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!Download Book ⚖ Murder and Mayhem: A Doctor Answers Medical and Forensic Questions for Mystery Writers ⚇ In Murder And Mayhem A Doctor Answers Medical And Forensic Questions For Mystery Writers, Dr D P Lyle Culls The Best Of His Popular The Doctor Is In Question And Answer Column For The Mystery Writers Of America, In Which He Answers Medical And Forensic Questions From Writers All Over The CountryA Frequent Advisor To Published Mystery Writers, As Well As Writers For TV Shows Such As Law And Order, Dr Lyle Tackles Subjects Such As Traumatic Injuries, Doctors And Hospitals, Weapons Of Death, Poisons And Drugs, Police And The Crime Scene, The Coroner And The Crime Lab, And In Extremely Organized And Accessible Detail, He Answers Questions Spanning A Wide Range Do Pupils Shrink Or Enlarge With Death Can X Rays Be Copied Can Ingested Cocaine Kill How Soon Do Strangulation Bruises Appear Lively And Accessible, This Solid Reference Book Is Bound For Every Mystery Writer S Shelf Does exactly what it says on the tin Invaluable if you re looking for the science behind your story twists Recommended to writers and the curious minded alike. An interesting reference for writers on a very specific topic Will also appeal to trivia buffs I learned something new in almost every entry, and I ve watched decades of medical, police and legal dramas on tv.Side benefit this book will also help you not have the internet search history of a serial killer if you re a curious soul Things I have Googled suffocation times Othello poison that mimics death Romeo Juliet drowning Hamlet fast acting ear poison Hamlet fast acting consumed poison Hamlet fast acting poison introduced in a superficial wound Hamlet blood loss from stabbing Hamlet and Macbeth And that s just Shakespeare. The book is a collection of Dr Lyle s columns for a member publication of Mystery Writer s of America It is an invaluable tool and I use it often while writing my novels and short stories.The entries are clear The illustrations are very helpful My only complaint is that it should have included an index. There are three books by this author, all covering similar subjects They are very well organized and it s very obvious that the author takes an interest in the writer s questions, providing great feedback and even encouragement Other than the fact that the three books tend to repeat some of the topics, I would definitely recommend these to any writer who wants to create credible mysteries and thrillers. Very interestingkinda scary though, a potential blueprint for criminal behavior. Awesome book This is a compilation of the most popular questions from his The Doctor Is In column for the Mystery Writers of America He clearly states at the beginning that this is a resource for writers to make their stories plausible, not to be used for diagnosis or treatment of any medical problem He wanted to provide a consolidated resource since many times it can be hard to sort out valid information from the bogus or questionable info on the internet It is also to keep writers from rehashing the same old flawed info used by other writers TV can be misleading.Whether you are a mystery writer or not, this has many great questions and answers He provides the simplified question as well as the original question as submitted that often is a few linked questions in regards to a particular scenario. I m not a writer or even a heavy reader of mysteries, but I found this exploration of the medical facts behind mystery plots to be an entertaining read Lyle answers writers plot questions, clearly explaining the biology, medicine, and chemistry to the layman A few facts are repeated, since the book is compiled from Lyle s newsletter columns, but they aren t overly distracting An interesting trivia book for anyone interested in the subject, even if you re not using it for writing reference. This is an excellent resource book if your WIP involves any accidents, attacks, poisonings, or deaths Dr Lyle answers questions in a way you just can t find in regular medical resources, because he s specifically aiming his advice at how you could possibly make this injury or illness work for your particular plot requirements Of course, your specific question might not be covered in this book, but boy, he covers a lot of topics I would have liked an index, since certain issues are covered in multiple sections, and I can imagine it being difficult to go back and find that one part I vaguely remember.There are some sections e.g., how deaths are investigated, how autopsies work that would be relevant for modern stories than my low tech fantasy world, but there was certainly enough here to give me some good ideas And some very, very bad ideas for what to do to my poor doomed characters he he he It gets gruesome, obviously, so maybe don t read it at bedtime like I did. This was so much fun to read Lyle has a great way of explaining things that are easy to understand without condescending There are so many evil, gruesome things to do to a person and I can t wait to off somebody in my next work I also liked Lyle s personal comments, like calling people out on the bizarre ness of their question, what an interesting twist their violent idea could lead to, and my favorite, involving a diaphragm How diabolical