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It was a great book that i whanted to read after the 50th page i got interested and actually finished it.and i recommended to people that like a good book.and it was mostly about two kids that go truw an experience of there life When Ruben and his best friend Jeddy find a dead body on the beach in 1929, their lives change forever A weird reaction from the local law enforcement causes Ruben to give the body some thought and he eventually discovers that the dead man was an infamous rum runner During this time of Prohibition, rum runners bought booze from Canada or the West Indies and smuggled it into the country Because the ships had to anchor in international waters, rum runners would load up small boats with the liquor and sneak it onto shore in the dead of night Police were paid off to look the other way But things are changing Gangs from big cities are starting to control all the business and trying to stamp out the smaller independent bootleggers including the local team that mans a ship called The Black Duck Although Ruben and Jeddy have always been best friends, Jeddy, son of the local policeman, feels conflicted about getting involved with the rum runners Ruben begins to see how much the rum runners are infiltrating his hometown even as he himself gets swept up in their operations Stormbreaker meets Al Capone Does my Shorts in this historical adventure story I also liked that its subject is one I knew nothing about. Free Pdf ♌ Black Duck ☨ When Ruben And Jed Find The Dead Body On The Rhode Island Shore, They Are Certain It Has Something To Do With Smuggling Liquor It Is TheS, Prohibition Is In Full Swing, And Almost Everyone In The Shore Community Is Involved Suddenly, The Boys Find Themselves Involved As Well Didn T The Dead Man Have Something On Him, And Didn T They Take It It Isn T Long Before Ruben Is Actually On The Legendary Black Duck Itself, Caught In A War Between Two Of The Most Ferocious Prohibition Gangs Filled With Resounding Mystery And Suspense By Newbery Honor Winner Janet Taylor Lisle, Black Duck Is Original, Gripping Historical Fiction Ruben and Jeddy are best friends and in 1929 when they find a dead body on the shore they think it has to do with smuggling liquor Soon they tell Jeddy s dad the chief of police , he goes to investigate it Later they find out that the dead man was smuggling liquor When liquor is illegal during the time prohibition It seems like all people in town are somehow involved smuggling so if their not actively moving alcohol their paid off to keep their mouth shut Ruben starts workingat his dad s store and Jeddy s dad has him working on a chicken farm So when Ruben is kidnapped by some bootleggers, who are convinced that he has something they want, Jeddy doesn t even know about it Later on, one night Ruben decides to go out on the black duck and help the crew, the coast guard gets tipped off by someone who describes himself as the chief of police They shoot everyone on board of the Black duck Ruben manages to escape by hiding in a lifeboat Later there is a scandal over the shootings, with people speculating that the coast guard never gave the smugglers a warning and never gave them a opportunity to surrender before gunned down Prohibition comes to an end shortly after Jeddy and Ruben s life are changed because of the incidents of that night. David wants to become a journalist, not part of his family s landscaping business All he needs is one great story to prove that he has what it takes to be a good writer, and maybe then he ll be hired as a news reporter.He finds an old man who was alive during the days of the Prohibition From this point, the novel becomes the old man s story, and David s story becomes a thinly applied series of intermissions.This is a great novel I really enjoyed it A neat historical fiction book to pick up for a quick read.Two notes The boy being drawn to the old man reminded me of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Was he drawn in as if mesmermized At one point the constellations Orion the Hunter, the Scorpion and The Big Dipper are seen in the same night sky I don t think that is possible Maybe Orion and the Big Dipper, but not Scorpio After a slow and boring start, The Black Duck transformed itself into a novel of worth The book told the story of rum running in a small New England coastal town in 1929 during the Prohibition era The Black Duck was an elusive rum running boat that would bring the illegal alcohol from freighters to the shore to be transported to other spots around the countryside and sold for a pretty penny The main character, Ruben Hart, tells his adventure and involvement in the rum running business to a young journalism student looking for the next big story The character development is strong and your heart strings will get plucked at the close of the novel when all loose ends are tied up in pretty little knots While the prose, at times, reads like a boring newspaper article, the story was big enough to carry the book through This historical fiction novel should be enjoyed by anyone looking for a story of intrigue and American rebellion The setting is rich and diverse and I can still taste the sea salt on my tongue. kids book This historical fiction novel was a great read It was presented as a story an old man was telling a young man in present day It presented a mystery of sorts, while imparting the history of the U.S during prohibition It challenged the reader to think about how people were pulled in to participate in rum running even though they were against it and the mob that ran things including the main characters dad, his best friend and the best friends dad the sheriff It was during the depression when people were desperate just to eat and survive It presented real characters I give this book a thumbs up for historical fiction.I ve read her others, Afternoon of the Elves 2 stars and The Art of Keeping Cool 2 stars and this one is by far, the best Wow, this book was great The characters were memorable and the storyline builds up till the end that will keep you turning the pages forIt s the first prohibition era book I ve read and will not be the last Overall I recommend this to anyone interested in historical fiction and mystery tied into one You will not be disappointed. The story, about rumrunners off the coast of Rhode Island, moved along fairly well I thought it lagged in a few spots, but still it is a good, fast read The target age group surprised me a bit I m not really comfortable with the good guys being the law breakers and the bad guy being someone who wanted to follow the law with the 6th grade ish group However, the characters are well done and the book does provide some thought provoking ideas about the age of prohibition. Ruben and Jeddy find a dead body down by the shore one day When they tell Jeddy s dad the chief of police , he goes down to investigate, but finds nothing the body is missing Later, Ruben learns that the man they found was a liquor smuggler who had been liquidated by apowerful syndicate from the big city It s 1929 and it s illegal to make, sell, or drink alcohol Prohibition , but a great deal of money can be made from doing all of these things on the sly It seems like all of the people in town are somehow involved in bootlegging if they re not actively moving alcohol, then they re being paid off to keep their mouths shut During this time, Ruben and Jeddy start drifting apart Ruben s gettinginvolved working at his dad s store, and Jeddy s dad has him working at a chicken farm mostly to keep him away from Ruben So, when Ruben is kidnapped by some bootleggers, who are convinced that he has something that they want, Jeddy doesn t even know about it And when Ruben has to disappear for a few weeks to avoid the syndicates, Jeddy believes he s visiting relatives.Both boys miss their friendship, but feel that they have to be loyal to their fathers and what they stand for Jeddy s under the impression that his dad is on the right side of the law, that as the police chief, he s responsible for catching the bad guys the smugglers , but the whole time he s taking money to turn a blind eye to what s transpiring in his jurisdiction Ruben s father works for the local grocery store, whose owner is a major player in the bootlegging business He s struggling to stay honest and to keep the bootleggers out of his life, but it becomesanddifficult for him especially when the owner is arrested and he has to take onresponsibility.Things come to a head one night Ruben decides to go out on the Black Duck the famous bootlegger vessel and help the crew, just this one time and the Coast Guard gets tipped off by someone who describes himself as the chief of police They shoot everyone on board the Black Duck Ruben only escapes because he manages to hide in one of the lifeboats There s a huge scandal over the shootings, with people speculating that the Coast Guard never gave the smugglers a warning, and never gave them the opportunity to surrender, before gunning them down Prohibition comes to an end shortly thereafter, but Jeddy s and Ruben s lives are changed forever by the incidents of that night.This was a great inside look at what went on during Prohibition bootlegging was a big problem and people were making money hand over fist breaking it Prohibition was repealed partly because of protests and the realization that enforcing it was doingdamage to people than drinking and drunkenness The story is told in Ruben s words, but as a sort of flashback, as he describes the events that took place to a high school freshman reporter that becomes interested in the bootlegging history of his town I m not sure that the packaging is necessary, although there are a couple revelations at the very end Ruben marries the girl of his dreams, and we find out that Jeddy made the tip off call neither of these is absolutely necessary that wrap things up nicely This is just a minor complaint quibble and I only mention it because every time Ruben took a break from talking to the reporter, it also wrenched me out of the story Maybe an epilogue would have worked just as well Other than that, this was quite suspenseful and engaging plus I learned all sorts of things I never knew about Prohibition.