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4.5 stars Incredible I really loved it And just like that, I have my new favorite historical romance couple Le sigh If anyone else has any recommendations for books or movies surrounding Henri and Diane, I d love to hear about them Favorite Quote There was nothing like the prospect of death, he thought, to make one appreciate the precious, transitory spark that is life.First Sentence In Dawn s semidarkness, she stood ankle deep and motionless at the river s edge, her tall silhouette blending with the bare white elms which braided through the cloudless winter sky over Beaumont sur Sarthe. I am a historical fiction junkie I particularly enjoy novels set in the Medieval and Rennaissance period I have always been fascinated by Diane de Poitiers and made sure to visit Chenonceaux when I was in France Thus, I was very excited to come across this novel This novel does a great job painting a picture of court life particularly of the debauchery during the raine of Francois I Diane Haeyer s characterization of Anne d Heilly, Duchesse d Etampes seems quite accurate compared to non fiction I have read from the period The author s descriptions of Catherine de Medici also seem faithful and rooted in fact except for I do not think it is true that Diane de Poitiers wore the same dress as Catherine to Catherine s coronation I also think that it is possible that Queen Catherine and Montncy conspired to interest the King in Lady Fleming to unseat Catherine That said, these are my main issues 1 The author s thesis is that Diane de France is the child of Henri II and Diane de Poitiers, and not the child of another woman The author s explanation for why Diane de Poitiers would pretend not to be the mother of Diane de France does not make sense From what I know of the time, it was not uncommon for royal mistresses to have children and if anything, it seems that Diane s position would be strengthened by having a child with Henri at a time when Catherine de Medici was considered to be barren I m not saying that it is impossible that Diane de France is Diane and Henri s child why name the child Diane, for example it seems like Henri would be rubbing his liaison with Philippa Duca in Diane de Poitiers face in choosing that name but I feel like a better reason is needed to take the minority position as to Diane de France s parentage 2 The author is overly sympathetic to Diane She tries to paint her as this unassuming, not greedy person who did not ask for the power and riches that Henri lavished upon her This does not seem true to me After all, to be favourite was a coveted position Further, Henri and Diane were very cruel to Catherine de Medici 3 There is no evidence that Diane and Henri had a sexual relationship when Henri was 14 and Diane 33 And even if it was true, the author presents it as sweetly romantic, when really, it is disgusting At the time, of course, girls at 14 were routinely married to men in their 30s or older case in point, Elisabeth de Valois, who was married to Phillip II of Spain after the treaty of Cateau Cambresis but it was not common for the reverse to be true Further, if they really were involved at such a young age, it seems to undermine the author s depiction of Diane as not greedy for power or riches Instead, the likely conclusion is that Diane took advantage of Henri to forward her own personal interests Despite these shortcomings, I enjoyed the novel and I would read another Diane Haeger book as long as the title isn t embarassing I read on my commute. comme je te manque comme je t adore Beautifully written, although I skipped the last 20 pages just to finish the book, not a grand ending, but well I did know the ending, that s the charm of historical novels I would describe Henri Diane s love as codependency D I read somewhere that such a love is the result of modern life as of the last 2000 years and not the prehistoric era , it s the lack of love and support from family and the society that drives people to call someone their own like an obsession, because that can help filling the void, which we can see how Henri had soooo many daddy issues I was wondering about the amount of wine they were consuming, water was rare D Although I read somewhere that in those days water was mostly dirty and not good, so people would drink ale or wine instead I know I can t write a decent review There are other reviews, there are spoilers, there is enough material for you to know the outline of the story, so I m just writing blah D I heard about the series Reign, I even downloaded the first episode and I hoped it would be a good addition to the book, but OMG so many inaccuracies Mery of Scots is not even a red head, so I m not gonna watch something that the producers didn t care about the simple facts, like Henri was 20 years younger than Diane or Catherine had dark hair, etc let alone that Diane had a son with Henri pleaaaseeee, don t watch that. Printre pu inele romane de dragoste contemporane care mi au pl cut, Curtezana prezint leg tura pasional dintre regele Hernic al II lea i amanta sa, Diana de Poitiers Este o carte pe care fanii serialului Reign o vor devora, un volum de fic iune istoric n care ajungem s l cunoa tem pe acest t n r rege, obligat din ra iuni politice s se nsoare cu Caterina de Medici, o femeie rece i geloas , care l mpiedic s i declare n mod public adev ratele sentimente pentru Diana, n ciuda diferen ei de v rst dintre ei.Sau nu Henric este nc p nat i ndr zne , iar scena ncoron rii este un moment deosebit de emo ionant, c nd regele se decide s i nfrunte du manii i poporul i s renun e la minciunile care i au guvernat via a nc de mic copil.Curtezana este un roman deosebit, pe care l cite ti de pl cere i din curiozitate, cu o singur bil neagr este fic iune istoric Dar adev rul se ascunde n legendele nescrise. This is one of the all time great love stories This was the most moving book that I have read in a long time I laughed, longed and cried Catherine de Medici never had a chance This story has everything romance, politics and history Great book that I couldn t put down I haven t read a lot of historical fiction mainly because the few books that I have read haven t really hit me where I want a book to hit me Let me tell you, this book completely hit me I wish that I would have had these sorts of books around when I was in high school for my history classes because they would have made a huge difference in the way I felt about history Then I felt history was a wasted subject It was in the past, move forward, etc But now, maybe because I m older, I find it extremely important and interesting but, this book brought it into a whole new light for me I love, Love, LOVED it Okay, there was history in this book, but it wasn t boring And there was romance and drama and villians and good guys and bad guys and it was all there I cried at the end and I was astounded to read that even though the events were fictionalized, the people were real except for ONE guy ONE guy It was incredible I will be looking for by this author and reading her next books with eager glee. |EPUB ♏ Courtesan ♺ Amid The Disapproving Gossip Of The Court, A Royal Romance Defies All ObstaclesThe Court Of Fran Ois I Is Full Of Lust, Intrigue, And Bawdy Bon Temps A Different World From The Quiet Country Life Diane De Poitiers Led With Her Elderly Husband Now A Widow, The Elegant Diane Is Called Back To Court, Where The King S Obvious Interest Marks Her As An Enemy To The King S Favourite, Anne D Heilly The Court Is Soon Electrified By Rumors Of Their Confrontations As Anne Calls On Her Most Venomous Tricks To Drive Diane Away, Diane Finds An Ally In The One Member Of Court With No Allegiance To The King S Mistress His Teenage Second Son, HenriNeglected By His Father And Disliked By His Brothers, Prince Henri Expects Little From His Life But As His Friendship With Diane Deepens Into Infatuation And Then A Romance That Scandalizes The Court, The Prince Begins To Discover Hope For A Future With Diane But Fate And His Father Have Other Plans For Henri Including A Political Marriage With Catherine De Medici Despite Daunting Obstacles, Henri S Devotion To Diane Never Wanes Their Passion Becomes One Of The Most Legendary Romances In The History Of France Diane de Poitiers este un personaj emblematic pentru istoria Fran ei Ca amant a regelui, ea are o influen mare asupra deciziilor lui, care se r sfr ng asupra rii Cartea a fost ok, a avut at t detalii istorice, c t i dram Cred c a respectat realitatea destul de mult, mai ales c firul narativ i situa ia de la castel au fost acelea i ca i n Regina Diavolului Probabil dac nu a fi citit nainte Regina Diavolului, a fi apreciat i mai mult Curtezana n Curtezana avem parte doar de varianta Dianei a pove tii i de sentimentele ei Cred c a fost prea aspru judecat i cred c nimeni nu a vrut s vad mai departe de eticheta care i s a pus chiar de p n s devin amanta regelui Din romanul acesta am aflat c a fost o femeie extrem de puternic , frumoas , inteligent , corect , onest i bun la suflet Cred c n alte circumstan e ar fi fost o regin bun , ns cu siguran Caterina de Medici a fost menit pentru locul de pe tron Recomand romanul pentru cei care vor s o cunoasc pe Diane, s afle i povestea ei Eu zic c merit. Rating Grade 2 stars C Disclaimer I am not a professional reviewer, nor was I solicited for this review I purchased my copy of Courtesan at Sony ebook store I read the entire novel at least 1 time prior to reviewing it.Spoiler warning I try to mark spoilers, but I don t always remember to do that Courtesan missed the boat on so many levels The love story of Henri de Valois and Diane de Poitiers is pure fodder for a great cougar romance I ve always been curious about who Diane de Poitiers may have been, how she functionned in the French Court, and how she survived Catherine de Medici s jealousy Unfortunately, this historical novel didn t engage me as well as it could have due to the author s chronic effort to consistently portray Diane de Poitiers only in the very best light At all times No matter what The beginning first third or so of the book is quite strong and intriguing, but Diane s character never goes anywhere I ve come to the conclusion the author also named Diane felt too much affinity with Diane and couldn t bring herself to write Diane as a flesh and blood woman with the traits neccessary for her to survive and thrive in the 16th C French court Too much effort went into semi apologetic explanation for Diane s romantic involvement with Henri in his mid teens Haeger plays it out as the two lovers being constantly thrown together and neither character possessing any other kind of emotional support system making them emotionally dependent upon each other until it led to romantic attraction The story also portrays Diane experiencing extreme guilt and personal conflict about her relationship with Henri, even after he succeeds his father and elevates Diane as his mistress In fact, Diane never seemed truly at peace with her relationship with Henri until the novel s conclusion After Henri has died Go figure.Diane also cried too much about not wanting to be a courtesan It got ridiculous and I don t believe for one minute the real Diane de Poitiers ever felt this way She seemed chronically distressed about how strangers perceived her and perceived her relationship with the king Like all Mary Sues, she tolerates unimaginable abuses from various villainous characters in the book and never fights back But when she suspects Henri of imprisoning an ex paramour of hers, she turns her back on Henri to punnish him The storytelling was a bit disjointed at times, but the overall writing quality is pretty average I guess whether one likes this story or not depends on how many Mary Sue books one has read and whether one likes them. Haeger s writing style in Courtesan seemed a bit antiquated, but it worked for the story The novel read like it had an omniscient point of view, but in reality it was mostly head hopping Since this book was first published in 1993, and at the time head hopping was fairly common in novels, I d say no harm, no foul Haeger s writing was beautiful, in my opinion Her descriptions were compelling, which I love, because it s a means for me to escape It s not a light read, but it s of an in depth look at the emotional conflict of the Courtesan Diane and the struggles she had in her life because of her love for Henri, the Kind of France She d cared for him as a boy, but he d loved her as a young man She was quite a bit older than he was when he d first kissed her She resisted for many reasons One fact in particular really bothered her He was a teenager and she was a grown woman with two adult daughters at the time their relationship became physical But she was powerless to resist him due to his sincere, heartfelt love for her.Henri adored her, but due to her age it wasn t a love affair that was easily accepted Henri fantasized about making her his wife, but his father set him up for a political marriage that he could not refuse as his father was king His devotion to Diane continued, but she could never be his queen He was already married to Catherine de Medici and he resisted her in every way possible Henri was never intended for the throne, but when his brother died shortly after becoming king in the wake of King Francois s death , everything changed.Having read the story of Catherine de Medici s life by C.W Gortner several years ago, all told from his point of view, I found Courtesan even intriguing since the primary point of view in Haeger s book is Diane de Poitiers, and she was the love rival to Catherine, the queen, who in Gortner s book was the primary point of view There were a lot of consistencies in their stories since they had to stick with the historical fact that Catherine gave Henri many heirs, but the stories were told from different perspectives Haeger s book is a heartbreaking story, really, as Catherine doesn t capture her husband s heart even at the end of her husband s life I found myself pondering what it would be like to live as Catherine and also to live as Diane These types of conflicts always intrigue me so it takes me longer to read a book with deep characterization I thought about the characters so much while reading each novel All in all, I enjoyed this book I liked Gortner s writing style better since it is contemporary writing with no head hopping, but Haeger also has a beautiful writing style that I found enjoyable as well Highly recommended for historical romance lovers.