy was one of the greats, as well as The Lady Philosopher, Hypatia In this book, we are included in the life of Selene, a young fictional character, who has the most amazing life and times that any young lady could possibly hope for As the daughter of a wealthy councilor, we begin to watch Selene grow up and meet the demands of her station At first, she is just a young girl running through the streets with her brother and his friend Long and gangly like a boy, she has the tomboy persona down to a tee running, playing, and loving the world going on around her As she grows up, she is also the head of her household the female who runs the kitchen, servants, and makes sure her house is in order for her busy father Her own servant s name is Rebecca and the stories of the rich and poor master and servant are told brilliantly through Rebecca s eyes.Selene, however, is beyond strong willed, which serves her well in AD 412, when rich Christian families, such as her own, met up with a brand new Patriarch named Cyril, who wanted nothing than to stand against the Prefect, Orestes, who was sent to rule over Alexandria and her people Selene, at this time, is supposed to be a girl being readied for a suitable marriage and not the young, gifted woman she is, who wants nothing than to become a physician man s work and heal people When her older brother Peter arrives back in the city a young soldier who is now best friends with Orestes Selene finds herself captured by the Prefect s intelligence and strength She begs her father, brother, and anyone who will listen for a shot at becoming the doctor she s always wanted to be When she shears off her long flowing hair and dresses in the robes of a boy to meet up with Hypatia, she has the luckiest day of her life The Lady Philosopher sees in Selene parts of herself the will, longing, and brilliance to help people Hypatia becomes Selene s muse and, not only convinces Selene s father that this is the way for his child, but also sets Selene up with classes and teachers even a medicinal guru named Nut who will lead Selene to her dream Now, anyone who has read about this time period knows that the Christian church was banging their head and everyone elses heads at the time, to turn all of Alexandria into God loving people, where they would release their pagan ways and turn to the Lord for everything Cyril, the Patriarch, is going to do all in his power through pain, prejudice, and tyranny to make sure that he brings every Alexandrian under his wing and terminate all other gods and goddesses and modes of prayer Selene becomes embroiled in an all out war, as she sees her beloved Alexandria fall down around her ears For anyone who does not know the story of the fantastic Hypatia, I will omit some of the fearsome facts about this time period because, trust me, you will not be disappointed in her story In fact, the woman was, and still remains, one of the most revered female philosophers in the world I am also blown away and enthralled completely with the work this author, Faith Justice, has done For seventeen years she has hit the books and studied every piece of information that is available from this time period The rioting factions of church versus state the romance between children who have grown up in an unstable world each piece of their lives has been studied and recorded with beauty, brilliance, and brutal honesty.Run to the bookstore and buy this for yourself This is a must have after Christmas present for you readers out there In the pages, you will walk down Canopic Street, sit in the shaded colonnades with geniuses, and stare at the bright painted statues carved into the limestone niches that line the fantastical world of ancient Alexandria You will walk up the steps of the immense Pharos Lighthouse and stare off at the ships in the harbor as they wait for the next distress signal against their fair city And, best of all, you will sit in that grand library and meet the most remarkable people from a time long past What could you want Fascinating, well written account of 5th century Alexandria, through the story of Selene, an upper class girl, who cherishes and fulfills her ambitions of becoming a doctor and escapes the circumscribed life of marriage, running a home, and children under the thumb of an all powerful husband We are also thrust into the tumultuous years of that time, with religious dissention and riots between pagans, Jews and various Christian sects, the Machiavellian Patriarch Cyril, the famous woman philosopher, the pagan Hypatia, and the well meaning, stalwart Augustal Prefect, Orestes, who tries to maintain peace among all Alexandrines The ending was sad but no doubt inevitable.The author s historical research was impeccable I thought her portrayal of Hypatia, one of the most accurate I ve read that of an older woman, filled with the wisdom of years Characters were believable and most aroused my sympathy and admiration Though physical descriptions and backgrounds of the historical figures were from the author s imagination as she herself admits in her Notes, they rang true I guess when Cyril was made a saint, his hand in any horrific events was overlooked and emphasis placed on the importance of his writings on church doctrine Highly recommended. 2.85 My favorite genre My favorite time period Even a feminine heroine and a certain level on unpredictability It s a match made in heaven as far as I m concerned I started this off by mentioning everything it gave me I can t imagine what I needed A rating scale I follow says that a 3 star rating is that it was a so so read I think it was less than so so, perhaps even mediocre Somewhere in between, I think so.Even people who don t read historical fiction as obsessively as I do would like this, I should think And they do Reviewers on and GoodReads raved about this one I believe I m the first to not like it all that much So here s what happened for me.I knew nothing about this time period for Alexandria, Egypt I typically read about Greece and Rome in this era Before this, I d heard no than a whisper of Hypatia Orestes this one, anyway Who hasn t read the Oresteia in some fashion or another and Saint Cyril were completely unbeknownst to me So, what I can take away from this is that I learned loads I met some characters that actually existed 1600 years ago and that always pleases me when reading historical fiction It s really the only place that can happen But I digress Because I like to end on a good note The BadThe author mentioned somewhere that she wanted to get a viewpoint on the political and religious turmoil in this state from the eyes of a common person exposed to it Hence the entrance of Selene, Philip, Rebecca, etc., all of the author s imagination Great I love when authors do that They mix enough of the actual history with fiction that it makes sense But the issue I have here is how predictable these characters were It seemed that they could do nothing surprising No cliffhangers Call me a sucker for cliffhangers but I was bored with them I knew what they would do say think react to next Not ver batim but I fancy myself experienced enough to have a good clue I realize that there is a certain level of predictability that comes with the creation of a character for a novel There s only so much one can think up without sounding like a mad person who is intentionally trying to make the wackiest character out there But when it s blatantly obvious to a non writer who the fictional characters are and who are based off real people, one has to wonder.A piece of me wants to mention the preachy nature of this book But I realize that that was really the point Religion was meant to be a main focal point I just sorta felt like it was being forced down my throat on several occasions evidence suggesting atheism, I might add.The GoodThe author did an amazing job with the characters Cyril, Orestes, Hypatia, etc I love them I remember them I feel like I knew them and I want to read about them They were engaging, dynamic, exciting and unpredictable They felt like real people Everytime Hypatia and Orestes had conversation, I was enraptured To me, they shined enough that the other characters disappeared into the shadows Was that the point I doubt it seriously.I also think the author showcased the major events well The purge of the Jews and ensuing Plague, the various riots, even women in professions in this era were all well described and invigorating There s no doubt, it kept me clicking the page forward on my Kindle I just wasn t thrilled silly.Sometimes I think I m too harsh, too critical of these writers when I m not a writer myself Who am I to judge this person s work But I can t help it Am I too hung up on the fictional characters bit I d like to go back and say yeah, I should let that go But this is historical fiction She s supposed to do well on the research and the made up parts And if there are so many writers out there who do this so well Diana Gabaldon, Paullina Simons, Arthur Golden, etc , why can t she She s got to be held to a higher standard because she writes for a genre that s composed of two equally important parts We re meant to believe this and I wasn t sold.I don t particularly recommend this My best suggestion when I review something as not great or worse, is to go out and read it yourself to form your own opinions if you so choose My word is that of a 23 year old non writer, novice reviewer. I almost gave this a three, but the last quarter and the surprise ending brought it up to a four The beginning starts great Readers meet Selene, a young lady of a reputable family Alexandria, Egypt Note that this is an Alexandria ruled by Rome so it is actually a part of Rome in this particular time A new Prefect, Orestes is just arriving to take the reigns of the city that is being ruined by religion wars While Alexandria s Christians and Jews are constantly rioting in the streets and Orestes is struggling to maintain order and keep both sides happy, Selene is trying to become a doctor She begins this difficult task by deceiving her father, dressing as a boy, and obtaining a meeting with the famous female philospher, Lady Hypatia From that point on, it s apprenticeship and ministering to the sick Selene is a very likeable and very strong heroine Cyrus, Alexandria s head priest has other ideas tho He keeps inflaming the religion wars and he has his evil heart set on the downfall of Hypatia He intends to use Selene to get to the lady philospher I did not like the parts that focused on Cyrus or the religious strife in Alexandria Tho important to the outcome of the story, these parts and the religious arguments and discussions just bored me to death It simply doesn t interest me However, the ending picked up wonderfully with no end of excitement There are deaths of family and friends, an accusation of witchcraftery, a trial, an arrest, an escape, and a surprise ending I wouldn t have chose it to end the way it did but I must admit, I was surprised A decent, four star read. Read with There are a number of novels dealing with Hypatia that portray her as if she were a feminist romance heroine I commend Faith Justice s authenticity and restraint with regard to Hypatia Although I confess to enjoying the legend of Hypatia even though I know it has little resemblance to fact I have read Hypatia of Alexandria by Maria Dzielska which is the most authoritative biography of Hypatia.I very much liked Selene, the central character Reading about women in the past who studied medicine while facing opposition from physicians is always interesting to me Selene is wonderfully determined view spoiler When I read about Faith Justice s unpublished novel, The Twilight Empress, I wondered if Selene would wander to Rome after the events of this novel I ve never read a historical novel set in Rome after it was sacked, though I have read both fiction and non fiction dealing with the sack of Rome So it would be interesting to see Selene in such a setting A sequel would be nice The story of Selene s brother Phillip and his marriage to Rebecca in Judea might also be interesting hide spoiler