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I doubt I could put into words how relieved I am that this didn t devolve into anti Semitism.No lizard people, no ancient aliens, overall a grounded and informative piece of speculative non fiction. The Occult Conspiracy by Michael Howard Interesting concepts, especially the chapters on the Knights Templar and the one on Nazi occultism it tended to ramble and go off on tangents, but the author stuck to dates and facts instead of conjecture and hyperbole. pretty good when taken with a large pinch of salt, but definitely interesting and i learned some stuff i wasn t aware of |READ DOWNLOAD ⚆ The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies--Their Influence and Power in World History ♴ It Is A Little Known Fact That For Thousands Of Years Secret Societies And Occult Groups Guardians Of Ancient Esoteric Wisdom Have Exercised A Strong And Often Crucial Influence On The Destiny Of Nations As Freemasons, Knights Templar, And Rosicrucians They Affected The Course Of The French And American Revolutions As Well As The Overthrow Of The Medieval Order Inevitably, The True Ideals And Esoteric Practices Of These Societies Have At Times Been Perverted By Self Serving Individuals The Nazis, Of Course, But Also The British Security Forces, The Founding Fathers Of America, And The Vatican Have All Had A Part For Good Or Ill In The Occult Conspiracy The Author Explores These Connections, Tracing Occult Influences In Politics And Statecraft From The Time Of Ancient Egypt To The Present He Sheds Light On These Influences In Government And In The Lives Of Many Well Known Figures, Including Frederick The Great, John Dee, Francis Bacon, Benjamin Franklin, Comte Cagliostro, Helen Blavatsky, Rasputin, And Woodrow Wilson Reading The Occult Conspiracy, We Are Left With Little Doubt That The Secret Societies Largely Ignored By Orthodox Historians And Persecuted Throughout History Have Survived And Continue To Operate Powerfully In World Affairs Today