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A beautifully illustrated short detective story that ends cleverly and sets up a search for the reader i.e., decode all the right information and find actual emerald encrusted clock numerals hidden around the U.S As of this reading in summer 2013 , I believe all or almost all of the numerals have been found, and most of the internet presences supporting the book have been removed.From what I can tell, the math is hit or miss a few equations to solve, but a stronger emphasis on deducing locations from clues The artwork a plan of each floor of a building is wonderful Isometric perspective with detail comparable to that of Geoff Darrow, mixed in with a wonderful sense of humor I haven t gone back and re explored much of the images after realizing the presence of clues, but I can see the attraction However, I don t see much use besides possible enrichment in a middle school math class. The owner and thirteenth floor resident of an apartment building has had the emerald numbers stolen off his valuable clock, on top of that, the residents of all the other floors have also had things taken Enter the detective, Dodge, and his assistant, Gus, as they attempt to find the culprits A detailed picture mystery book, in the vein of Graham Base s Eleventh Hour, or the Where s Waldo books, tending to the later This has a lot of difficult words, so I don t see kids reading this one on there own which, as it s a board book, to me, does not bode well , but could be a good read aloud then hand to the kids to find the things in the pictures The mystery is not super difficult, I had two theories going in and both were kind of right. No content issues. This was fantastic It is a story, but also a picture puzzle mystery, AND the adventure continues in real life for readers to actually participate in solving the mystery themselves So cool and original.It made me think of The Westing Game plus Graeme Base Each page is a level of an apartment building, giving information and parts of the story that take place on that floor, including a very detailed picture of the floor The pictures contain lots of clues, so keep an eye peeled.I can t wait to booktalk this book I can snag the kids by telling them they can go actually find the missing clock numbers themselves It s a great way to integrate technology, literacy, and real life investigating This is great for all elementary readers, but even older kids and adults could really get into this mystery In fact, my little research shows that some of the numbers were even found by adults This book is just so cool Finn age 7 enjoyed looking at the pictures with me, and they inspired him to do some similar drawings, but the story itself is still a little over his head, and some of the jokes a little too advanced I m thinking when he s about 10 we will revisit.Everything about this puzzle of a book is clever, fun and thought provoking Highly recommended I paused to enjoy the image A gorilla with a walking stick, and perhaps a top hat and a monocle probably attending the theater But where would he keep his tickets without any pockets The question almost distracted me from the vexing mystery at hand. Fans of Where s Waldo or books by Graeme Base will enjoy this mystery It seems the jewel encrusted hands of the Emerald Khroniker have been stolen, and it s up to Roy Dodge, private detective and his confidential assistant, Gus Twintig, to solve the case Each page reveals a different level of the 13 floor building, with a brief bit of banter with each resident and a drawing of the apartment, which reveals clues to astute readers As the pair progress down the building, each apartment dweller gives clues as well, and each states that they, too, have had something stolen This is a clever and sometimes frustrating book, with great word play and intricate drawings In fact, like Where s Waldo, there are additional things on each page to seek for example a donut, a ladder and an eye I m hoping Gus will be able to provide us mysteries to solve in the future those that have read this will understand the probable difficulty with that.The clock hand jewels are truly hidden around the United States, but I don t know how long that part of the mystery will last, as half the emeralds have been recovered And note it takes quite a bit of sleuthing to figure this out I peeked at the answer for one of themIf you wish to search for the missing emeralds, be sure to follow the blog to see which have been recovered Here s the first entry you just want to find the answers, check out the wiki The story here is fine, well written and funny, a mystery that can be solved by examining drawings in the book examining them VERY closely I m guessing this would be too hard for the target audience of 4 8th grade The solution is given at the end, but there is another real world puzzle with real treasures to be found also by examining the drawings This would definitely be beyond the ability of the target audience and renders this portion of the book experience quickly obsolete a search online shows that most of the treasures were found within a few weeks of the book s release in 2010 The format of the book also makes it problematic for shelving. The Clock without a Face by Gus Twintig Scott Teplin, Mac Barnett, and illustrator Eli Horowitz showed up on the new shelf in the children s library a few months ago Attracted by the odd shape and the detailed cover illustration, I checked out the book Rather, I attempted to check out the book but the odd shape made it impossible for the self service scanner So after standing in line to talk to the circulation desk I was finally able to take the book home.Although this is a thirty page board book, I wouldn t classify it as a children s book It s really of a graphic novel or adult novelty book.A detective and his assistant are called to a strange apartment building where on the top floor Bevel Ternky s emerald studded clock has been stolen Not only that but everyone else in the building is missing something.Floor by floor the detective gathers clues and interviews residents By the time he arrives at the bottom floor he knows what happened and he asks the readers to see if they know too.The book ends up being two puzzles in one There are the crimes of the other floors and then the emerald numbers The numbers are an actual marketing gimmick and there were twelve sites across the United States where actual treasure was buried based on clues in the book.I personally have no interest in trying to solve the remaining unsolved riddles Once all of them have been found and they may have by now the book becomes just that, a book I doubt it will have lasting appeal without the treasure hunt. The first surprise of this slender, clock tower shaped board book was that it took over an hour to read This was partly because I spent twice as much time looking at the illustrations as I did reading the text Each turn of the page reveals a new level of the apartment building where the story is set, and each level contains further clues and red herrings that the detective and reader must use to discover who stole the bejeweled numbers from the landlord s clock.The story reminded me of Ellen Raskin s The Westing Game meets Graeme Base s The Eleventh Hour , so I was delighted when I found out from the author s blog later that both of those books along with Kit William s Masquerade and Georges Perec s Life, a User s Manual , both of which I now want to read inspired this one There s a real life treasure hunt associated with the book, but I ll leave that to people with spare time I think the ending isn t as satisfying as one might wish if you re not planning on participating in the treasure hunt, but even so, it s worth reading just for the fun contained in the book itself. Treasure hunts Wouldn t it be marvelous to be a part of one I think the popularity of books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or The 39 Clues or even The Gollywhopper Games really has a lot to do with our own private wish fulfillment Wouldn t you love to be a part of a real world treasure hunt One where you could follow clues and end up with a marvelous prize of your very own Enter the world s weirdest book I m sure there are other words for it, but the term weird sticks out prominently in my mind So too do the words wacky , hypnotic , awe inspiring , and potentially hazardous to your health I do not kid I kid a tiny bit But the fact of the matter is that if you or a child or you AND a child ever wanted to be a part of a real world treasure hunt, the time is now For my part, all that I care is that there s a new book out there with teeny tiny pictures for me to stare glazed eye at for long periods of time To stare and stare and stare.Meet Gus Twintig Gus is just your average everyday detective sidekick So when the great Roy Dodge says that there s a mystery to be solved, Gus is than eager to tag along They find themselves at 23 Glyph Street where a Mr Bevel Ternky has been robbed His marvelous Emerald Khroniker, a clock containing twelve emerald studded numbers, has been stolen Or rather, the numbers have been stolen The clock itself is hunky dory So it is that Gus and Roy go down, floor by floor, to interview each of the residents and question them for what they know It appears that Mr Ternky was not the only person robbed, but finding the culprit will take some pretty snazzy brains Now here s the real puzzle Twelve actual emerald studded numbers HAVE been buried around the country by the authors of this book Find the clues hidden in the pictures, and you could be one of the lucky few to dig up the numbers for your very own self.Gather round me, children, and hear the tale I tell Once upon a time there was a children s book by the name of Masquerade written by a man named Kit Williams Consisting of some sixteen paintings, the goal of the book was to solve the riddle hidden in the pictures so as to find the real world buried treasure In that particular case, the prize was a golden rabbit Of course, the whole thing broke down in a huge scandal and everyone was mightily disappointed, but the idea stuck Folks starting calling these kinds of book armchair treasure hunts and in the early 80s there was a whole spate of them Then along comes the internet and we haven t seen anything similar since This makes the challenge of Barnett and company all the intriguing Not only do they have to keep this potentially chaotic hunt in line, but they have to keep their rapidly increasing fans updated Can t have folks spending the next few decades digging up their neighbors lawns And how easy are the answers Will the numbers be found immediately After a year After ten The book is also ostensibly for kids, but since children haven t the freedom to drive around the country with their shovels, odds are a lot of adults will be winning each of the numbers Pity that, but there s nothing to be done.I had a devil of a time figuring out how to classify this book within my own personal collection because design wise it poses a pickle Imagine a board book roughly the size of a pop up book, but where the base is a rectangle and the top half a triangle You d think it unwieldy, and indeed I contemplated how weird it would be to wrangle it off and onto the subway However, once in the privacy of my own home it was the ideal size for staring at Still, I wonder if many libraries will be purchasing it And if they do, where will it go The fiction section It could well be the first chapter book board book ere seen Will they even buy it or will they consider it kitsch Personally, I hope they do buy it Kitsch or not, it s a significant story brought out by a host of clever folks That should count for something, I would think.Speaking of which, we need a name for these young hipster Turks who are slowly turning the world of juvenile literature into something attuned to their own subversive p.o.v.s Nothing suggests itself Hipster Kidster Lit, perhaps Barnett and Rex who does the occasional portrait in the story are obviously two of the ringleaders And this Eli Horowitz fellow may be the same, but it s Scott Teplin I m interested in Teplin is the meticulous ink wielder behind the book s tiny, perfect drawings Teplin s art is marvelous You get a huge amount of enjoyment just looking at a new page, and even enjoyment going back and reexamining old ones Young eyes will certainly be better attuned to peeking for hours at a time at the meticulous tiny illustrations that contain the clues Then they themselves can sit there wondering, What is the significance of the pink donuts Is the roof on the cover of the book important Is the back Teplin is primarily an artist with few books for youngsters under his belt Hopefully this will mark the start of a new career for the fellow.And talk about a learning opportunity Get the right kind of kid interested and suddenly they ll be scrambling to grab every reference tome in sight in the hopes of solving the mystery For example, in the apartment of Dr P.K Quello helium is continually alluded to but the only way you re going to know that is if you study up on your periodic table On a second reading I bet a kid could also figure out how you are told which cities the numbers reside in but it will require even research to tell which one is which It s a game that ends up being a kind of a strange teaching tool, almost by accident.When I was a kid my Clock Without a Face was the bizarre book Maze by Christopher Manson No treasure involved, though apparently there was a prize of 10,000 for anyone who could solve it The problem with Maze though was that in spite of its picture book like format, it didn t feel like it was for kids In contrast, what I really came to like and respect about The Clock Without a Face is that it has no difficulty defining its own audience The writing and the pictures are hugely kid friendly Maybe a child wouldn t have the wherewithal to solve the puzzles, but there s always a chance And where there s a chance there will be kid fans I know I ll be handing my copy to the kids in the bookclub I run with the hope that they find a way to solve it themselves Because even if they don t solve it, they re going to have a heckuva great time obsessing over its wackiness Fun fun fun.Ages 10 and up. ^READ EPUB ⇬ The Clock Without a Face ⇯ We Ve Buried Emerald Studded Numbers Each Handmade And One Of A Kind In Holes Across The United States These Treasures Will Belong To Whoever Digs Them Up First The Question Where To Dig The Only Path To The Answer Solve The Riddles Of The Clock Without A Face THE BOOKThe Call Comes In From The Shadowy Ternky Tower Robberies, One On Each Floor, All The Way Up To The Penthouse, Where Obnoxious Importer Bevel Ternky Has Been Relieved Of The Numbers Garlanding The Legendary Emerald Khroniker, His Priceless, Ancient Clock Readers Must Conduct Their Own Investigations, Scouring Detailed Illustrations For Hidden Clues And Knotty Puzzles All Your Answers Can Be Found Within This Book Whodunit And How And Where The Real Numbers Are Buried NowE NUMBERSTwelve And Only Twelve Emerald Bedecked Integers Sleep Somewhere In This Nation S Soil If You Can Find Them, They Re Yours To Keep And Only This Book Can Tell You Where They Are So Read The Story Carefully, And Examine The Illustrations Closely The Race Is On