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This book is great for parents to read to their children when they feel scared This book is a very good book to help your children identify what being scared means, and how to overcome it This book give parents ideas on how to help their children cope with the feeling of being scared. What a wonderful book to describe what being scared means, how it feels, and what it might look like Plus it gives some tools to learn how to deal with being scared. Great book to help children with their fears. BL 2.10.5 pts A good enough series It held my 4 year olds interest and he identified well with it, nodding his head as we read along We also read Author Cornelia Maude Spelman Tags feelings, scared Perfect book for the beginning of kindergarten when students are feeling scared or anxious about being away from their parents I would want my students to know that it is alright to feel those things and to talk about those feelings That way the class can work together to fix the problem. Age from 3 years oldThis book is nice but all the books of the series I have read so far, are very similar when you feel angry sad scared worried tell someone It is o.k to feel angry sad scared worried, even grown up people feel like this, and that feeling is not going to last forever, you will feel better. First time I ve read a book in this series and I really liked it The pictures are cute and it teaches good concepts to children As a social worker therapist, it was fun to see that this was written by a social worker I look forward to reading other books in this series. (FREE DOWNLOAD) Ö When I Feel Scared (The Way I Feel Books) â Children Will Recognize Similar Experiences In Their Own Lives As This Little Bear Describes Feeling Scared When He Has A Bad Dream Or His Mother Goes Away Eventually Our Hero Realizes That It S OK To Be Scared Sometimes, And There Are Ways He Can Help Himself When He S Frightened I ve been collecting all these Cornelia Spelman books about feelings for the library They are good for guidance class or other classroom discussions with younger students about dealing with feelings appropriately or even identifying feelings.