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The story line wasn t the problem I don t know if i got a bad copy or what it was a editing nightmare This book is SUPER steamy and scores a 5 on the hotness meter.I had never read a story that involved sex between two men I was really impressed by what a great job the author did describing the sexual act and the feelings that went with the sex between two great characters.Here is what I liked about Sanctuary I loved Kimberlyn, Logan and Andrew even though at times I was angry at each of them I think sometimes I have trouble with that whole Alpha pack leader thing The big dog gets to make all the rules Sometimes I just don t agree with him and want to kick him in the ass There is a very magical feel to this story that just added so much depth to the were animals The end of the story really shocked me in a good way and I can t wait to read the next book If you like weres and hot, steamy romantic sex then you should definitely read Sanctuary. @Free E-pub ⚞ Sanctuary Ý Genre Shape Shifter Paranormal MenageKimberlyn Is A Were At Odds With Herself She Longs To Express Her True Nature, But She S Not Sure What That Is What She Knows Is That She Needs Lovers Who Can Satisfy Her Needs For Rough Sex And Submission What She Doesn T Know Is That As The Only Healer Of Her Kind, She S Incredibly Valuable To The Pack That Can Claim HerPack Alpha Logan And His Partner Andrew Need A Third To Solidify Their Pack And Protect It From The Bears Who Want To Take Over They Know Kimberlyn S Their Girl From The Moment They Lay Eyes On Her Now They Just Need To Convince Her They Can Fulfill Her Darkest Desires And To Keep Her Away From The BearsPublisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Dubious Consent, Exhibitionism, M Nage Some M F M, M F M M , Same Sex Interaction F F , Sex While In Shifted Form, Voyeurism When Kimberlyn moved to Wolf s Grove she immediately feels the flow of the land, the rightness of the place and ultimately a sort of peace within herself that she has never felt before and she wants to run.Run wild in the woods behind her new home and run she did because she was a wolf shifter that feels like she had come home.On her first night out she encounters the local wolf pack and their natural territorial instinct kicks in and they are not happy that she is there Despite this however they have pressing matters at hand their alpha is dying, literally before their eyes Kimberlyn couldn t understand why the whole pack was watching their alpha deteriorate when they could do something to help him.She could and this starts a nightmare situation for her, because not only has she become the most valuable property in the immediate shifter world, but her mates have found her and they intend to not let her go.I have been hearing good things about this one and I loved the cover so I gave this book a go.The book is set in a remote country area that is or less populated by a big shifter population Although Kimberlyn is new there, she feels the call of the land and was prepared to start a new life and just try to find herself Within a few pages in she was embroiled in shifter angst and this or less carried on through the book with surprises coming at every turn.Logan and Andrew are the local wolf shifter Alpha and his partner and they are living a life of secrets and lies When Kimberlyn crosses their path they know she is the one that will complete them as well as the one that will give them an edge over the other shifter race Logan is willing to do anything to save his pack and is prepared to make some harsh decision even hurting the ones he loves to get his point across.Ms Hunter puts her own spin on the shifter world and this was a nice touch and one of the things that really made me carry on reading SANCTUARY Other than that I like the rugged terrain that the book is set in, while no world building of any sort is done, this is a first book so it will be one area to look forward to seeing unfolding in future books.I ended up liking the first part of this book a whole lot that the rest of the book, because it was full of suppressed rage and just that feeling that something is about to happen, the smexing wasn t bad either Lavish description flowed in those first scenes as well.The rest of the book didn t pan out for me unfortunately as there was too much left unsaid and neither the cast nor the plot itself was developed enough for me The fact that new players and new scenarios were constantly being introduced without any sort of logic at least to me any how was also another factor.SANCTUARY is my first time with this authors style and despite the unsaid and underdeveloped areas there is enough here for me to want to go back and see what she makes of this world Not a bad read all in all There are m nage scenes and exhibitionist related sex play in this book I thought that this one was OK I thought that maybe there a little too much thrown in for such a short novel, but I thought it got infinitely better by the end, so I m very anxious to see what happens in book 2 Who are these extra men Greedy girl, how many do you need Ok, forget I asked that Why are the bears fighting with the wolves What is going on and what exactly happened to Kimberlyn s dad Did they even ask or figure out where Kimberlyn s dad came from I think there are some holes in this story which makes it feel incomplete The sex on the other hand is pretty good I liked how Andrew and Logan were in a relationship before Kimberlyn burst onto the scene The story was predictable except for the humans coming out of nowhere That was a bit of a stumper Still, based on sex alone, I liked reading this book. If you liked this book you may enjoy the following groups dnfcouldn t get into it Review from my blog, Authors By Authors I am so excited to get to review this story I love this author who also writes under the name of Jane E Jones So, let me begin at the beginning, because this has to be one of the best opening lines ever,Kimberlyn s guilt warred with her pleasure It was difficult to be good when the need grew inside her like a sharp edged mountain, until her fight was as ineffectual as a fist against an oak tree.Need I say anything about her gift for description Also, Ms Hunter has this ability to glide flawlessly from hot, sizzling sex scenes to description that reads like poetry and back again.And, if you want fantasy, well imagine yourself a female werewolf tied down and ravished by three men at once in the woods under the moon And, again I am still just in the opening paragraphs here But, Ms Hunter continues on The imagery, the scorching sex scenes, the plot building, multiple conflicts and ahhh I had that war going on to rush to find out what happens and to take it slow to appreciate all of the details that get you there.With every bit of passion, every moment of happiness the reader gets, it then gets swept up in the rising conflict until your eyes are reading furiously, your heart beating as if you too can feel the emotions of the wolves, as if as the reader I was linked to them it is a magical reading experience The created intricacies of the pack are nothing short of genius in lending themselves to the storyline, the conflict, the emotions and eventually the resolution And, for the ending well, you will just have to read it to see This book is an experience not to be missed. I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that short stories So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out , yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer but it is a short story So with that said.OH.MY.FREAKING.AWESOME.YUMMY This book is the sh t Omg I started this book at night and my eyes took me to slumber land I was so desperate to know what happen and finish this book, I risked reading it at work Sssshhhh, don t say that so loud I do not need my boss to find out that I was reading at work, lol Yes, you read right I read it at work I had to OMG if you only would know I had to finish this book.I have to say that Ms Hunter rocked my world of paranormal I never saw some of her curve balls coming And let me say that when they came omg hold on your panties ladies or men This is a fantastic story of the paranormal world of the werewolves of Sanctuary.Kimberlyn has always known that she was a little different than most people At the tender age of 15 she was able to shift into her werewolf form But not only is she a wolf, she is also a healer when in wolf form Her father, being the protector he was, thought he could, taking the girl out of the wolf pack could take the wolf pack out of the girl But that does not always work and guess what, it does not work with Kimberlyn.Now a beautiful young woman, Kimberlyn s father passed away, so there is no need to stay in Los Angeles There is a place, a place where her soul and wolf crave to be Wolf s Grove It calls to her like a baby s lullaby It s her slice of heaven or so she thinks.Her first night in her house was going to be excellent She could not wait to stretch her legs and run Oh to be free to be who she really was to do as she pleased to run free and wild without fear of someone seeing or being captured What euphoria That is her dream, to be free With her first run her first outing something happens that changes the course of her life forever.Do you believe you are here for a reason, a higher purpose, to complete a job Well, Kimberlyn knows that it is her job to be a healer of her kind and other animals shifters of all kinds Healing is what she does and it does not matter if it is one of her own that is fallen or an enemy, she will heal It is in who she is But she does have a weakness her weakness is sex She loves to be dominated and she knows that to satisfy her, it takes than one partner But how does a wolf without a pack have hot, hard and wild sex without losing to the animal inside and not biting the head that well you get my point wicked laughter The pack of Sanctuary is like no other, their are waring a battle with the bears Do I say were bears, I am not sure The bears are powerful than the wolves and in power comes war because what hot headed, greedy man cannot have power and not be a bully Or so that is how the bears see it The wolves just want to live at Sanctuary and be left the hell alone.First up, we have Logan who is the leader of the pack He is alllll alpha and the fate of his pack rest on his shoulders He carries a big stick ha ha and he knows how to use it double ha ha ha ha But using your stick and kicking the shit out of the bears are two different things especially when there is a traitor within your own pack.Logan has a mate, but there is a slight problem with the mate Logan is not sure his will easily except his mate Andrew, his beta wolf These two personalities are awesome together One is hard and ridged, the other is tender and caring to the touch Just imagine all that responsibility on your shoulders, I am sure you would not be all smiles and laughter either Andrew on the other hand is the lover in this couple He is the tender one, the loving one, the doting one But does the rest of the pack see the looks they exchanged, do they know that they are together What will the pack think In this story, there are many obstacles to over come, many adversities to see through, the test of loyalty, and some kick ass action Ms Cassidy has done a fan flipping tastic job at weaving me into the world of Sanctuary Kimberlyn just wants her freedom, did she sign up for female leader of the pack, did she announce to the world that she wanted to be a bargaining chip in a war that is waging in the wolves own backyard But when she meets this group, she cannot deny that her heart and soul are starting to overrule her logic in thinking this through She feels the attraction to the men in this pack But remember sex is her drug And where there is a weakness there is a villain to exploit that weakness.This story is not short on anything I will start with the basic, alpha males yes sex on a stick men and notice I said men than one , one brave as woman Kimberlyn , a couple of sick as people the villains , action to keep you entertained, some freaking hot sex that will make you sweat and a storyline that will leave you dying for Ms Cassidy s writing is done so well in the paranormal world that she created that there was no lost moments or times when I had to go back a few pages to understand what she was talking about Her characters are strong and determined to make it one way or the other But when they come together oh my gosh There is not I can give away The book is roughly 135 pages long so I do not want to spoil it for youFor my peeps out there that do not like first contact, fall in love I ask you to do my a favor when you read this one keep in mind that it is roughly 135 pages and that it is paranormal Mostly in paranormal, they know who their mates are almost immediately so just keep that in mind Do not dis it because of this please.I will put a warning out there this woman is awesome She is now on my radar forever She is going to tease you with a taste of what is to come And believe me I am on bend and knee waiting for what is to come Thanks for an awesome story Ms Hunter