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~FREE PDF ♿ Get the Diagnosis Right ☪ Dr Jerome Blackman, Author Of Defenses How The Mind Shields Itself, Has Once Again Crafted An Extraordinarily User Friendly Book That Demonstrates To All Readers, From Trainees To Advanced Analysts, The Process Of Diagnosing Mental Disturbance Get The Diagnosis Right Provides A Systematic Method For Accurately Determining Whether A Person Suffering With Mental Problems Needs Medication, Supportive Cognitive, Dynamic, And Or Psychoanalytic Treatment Amalgamating The Most Useful Ideas From General Psychiatry, Cognitive Psychology, And Modern Psychoanalytic Theory, Dr Blackman Guides Readers Who Prescribe Treatment For Mental Disturbances The Book Also Serves As A Check For Those Who Are Considering What Type Of Mental Health Professional They Should Be ConsultingAfter Reading This Book, You Will No Longer Have To Guess Whether A Depressed Patient Should Obtain Medication, Supportive Therapy, Insight Therapy, Or Some Mixture Of The Three Or Question How To Conduct An Initial Interview And Assessment Written In Language That Is Clear But Not Simplistic, This Book Goes Far Beyond Other Diagnostic Manuals