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~Free Epub ♰ American Morons ⚇ From The Author Of The Acclaimed Novel THE SNOWMAN S CHILDREN And The Award Winning Collection THE TWO SAMS Comes American Morons, A New Collection Of Dazzling And Haunting TalesTwo Traveling College Students Confront Their Disintegrating Relationship And The New American Reality In A Breakdown Lane Along The Italian Superstrade A Woman Chases The Ghost Of Her Neglectful Father To A Vanished Amusement Park At The End Of The Long Beach Pier Two Recently Retired Teachers Learn Just How Much Los Angeles Has Taken From ThemIn These Atmospheric, Wide Ranging, Surprisingly Playful, And Deeply Mournful Stories, Grandkids And Widows, Ice Cream Truck Drivers And Judges, Travelers And Invalids All Discover And Sometimes Even Survive The Everyday Losses From Which The Most Vengeful Ghosts So Often Spring Cemetary Dance bookBeing from SoCal I enjoyed the locations in the stories since South Central Long Beach aren t usually where stories take place This is what I call understated, quiet horror. This collection falls under the horror genre, but I think they expand beyond the borders of horror To be honest, I ve been disappointed by many short story collections, so I kind of had low expectations for this collection and was happy to have been wrong But they were well written, and haunting and sometimes creepy, and, most importantly, they felt new, not like there were just copies or rewrites of other stories. Hirshberg writes generally strong, atmospheric dread These are pretty consistently strong stories, but none broke out to beat me down as did The Two Sams in his last collection It s kind of unfair, that I now deploy one of the best horror stories I ve read in some time to measure his other work as somehow smaller, or less engaging But for newbies, and horror fans uninterested in the splatter or punk ends of the genre you really cannot go wrong with Hirshberg. 4.5 stars Couple of stories in here were simply terrific spooky but rarely gory I gobbled this book up in three days, which says something for me I wanted to get home from whatever I was doing so I could readI found the stories amazing, especially Safety Clowns I had to ask myself, What would I have done Like a Lily in a Flood made me go ah ha With the author s use of one word, the entire meaning of the story was released The story about the amusement park made me uneasy and when the characters made a decision that surprised me I don t want to release a spoiler here , I was surprised, and evenuneasy The last story, The Muldoon , provided a twist ending which I really enjoyed If you are looking for in your face horror, look elsewhere But if you like smart writing with everyday situations that hold a surprise, then do read My only criticism is that sometimes I didn t understand a line, or I had to reread to make sure of the imagery I had in my head But mostly, I found myself savoring the descriptions which always promised that something a little dangerous was around the corner. American Morons is a very solid collection of horror short stories Hirshberg s stories take time to draw you in, with a slowly building atmosphere of menace and chill and wrongness , often capped with a creepy or twist The titular piece features a bickering young American couple on vacation in Italy who find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation when their car breaks down along the highway Flowers on their Bridles, Hooves in the Air has a vaguely Stephen King like feel to it, where a married couple and their friend encounter a mysterious boardwalk carnival Devil s Smile follows a lighthouse inspector to a remote outpost with a lone inhabitant with a disturbing story The Muldoon is a classically styled ghost story where the two children learn some dark secrets about their family If you prefer slow burn, atmospheric horror over gore and action, you ll probably enjoy this collection. Ghosts not the Hollywood special effects sort, but the type that humans create in their own minds are at the core of this award winning collection of short stories The believable characters lives extend beyond the pages, and they are put into situations where the familiar becomes horrific Hirshberg creates a shadowy mood, not without a dark sense of humor, and masterfully fashions the endings of his tales. 1 2Readers who love a good supernatural story can find a lot to enjoy in Glen Hirshberg s short fiction His second volume, American Morons, is filled with the same spooky atmosphere, powerful reveals, and engaging writing as his first, The Two Sams, one of my favorite macabre collections.In the titular story, two young Americans feel the tightening grip of fear in an unknown place On vacation in Europe, their car brakes down Large, soft spoken men come to their aide, but it takes little time before the Americans begin to develop a mean sense of dread, wondering about the true motives of their helpers The story takes place in one of ourrecent election years, and in a bit of insanely morbid comedy, one of the Americans offers up her John Kerry pin, evidence her mother insisted she bring with her, in order to show any possible evildoer that she s, essentialy, one of the good ones In Like a Lily in a Flood a man spends a few days at the woodsy retreat his parents stayed at just before their deaths He s gone many times over the years, but on this particular occasion, the woman who runs the inn sits him down and goes over with him the history of the area, in particular a relation of hers involved with the Millerites of the 1840s, the time of the Great Disappointment Flowers on Their Bridles, Hooves in the Air concerns a delapidated game parlor at the end of a pier Extreme tension between a young couple and their best friend accompanies the woman s memories of her father, who lost himself in the game room years before Safety Clowns is one of Hirshberg s wilder stories A kid looking to make some money before heading back to school does a ride along in an ice cream truck The driver of the truck is a nice guy, but he carries a machine gun with him at all times Also, he sellscoke than ice cream Also, there s this collapsible, wooden clown attached to the side of the ice cream truck, a sinister contraption that pops out at the press of a button, to alert customers, and other cars, of the presence of the ice cream truck.A Devil s Smile is what sailors call the light that breaks through a heavy fog bank In this bit of historical ghost fiction, an employee of the lighthouse company pays a visit to a particularly delapidated lighthouseTwo teachers celebrate their mutual retirement by having a drink and then heading down to the Transitway, a failed transportation system where people go and, quite often, disappear American Morons ends with one of the strongest stories in the collection, The Muldoon Two kids explore the less investigated areas of their grandfather s house in the nights following his death Two grandmothers, each little known to the kids, died upstairs several years ago Their adventures brought to mind my own childhood supernatural explorations, hoping to find something, scared to find out what that something might be until the story s end, when the children find, in grim fashion, just what happened to those two dead grandmothers.