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I am excited to get back into the history A few books of fiction, and i find my self happily back here soaking upreality.I am on lecture 18 Fascinating I like how it is coming along Very well done Fascinating The total picture over the decades is just amazing Great read Long read, and one that will need to be read a couple of times to have it all sink in. Pretty interesting Dr Harl definitely has a view on what he thinks the Spartan role was in winning, and I think the non standard view is refreshing, because he provides lots of interesting details to support his claim Definitely worth the listen if you re interested in or otherwise studying the topic. A bit too pro Sparta, but otherwise pretty good and detailed. 36 30 minute audio lectures along with a 272 page syllabus Thucydides an Athenian general historian living at the time of the war provides the history for much of these lectures, but Dr Harl brings the exquisite details to life For those considering buying this series, either go with the video presentation or listen to the audio augmented with online maps and GoogleEarthyou will need to know the area in order appreciate the action And there is a lot of action The good professor lays a firm grounding for the long war between Sparta and her allies and Athens and her league Delian League , providing character sketches for the city states and the leaders who gave them their personalitiesfrom Cimon in Athens to Leonidas in Sparta Then the lectures shift to the recounting of the the war s battles, strategies and characters, both heroic and tragic no wonder many Greek Tragedies were written during this period of time With Athens at her zenith under Pericles and Sparta, Corinth and Thebes worried about Athens hegemony or the Athenians getting too full of themselves, the war breaks out on a distant island, Corfu, and battles begin around Attica in 431 BCE What follows next is historyhistory in its finest form.And then there s Alcibiadesthe most famous non famous character of Hellenic history He might well have won the war for the Athenians had he not whacked a few phalluses phalli off statues of Hermes, or knocked up the King of Sparta s wife, or switched sides at least three time he coulda been a contenda There should be movie about this guy.Great stuff Wonderful detail Great delivery of Thucydides history.Wait for a sale and a couponbut don t wait too long. I listened to this audio book in parallel to reading The Pelopponesean War It gave me a lot of background and extra contents which made reading the book eveninteresting Mr Harls enthousiastic presentation, together with his roaring voice made this a very enjoyable learning experience. {Read} á Peloponnesian War ⚧ Course Lecture Titles Thucydides And The Peloponnesian WarThe Greek Way Of WarSpartaPerceptions And PrejudicesSparta And Her AlliesThe Athenian DemocracyAthens And The NavyVictory Over Persia,BCAthens Or SpartaA Question Of LeadershipCimonian ImperialismSparta After The Persian WarsThe First Peloponnesian WarThe Thirty Years PeaceTriumph Of The Radical DemocracyFrom Delian League To Athenian EmpireEconomy And Society Of Imperial AthensAthens, School Of GreeceCrisis In Corcyra,BCOutbreak Of The Peloponnesian WarStrategies And Stalemate,BCAthenian Victory In Northwest GreeceImperial CrisisThe Chalcidice And MytilenePlague, Fiscal Crisis, And WarDemagogues And StasisPylos,BCA Test Of LeadershipNew Leaders And New StrategiesThe Peace Of NiciasCollapse Of The Peace Of NiciasFrom Mantinea To Sicily,BCSparta, Athens, And The Western GreeksThe Athenian Expedition To SicilyAlcibiades And Sparta,BCConspiracy And Revolution,BCAlcibiades And Athens,BCThe Defeat Of Athens,BCSparta S Bitter VictoryLessons Of The Peloponnesian War