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Well this must certainly hold the record forThe Book That Has Taken Me the Longest To Read .23 07 16 finished 24 05 18 phew I love the concept of this book, investigating Britain s maddest museums have read books on a similar theme before There s certainly a wide range of interesting eccentric themes, Cockermouth s The Sheep Show , The Fan Museum of Greenwich the Baked Bean Museum of the title yes, it does exist is alive kicking in Port Talbot However, perhaps they just weren t weird wonderful enough for me as I found the book a struggle which you may have guessed at my having taken nearly 2 years to finish it It lacked the humour tongue in cheekedness that I loved about inBollocks to Alton Towerssee below While one of my main gripes about Crap Days Out again see below was the brevity of the articles, ironically in this case they were just too long Or maybe it was just the narration of facts was so monotonous at times that they just seemed to go onon on yawn The only chapter I can recall in any detail is the final one Not, as you may assume because it was the last one I read so is freshest in my mind, but because I had a fantastic day at The Museum Advertising Packaging many years ago when it was still in Gloucester I have quite a few of the Opie s books I m not sure if this book would encourage any one to go but I certainly would.There were bits I found amusing but too few far between to keep things entertainingor I d have probably kept reading finished it much much quicker That isn t a reflection on the museums or the dedicated people who run them, it wasn t them I found boring it was Davies delivery of their story I reallywanted to be interested I just wasn t.Overall what should have been an interesting quirky batch of mad museums fell short of the mark with a writing style that was too dry unappealing for my taste.Links to my reviews at BookCrossing Bollocks to Alton Towers Crap Days Out I thought that this was a great idea for a book, but the execution wasn t as succesful as it could have been It started off with a tour of a fan museum which wasn t really particularly quirky making it an odd choice for the first chapter in the book Some of the other chapters are great though it s hard to imagine that anyone wouldn t enjoy spending time in the company of the likes of Captain Beany or light fingered radio enthusiasts.On the whole it s a worthwhile read but could have done with editing to take out the likes of the chapter on the Sheep Show, which arguably isn t really a museum at all, and has actually closed since publication in any case Less is sometimes.Full contact details are provided for each museum which was a nice practical touch. Quirky and offbeat, with a little eccentricity, obsession and oddity thrown in for good measure, this is a delightful collection of museum reviews from a tour around the UK.Based on the author s premise that his own collections might tempt him to open a museum of his own, he sets out to visit a few private collections dedicated to one focused item and amazingly there appear to be a large number of such museums around the UK.Entertaining and inspirational, filled with facts, irrelevant yet essential information, this is a highly enjoyable read and one which lives up to the obscure promise of the title. Listened to as audiobook on my commute to and from work Thoroughly enjoyable. This is a great book eighteen chapters each devoted to one museum, covering everything from Fans to Baked Beans to Bagpipes Hunter Davies writes not only about the museums themselves but includes as much time to the people who created them Hunter Davies has a lovely writing style always engaging and often amusingly digressing into anecdotes only tangentially related to the museums Highly recommended An impulse purchase that didn t really pay off I m afraid I ended up skipping a few entries entirely as even the subjects in which I was interested seemed drawn out Narrator did his best to maintain enthusiasm, but the author s journalistic emphasis on interviewing the museum founders made things seem dull Print version might be of limited interest easier skimming skipping.Really 2.5 stars for my experience, buy others might enjoy the variety of subjects than I did. Granted, I don t want to visit all of the strange museums Mr Davies spent his time visiting, but as someone who shares his interest in odd and quirky places, I ve added a good few to my bucket list The very nature of the book means that not every entry is of interest, but as a collection of curios, this worked for me. &DOWNLOAD ↾ Behind the Scenes at the Museum of Baked Beans ⇨ Witty And Eccentric Behind The Scenes At The Museum Of Baked Beans Traces Hunter Davies Search For The Strangest Collections In The UKThere Are Lots Of Books About Museums The Art Gallery, The Town Or National Museum We All Know And Love But The Museum Devoted To One Specific Subject Tends To Get Overlooked, Or Gets Listed In The Local Guidebook As An Oddity Hunter Davies Feels It S Time To Focus A Book Entirely On The Unusual, The Eccentric And The Downright Potty Behind The Scenes At The Museum Of Baked Beans Is A Celebration Of The Quirky Collections And The Passionate Collectors Behind Them That Make Up Some Of The Strangest And Most Fascinating Museums In The Country From The Keswick Pencil Museum And The Museum Of Baked Beans In Port Talbot To The Lawnmower Museum In Southport And The Sheep Centre In Cockermouth, Hunter Davies Tour Of The Weird And Wonderful Museums That Pepper The Country Is Both An Hilarous Local History, A Celebration Of The Truly Weird And An Unrivalled Insight Into That Strangest Of Human Characteristics The Desire To Collect Things Whimsical ramble around some or less oddball museums with or less oddball creators I enjoyed the look into the mind of a collector as well as the descriptions of said museums and creators. Hunter Davies is always an easy, engaging read In this he visits some well known and some rather less well known specialist museums Almost as interesting as the museums are the people who set these things up Captain Beany of the baked bean museum..