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Why do I keep coming back to the Fargo adventures Because this needs to happen in my life.TOMB RAIDER X UNCHARTED FOREVER Until my fangirl dreams are fulfilled I am going to be content with the second best thing Clive Cussler s husband wife treasure hunting duo on a track to a new adventure This time Sam and Remi are pursuing the lost ship that might change recorded history of early Latin America There is zero character development, convenient conflict resolutions, and non stop action everything you need to dull your video gaming itch Enjoyable fluff. Read this one for love My husband thought I d enjoy the storyline and setting And, I did the historical mystery was fun But the writing The portrayals of the characters were cartoonish and ugly The Fargos are completely unbelievable as a wealthy couple in their mid 30s Their depth of skill and experience definitely makes them older, and Cussler never establishes any plausible motivation for them getting involved in so much violence in pursuit of the bell The African and Mexican characters are cardboard and just racist, really I am third world therefore I am megalomaniacal and corrupt.The whole book left me feeling both bored and covered in a thin coating of ick Also, is Cussler underwritten by Apple computers So much product placement Cussler s books fly off the shelves in the library But I am delighted to be finished and can t see myself reading another one. There are quite a few issues I see with this novel, but overall, The Lost Empire is a serious improvement compared with Spartan Gold, the first book in this series I m torn apart between giving it credit for the changes in good or penalizing it for the remaining issues.The good 1 The kind of details that abounded in Spartan Gold see my review are gone and most of the remaining details are relevant or at least interesting Since this was the most irritating issue that I found with the previous book, I believe the largest part of the improvement comes from here.2 Although Sam and Remi still have a nonchalant attitude about the whole adventure, there are no near death experiences followed immediately by spa treatments or other completely unrealistic form of relaxation In fact the ending has quite a bit of suspense which is completely missing in Spartan Gold.3 Maybe I should have listed this comment first this novel made me dream even , if not about treasure hunting, at least about exploring the world.The bad 1 The characters are most definitely bi dimensional the good are wonderful skilled in tens of domains, warmhearted, charitable, learnt , and the bad are terrible cold blooded, ugly, and quite stupid too There is absolutely nobody in between, no angst, not fight between some good and bad options The character descriptions are very impersonal, very engineering like, as if turning a person into an equation Nonetheless, I see some improvement here too compared to the first book and Mr Cussler is getting closer in succeeding to pen a character using dialog and action only.2 Sam and Remi still have that careless attitude, as if their life is a continuous vacation and they are not running a step ahead of professional killers These books have all the elements of a thriller, yet, I would never call them thrillers.The others there are my comments about facts which might or might not be an issue depending on the reader 1 Pretty much every person in the third world is willing to help them, some complete strangers, for free and at the risk of being killed by the bad guys As far as I m concerned this is not that bad True, it s highly unrealistic, but in the end, I read and see all around me enough ugliness to enjoy reading about decent people who d help a stranger.2 There are A LOT of coincidences, even if right at the beginning the author suggests using dialog that he doesn t believe in coincidences To end, I have to give this book credit for what it is an enjoyable adventure novel that made me muse where should I spend my next vacation. I listened to this an audio book, it isn t the kind of book I d read, I don t think, it s like a movie I might watch if I want to turn my brain off This book actually is pretty much an equivalent of an average hollywood action adventure flick It s number 2 in a series, but it works as a stand alone Sam and Remi Fargo are cardboard cutout action stars, gorgeous, supersmart, crafty, uber rich globetrotting adventurers treasure hunters The stumble upon a discovery that may rewrite the entire history of aztecs Action a plenty, this book lacks that certain something that makes reading a unique experience, an opportunity to get inside someone s mind There are not hidden thoughts here, it s all spelled out for the readers, all desires and motivations too, and who cares about thoughts anyway when there is so much action The thing of it is that the book sort of works if you know what to expect and the historical aspects are very interesting as well as the best part of it Scott Brick as always does a good job reading, he s really good at these sort of action stories Bland, but entertaining enough for an audio book to walk or bike to. I guess i am slowly losing it for Cussler s books So many different verisons of Cussler and it seems to have watered down the brand, at least for me I liked the book but it was just ok Too many times i found myself skimming as the words just didnt seem as if i needed to read them And the truth is, i didn t Same formula as most of his books and if i hadnt read about 30 or of them over the past 35 years, i might have liked this one.The other side of the coin is that i have found many talented writers and interesting books lately and this seems to pale So, this could be the last Cussler i read but i will say this about Clive Cussler He entertained me very well for a long time All things must pass and on we gol A little too light with unbelievable escapes I ve never killed a snake unless my survival was at stake, even cobras Yet the Fargo s seem to enjoy handling them. .EPUB ⚑ Lost Empire ☿ Sam And Remi Fargo, Heroes Of Spartan Gold, Return In This Extraordinary New Adventure From The Number One New York Times Bestselling Author With Spartan Gold, A Daring Thriller That Publishers Weekly Proclaimed Solidly In The Cussler Tradition, And Sure To Please New Fans And Old, Clive Cussler Introduced Husband And Wife Treasure Hunting Team Sam And Remi Fargo In Their Electrifying New Adventure, The Fargos Make A Startling Discovery That Others Would Kill To Keep Hidden While Scuba Diving In Tanzania, Sam And Remi Fargo Come Upon A Relic Belonging To A Long Lost Confederate Ship An Anomaly About The Relic Sets Them Off Chasing A Mystery But Unknown To Them, A Much Powerful Force Is Engaged In The Same Chase Mexico S Ruling Party, The Ultranationalist Mexica Tenochca, Is Intent On Finding That Artifact As Well, Because It Contains A Secret That Could Destroy The Party Utterly Through Tanzania And Zanzibar, Into The Rainforests Of Madagascar, And Across The Indian Ocean To Indonesia And The Legendary Site Of The Krakatoa Explosion, The Fargos And Their Ruthless Opponents Pursue The Hunt But Only One Can Win And The Penalty For Failure Is Death Filled With The Dazzling Suspense And Breathtaking Action That Are Cussler S Trademarks, Lost Empire Is A Stunning New Novel From The Grand Master Of Adventure Sam and Remi Fargo are vacationing off the eastern coast of Africa when they discover something that may prove that the Aztecs originated over in that direction A Mexican Aztec centered political party wants this evidence first, and so they send a hitman after the Fargos This is very much an action book There are long fight sequences, and I was unsure exactly what the Fargos wanted to do document a nineteenth century adventurer s life find the bell find the ship send Aztec historical research in a new direction for much of the book It was okay, and provided a lot of interesting information, but I probably wouldn t read it again. Poorly edited i.e discussing the Fibonacci sequence seen in the journal BEFORE actually finding it in the journal , with idiotic plotting o.k., we know the bad guys are going to follow us, should we hire some muscle or maybe bring a gun or two Nah, let s just go by ourselves , and know it all heroes Hey, I just remembered, I took a single class about Aztec culture way back in college Now we can read Aztec glyphs and discuss esoteric details of Aztec history like we re experts Cussler s original books were great These licensed properties much like Clancy s are disappointing by comparison. Description Sam and Remi Fargo, heroes of Spartan Gold, return in this extraordinary new adventure from the number one New York Times bestselling author With Spartan Gold, a daring thriller that Publishers Weekly proclaimed solidly in the Cussler tradition, and sure to please new fans and old, Clive Cussler introduced husband and wife treasure hunting team Sam and Remi Fargo In their electrifying new adventure, the Fargos make a startling discovery that others would kill to keep hiddenWhile scuba diving in Tanzania, Sam and Remi Fargo come upon a relic belonging to a long lost Confederate ship An anomaly about the relic sets them off chasing a mystery but unknown to them, a much powerful force is engaged in the same chase Mexico s ruling party, the ultranationalist Mexica Tenochca, is intent on finding that artifact as well, because it contains a secret that could destroy the party utterly.Through Tanzania and Zanzibar, into the rainforests of Madagascar, and across the Indian Ocean to Indonesia and the legendary site of the 1883 Krakatoa explosion, the Fargos and their ruthless opponents pursue the hunt but only one can win And the penalty for failure is death.