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Graffiti Moon takes place over one night although there are some flashbacks and is told from two POV s Lucy and Ed.This book is genius.It s exactly why I love reading YA.Somehow this book perfectly captures how I felt as a teen that big dreaming scheming place in my head, a place where night time is magical and when boys can make you tingle just by looking at them across the room.It s funny and heart felt and the whole scenario is one of the best set ups I ve read And I wish I could tell you the hook but I don t want to give away spoilers so, you ll have to see for yourself.Graffiti Moon is completely addictive with the tension building so beautifully that I just had to keep reading, wondering how it was all going to play out.It s sprinkled with stunning prose and scenes described to masterfully that I felt I was right there really, I have rarely read such beautiful, compelling prose poetic and lyrical and funny and smart words that beg to be re read and swilled around in your mouth like a good wine.The dialogue was brilliant BRILLIANT It kills me, dialogue like that Sigh.The characters are so completely awesome that they stand up and walk around, leaping off the page They are also completely teenagery in the very best of ways.The boys in this novel are charming and off beat, wildly funny and completely crush worthy and so nuanced that they are unique not carbon copied characters that you d find between the pages of another book.The girls are captivating, sometimes sly and always fun They are genuine and their moments of angst have such flair that you can t help but completely love them.It s not just me who is raving about this Check out reviews goodreadsAnyway, Graffiti Moon spoke to me and is one of my favourite reads this year and for a girl who loves contemp YA with a splash of romance well the love story in this one is completely awesome.5 Stars, hey Absolutely I love graffiti I ve been a huge fan of Banksy from the day I first saw a mural on Brick Lane, and I find every one of his pieces stimulating, entertaining and empathetic Although the one above is my FAVOURITE There s not too many artists who can manage that And the point of street art, the reason for its existence, is to connect Screw the million dollar canvases in the galleries, street art is a montage of images designed to appeal to every man So pretty So anyway, Graffiti Moon It s a pretty standard contemporary romance, about a girl and a boy and one special night where they discover each other Graffiti Moon s appeal lies not in its innovation, but in its ability to evoke the same emotions graffiti does a dash of nostalgia, a splash of colour, the thrill of the illicit and a stimulation of the senses Cath Crowley s words are vivid, painting a pretty picture of all those pictures her characters are seeing I love the idea of Shadow and Poet, of two lost boys painting out their insecurities and their secret selves, putting it out there on a wall showing themselves without ever really showing themselves The book was cute, and funny and satisfying It was about losing illusions, exploring reality and the tender yet painful journey towards growing up It was about friendship, and pink vans, and doing the wrong thing, but still finding redemption in the end I loved the dynamics between all the characters Daisy and Dylan were outright adorable, Leo and Jazz provided just the right amount of conflict, and Lucy and Ed were the heart I also loved the interaction between the three girls, and the boys The strength of the bond between these very likeable set of friends came across warm and clear The writing, the relationships, the chemistry, the conflict these are the things that Australian YA authors seem to excel at, and Cath Crowley upholds those standards Whether it s the occassionally mentioned but very real parents in the story, or the scary funny bad guy or the slowly developing romance between two people who had always known each other without ever really seeing the other person, this book takes you on a picturesque, evocative, funny journey into the lives of a bunch of very likeable teenagers If only YA was written with the same heart and skill @READ BOOK ¸ Graffiti Moon ⚟ Lucy Is In Love With Shadow, A Mysterious Graffiti ArtistEd Thought He Was In Love With Lucy, Until She Broke His NoseDylan Loves Daisy, But Throwing Eggs At Her Probably Wasn T The Best Way To Show ItJazz And Leo Are Slowly Encircling Each OtherAn Intense And Exhilarating Hours In The Lives Of Four Teenagers On The Verge Of Adulthood, Of HSC, Of Finding Out Just Who They Are, And Who They Want To BeA Lyrical New YA Novel From The Award Winning Author Of Chasing Charlie Duskin And The Gracie Faltrain Series I read the original Aussie edition, but now own this US hardcover edition Oh book, I love you so It is really hard for me to put into words how I feel about this story I am sure I won t be able to do it justice.It is amazing how many things can happen in just one night And it is even amazing how Cath Crowley manages to capture them all in a way that is both funny and heartbreakingly sad, full of fear of an unknown future, bright with colours and brimming with feelings Crowley brings Melbourne s night to you the velvety black, the blinking stars, the heat, the factory smoke, and then the beginning of dawn and it felt just like I was there with them, riding a bike through the empty streets We only get to spend one night with Lucy and Ed Yet, they are complex characters, well drawn with their hopes and fears, their strengths and weaknesses, their talents I loved their love for art, the way they talked about it It was in no way pretentious, it was just who they were Ed s graffiti really came to life through Crowley s writing, and I wish it was real I wish it was something I could look at This way, I can only imagine his oceans, the bright birds, the ghost in the jar Then, their friends Fun people to be with I would do everything to spend a night with this gang , but not only sidekicks just there for the sake of throwing in some good lines Last night, after finishing this book, I was sitting in front of my laptop, trying to put my feelings into words It was not possible This is when I wish I were a writer, someone who could capture this achy, bittersweet feeling that lingers even today I can only describe it as indescribable The writing is so beautiful it almost hurts I could put this whole book in my favourite quotes.Hands down, probably the best book I have read so far this year.All okay, some of the things I loved undercover good guys, psychic not psycho Jazz, the arse grabbing episode I laughed so hard , Al s chiming glass flowers, Ed s bright birds, Ren Magritte s The Lovers , the pink love van, Bert, Lucy punching Malcolm in the face, The Daytime Things, talking with your eyes covered, Lucy s blue lightning helmet6 Aussie YA Challenge 2011 It s the time wasting that gets you somewhere Initial Final Page Thoughts.I have five fingers pressed on my desk in reaction to this book right now I can t get much love for this book High Points.Shadow Lucy Best friends Poetry Melbourne A night that lasts forever Mistaken identities Missed connections Graffiti Eggs Secrets Arse grabbers Lyrical Adventure Insecurities Mesmerizing Art Train carriages Undercover good guys Letting go of the breaks Visibility Twirls in the place Cubicles of truth In for the thrill No guts, no glory Moving to the extra beats Zing Low Points I wishwishwish this book had pictures of Shadow and Poet s work Ms Crowley described it so perfectly I could almost smell the paint drying but I wanted to see and experience what Lucy did Even my over active imagination couldn t do those pictures justice Also, I always thought that New York was the city for late night adventures and mischief Now I m going to have to recalibrate my life plan.Sigh.Here I come, Melbourne.Hope you re ready Heroine.Oh Lucy I didn t like you at first There was something missing that stopped me falling head over heels in love with you.It could be that I was completely jealous that you were living my dream in the most perfect, swoony, beautiful, gorgeous insert gushing adjective here way and I wanted to push you off a mountain so I could step into your place because I have long brown hair and I once went to a glass museum and I watch a man blow glass so I could blag it and I lovelovelove graffiti so I could blag that too and no one would know the difference and me and Ed would live happily ever after on love, art and delicious, delicious sausage rolls But you know, it probably wasn t that.No Not at all Even though I connected with t other one lot than Lucy, I still think she was a spectacular character She is intelligent, she is funny, she is a tad oblivious, she is a great friend, she s artistic, she has goals, she s feisty and, most importantly, she has a good head on her shoulders and gets mad in the right places.Which normally wouldn t matter but we re talking about YA heroines here who get mad over the stupid things but don t seem to get angry stabby when they really should, like when a boy with mysterious powers and weird, unnatural coloured eyes worms his way into their life business undercrackers So it matters To me Hero.Oh I fell for Ed Hook, line and sinker I won t really go into how much I love you because kiddlywinks may read this review and I couldn t trust myself to keep it PG it would be a very long review.I loved your passion, your humour, your sadness, your determination, your soul, your eloquence, your vision, your relentless quest to find the perfect shade of blue and your insecurities I would never mow your heart grass Um, OK That sounded romantic and less weird in my head.I would stick my knife in your toaster and let you electrocute me.Not better.You know what I mean, Ed Best Friends.YES I love it when an author realises the importance of a brilliant supporting cast So often books have these insipid cookie cutter secondary characters that are just there.I loved how Jazz, Poet, Daisy and Dylan had their own fears, dreams, insecurities and they all blended together in a kaleidoscope of WONDER and hilarity I want to ride in a pink VW with them pouts Theme Tune.Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun Thought I d never seeThe love you found in meNow it s changing all the timeLiving in a rhythm where the minutes working overtime.These guys get a lot of airplay over here on my marginally rainier shores which is fantastic because they are amazing This song is perfect for this book and, looking at the video, I can tell these are the kind of gentlemen that I d want to run around an Australian city with as the night is exploding with colours and tomfoolery We d get up to some potentially lethal crazy adventures that would probably end up with me being in jail and or in a different country.But it s fine I just wouldn t take my passport out with me Sorted, mate Strictly Savage Garden Story Song I Want You by Savage Garden.This song reminds me of my best friend because we used to listen to Savage Garden on YouTube while we drank cheap wine from Aldi before heading out for a night of dancing and debauchery That s just how we roll One time, we actually managed to sing the entire song, straight faced and completely rat arsed That s right Even the fast bit Ooo, I want youI don t know if I need youBut, ooo, I d die to find outSo can we find out Seriously Ed Can we Boy Girl Angst.Notice I m leaving this bit out because I don t want to give anything away, because this part of the book kept me on my tippytoes and made me scream WHAAAAAT and EEEEEEEH out loud on many occasions I loved it and there wasn t an eye roll in sight.Sadness Scale.There was a bit of sadness within the story, some on Ed s part, some on Lucy s and some on Leo s, but mostly it was on my part at the fact that I could never in a million years create something as beautiful and hopeful as Ms Crowley has with this book This book made my insides feel twirly and my soul swirl like the colourful bit in a glass marble.Recommended For.Everyone People who are one of the good guys, but just working undercover People who are looking for the collision People who compare all their crushes against Atticus Finch People who like the zing People who wouldn t mind going to a party where the boys look like they ve just walked off the set of Prison Break People who, all things considered, wouldn t mind getting their arse grabbed on the first date People who don t who don t mind losing their inner Jane Austen once in a while People who like to make grabs at stars People who appreciate the importance of eyebrow action Artists Dreamers Drop outs Poets Lovers This review is part of AUSTRALIA WEEK on my blog you can find out here. 4.5 stars iEvery time he looked at me I felt like I d touched my tongue to the tip of a battery In art class I d watch him lean back and listen and I was nothing but zing and tingle After a while the tingle turned to electricity, and when he asked me out my whole body amped to a level where technically I should have been dead I had nothing in common with a sheddy like him, but a girl doesn t think straight when she s that close to electrocution Wow My GoodReads friends are all people with excellent taste I thought so before, but I m sure of it now A few of you took the time to notice what I like and recommend this book to me Thank you And a special thanks to Lisa O and her lovely review for making me read this when I did Anyway, where was I The strength of Crowley s novel isn t so much in the story itself as it is in the poetic writing that left a bittersweet taste in my mouth Don t get me wrong her writing isn t overly descriptive She doesn t go on and on about places, events or works of art Somehow she says in one sentence than most people are able to say in twenty She also has an excellent sense of humor and I found myself crying with laughter over some of her passages I know they still love each other, but I guess love is kind of like a marshmallow in a microwave on high After it explodes, it s still a marshmallow But, you know, now it s a complicated marshmallow.Lucy doesn t date regular guys She went out on one date in her life and ended up breaking the guy s nose The fact that her parents spent two straight months screaming at each other isn t helping her at all Instead, she dreams about meeting a graffiti artist called Shadow, convinced that he is the guy who could never disappoint her Ed left school when it became obvious that he won t be able to hide his dyslexia much longer It also happened to be right around the time when Lucy broke his nose on their first date Words don t mean anything to him, but he draws the most amazing graffiti all over town He is Shadow and his best friend Leo is Poet And he wishes Shadow was as amazing as Lucy seems to believe he is.Jazz and Leo are both weird in their own way but they might be compatible He only needs to find the courage to tell her that he s actually Poet, the guy whose works she s been admiring all over town It may sound easy, but once you get tangled in your own lies, it s very hard to tell the truth.All of them end up together in a pink van where the truth must come out whether they like it or not.There s something in this book for everyone amazing writing, poetry, flawless characters, a funny story, love, glass, art, pink van and criminals Highly recommended. Here is the cause of my death B O R E D O M from this book.Review to come, I just ugh, I can t even look at this book without wanting to fall asleep. 4.5 stars Last week, as I was strolling with my two little ones around town for our morning promenade, I happened to pass in front of our neighborhood s church In its front yard there was quite a congregation of young kids, their instruments and a lot of out of tune music, as they were preparing to rehearse for some parochial event Of course my daughter, who s 4 and knows the whole Aladdin soundtrack by heart, begged me to stop and listen to whatever they were going to play When I said young kids I forgot to mention these kids where on the 12 to 14 y.o range than on the 16 to 18, so imagine my amazement and my daughter s dismay when the notes they started to strum on their instruments didn t belong to either Walt Disney, Justin Bieber or Tokio Hotel but to Smoke on the Water these kids were practically born the day before yesterday, they could easily be MY kids and they were playing Deep Purple, for god s sake So I got to thinking that I generally tend to underestimate teenagers and think their brains work only on Wii waves, text messaging and angst But there are also some very talented and artistic kids out there whose sole interest in life is not limited to a remote control.The Graffiti Moon crew, despite being a bit older, is composed by such kids Slightly eccentric, artistic, urban teens whom author Cath Crowley still manages to depict in a very believable way, complete with teen dorkiness and false romantic ideals.There s Lucy, the glassblower, who when asked by her best friend Jazz to compile a list of guys she would do it with , writes down only fictional characters Enad with a mysterious graffiter s work called Shadow, she is determined to find him, convinced they can t be but twin souls.Ed Part Adam Wilde from If I Stay, part Tom MacKee from The Piper s Son, Ed is a high school dropout, a graffiter and thinks he s a total loser After having lost his job at a paint shop, he embarks in an illicit adventure with his friend Leo which involves a pink getaway van, some bad men and some travel plans with Lucy.Daisy and Dylan, trait d union between Lucy, Jazz, Ed and Leo, are going through a relationship crisis and are, apparently, the only ones who can lead Lucy and Jazz to Shadow and his friend Poet I loved this book The story, told in alternating POVs by Lucy and Ed with some of Poet s poems thrown in for effect, is brilliant It recounts the happenings of one night a bit la Nick and Norah s Infinite Playlist and it is just great I loved how the two POVs overlaps so the reader can be inside both heads for the same scene, I loved how, throughout the book, roles get reversed and misunderstood, like in a comedy of errors I loved the dialogues, the characters sense of humor, the banter this book is just downright hilarious.Dylan s wordsIf my like for you was footy crowd, you d be deaf cos of the roar And if my like for you were a boxer, there d be dead guy lying on the floor And if my like for you were sugar, you d lose your teeth before you were twenty And if my like for you was money, let s just say you d be spending plenty And finally, I loved the author s writing style Another talented author which manages to give us a realistic, cute, hilarious teenage story, coupled with believable and well developed characters with great personalities, all encased in pretty words, a bit flowery but not too purply.I m hacking half a star off just because I thought the ending was a bit too Gone with the Wind style But this is, definitely, definitely, a book that needs your attention.Another great Australian author, another great YA story. And I am but I m not and I want to put her on pause and paint a wall where I explain everything. Earthy, crafty , gorgeously written and awesomely funny Eventhough this is a contemporary read, I wanted so bad to shelf this in fantasy not because it s unrealistic but because it was bursting with magic The kind that made you feel so strongly, you get it and it got you The balance between plot and characters were insanely, insanely well done From the reviews I ve read, I assumed the book would be about the events of this one night And yes it was but it was also equally about these characters Lucy, Ed, Leo, Jazz, Daisy and Dylan About who they were and how they d come to be that way About thier friendships and their lives, their fears and their hopes I would not hesitate at all to recommend this to anyone who love characters driven contemporary YA books It was truly one of the best ones I ve come across I don t know what I expect but Graffiti Moon surprised me with its brilliant kind of humour You know that kind, like when you re talking to someone and you just know they re not even try to be funny but you re almost fall out of your chair laughing Yes that kind It was natural, real yet unexpected And made me laugh so much This story made me realized I ve never seen a powerful graffiti in person before Ever I mean I ve seen graffiti of course but they all were vandalism than art I mean I m not an artsy person or anything but even to me those swear words and bragging about your school s glory and lots of middle fingers do not count as art And I ve only seen those Which is a real bummer I wonder if it can be that powerful Can it move me half as much as it does Lucy I appreciate those poems by Poet that peppered throughout the book Such a neat little detail that really worked Now if I can just get to see Shadow s works too Since I didn t read the sypnosis, this book had the most totally realistic and yet totally unexpected to me twist at 14% mark that rendered me comically speechless and rendered the book itself absolutely a lot interesting.Ps I ve never read her works before now but I am getting as many books as I can find of Cath Crowley s I liked that he had hair that was growing without a plan A grin that came out of nowhere and left the same way That he was tall enough so I had to look up at him in my dream sequences. Full review posted If you ve ever loved me you ll read this bookOr I will cry and it ll be your fault I just want to bring to attention that when you wanna write a contemporary, TAKE FRICKEN NOTES FROM THIS MAGICAL PIECES OF WORKAlsoI want to bring to attention that I m aware that this book probably has one of the ugliest covers I ve ever seen in my lifeI m justKeeping it realThis book is basically perfection in all its forms And before you continue on, I d like you to envision me screaming like this for the duration of the review to keep it authenticMy entire emotions of this book can be summed up nicely by this pictureOnto the points It s funny as hell The characters are flawed and do stupid, teenage things like throwing an egg at your girlfriend on her birthday is probably not a good idea A boy is infatuated with a girl until she breaks his nose IT S SO ART SPIRITED IT MADE MY LITTLE ARTIST HEART SMILE Ed is a little pumpkin someone protect him Lucy is such a fierce, won t take any crap from you kinda girl and basically I love her The girl friendship is so wonderfully perfect MELINA MARCHETTA RECOMMENDED IT I stayed up till 1 am and suffered the following day because I couldn t put this book downI ve got this special way of getting the truth out of Dylan How i ask I kick him in the balls That s pretty special,Jazz is the greatest best friend ever Shes convinced she can tell the future and shes WILD boi All night long adventure be still my heart Kids that come from troubled homes but are little balls of sunshine A GRAFFITI ARTIST AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Its all about art and expression and cuteness and perfection It has lots of motivational, poetic stuff likeI guess love s kind of like a marshmallow in a microwave on high After it explodes it s still a marshmallow but, you know, now it s a complicated marshmallowI totally did not just spend a half hour rereading quotes from this book The book is REAL and it doesn t do halfhearted ish or portray teenagers weirdly It s so GENUINE AND REAL AND AUTHENTIC I JUST WANT TO SCREAM I love this book so much wowowowowowoowowowowowo If you don t read it then ill have to resort to dire messures Aka 5 stars YOU KNOW WHAT S A FRICKEN JOKE THAT Melina Marchetta, MY QUEEN RECOMMENDED THIS BOOK AND I, BEING THE FAKE I AM, DIDN T GET MY HANDS ON IT IMMEDIATELYthis is me trying to atone for my past