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Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Bessette, and Me ♧ The International Supermodel And Actor Details His Rise To Fame In The Fashion World And Reveals For The First Time The Truth About His Stormy, Passionate, And Now Famous Relationship With Carolyn BessetteThis Is The Story Of A Small Town Kid Who Moved To The Big City, Fell In Love With A Beautiful, Mysterious Woman, And Found Himself In Competition With The Most Eligible Bachelor In The World, John F Kennedy JrNow, For The First Time, Michael Bergin Reveals The Truth Behind A Life Lived In The Limelight And A Relationship Shrouded In Secrecy From His Early Days Growing Up In A Small Blue Collar Connecticut Town, To His Meteoric Rise As Fashion Icon And Television Star, To The Passion He Shared With The Enigmatic And Complex Carolyn Bessette, This Is An Inside Look At The World Of Beauty, Power, And CelebrityIn , Michael And Carolyn Met In A Bar In New York City She Was Unlike Any Woman He Had Ever Known Sophisticated, Successful, With Bewitching Charm And Grace An Intensely Passionate Relationship Was Born Not Long After, Michael Landed The Coveted Calvin Klein Underwear Campaign, And His Career Took Off The Future Looked Bright, And Carolyn And Michael Seemed Destined For A Long And Happy Life TogetherBut It Was Not To Be Four Years Later Michael Was An International Fashion Icon And Carolyn Was Mrs John F Kennedy Jr However, The Story Doesn T End There This Is The Truth About Their Lives, A Tale Full Of Warmth, Humour, Heartbreak, And TragedyAbove All, The Other Man Is A Testament To The Enduring Power Of Love And A Story About The Painful Choices We Make With Our All Too Human Hearts I randomly saw this book at the library and picked it up I had no idea who Carolyn or Michael were, but after reading this story, I realized love makes us do crazy things Michael and Caroyln truly loved each other and their relationship was extremely codependent and maybe toxic, but you also couldn t deny the love they had for each other It s truly sad how their relationship didn t work out. A quick and easy read which paints a very different and not so flattering point of view of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and her life before her marriage to John F Kennedy Jnr I was left wondering who had issues in their life, the author or Carolyn. I really enjoyed this biography and felt as though the author was honest, regardless of how he appeared good or bad, with his account of events There was a genuine feel to his portrayal It read like fiction, almost, and it was easy to become engrossed in the story I am particularily fascinated by Carolyn Bessette, always have been Classically beautiful, reserved in the public eye and she nabbed JFK Jr She seemed so complex, endearing, confused, independent Lets face it, she was an enigma. Non fiction Loved it, but so sad Michael dated Carolyn Bessette before she married JFK Jr He even had an affair with her while she was married JFK and Carolyn later die in a plane crash Michael is an international super model He modeled underwear for Calvin Klein. Found this book in delivery the library thought I d give it a try Thought the guy on the cover was kinda cute liked the intrigue behind Carolyn having another lover besides that georgeous JFK Jr then I became pleasantly surprised by the fact he wrote well, told the story like it was in his words of course how he came to his true loves defence. I LOVED this book I could not put it down I don t know if it s true or not, but I wanted it to be true It was SO intimate that even though he was the other man I wanted to root for him to get the girl even though we all know what happened. Okay, let s be clear this is not highbrow literature by any means, but I found it fascinating If you re at all interested in Carolyn Bessette and JFK Jr., this is an interesting, quick, beach read kind of book. We all know where we were when the news hit that JFK s plane had gone down I was coming into the kitchen and Dan had handed me a cup of coffee and I settled in on the couch and turned on the TV There was an aerial view of the Atlantic off Martha s Vieyard and then a computer generated map with a red marker saying at which point they believed John F Kennedy Jr s plane had gone down Oh no I kept saying Oh no I honestly felt like he was going to be sitting on some wreckage waiting to be spotted by rescuers, waving madly When I learned of the rescuers finding his wife still buckled into her seat I was finally convinced The Prince had died.What I found bitterly ironic about this review is that I entered just the title of this book on the goodreads search engine andnothing came up If goodreads thinks such trash lit that reveals the seamier side of America s Royalty is too uncultured for their heady set of literati, then dammit they are right I wolfed this book down in a day Start to finish, one day Part compelling nature to learn about the mysterious Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, part embarassment of having this book in my possession under my roof Ever since that paparazzi photo of John John helping CB into her pants on a yacht I have been somewhat intrigued by this mystery blonde She had impeccable taste in clothing dressed in the chunky heels and fitted waistcoats that were de riguer of mid 90s fashion Who will ever forget the Narciso Rodriguez dress with the lily of the valleys bouquet Always seamless and without flaw You were lying if you said you did not want to be her What did I learn That despite arguments to the contrary, Michael Bergin did not have an affair with Valentino Oh and that he shtoinked a married Carolyn Bessette Kennedy numerous times I lost track of the abortions she d had two or three Two, but one miscarriage, that she claims was JFK Jr s baby Chivalry, thy name is not Michael Bergin It was an interesting portrayal, one that rode a high wire between callous oversharing and hurting remembrance No matter Carolyn Bessette Kennedy was an empirically beautiful woman That Bergdorf blonde that every husky dark haired man in NYC seemed to find irresistible She was also an insecure, manipulative and conniving woman who seemed to use men and dispose of them at will The end result is that one of these men turned the knife on her and wrote a scathing reviling review of her short life She of course used drugs but modestly She of course slept around on Bergin but he was the most handsome male model that I had ever seen, and I m not even gay She seemed to have put many men under her spell and this book was at the end a sad tale of lust, greed and narcissistic living at the end of Camelot Embrassed to say I read it. Not particularly well written or interesting, but I finished it nonetheless I guess I couldn t believe that someone would stay with a woman who was so emotionally disconnected and controlling.