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If you are a fan of Gourmet magazine or want to know about the history of the cookie recipe in America and abroad, this would be a good book for you If on the other hand you were looking for cookie recipes, I think you could do better buying another book The notes and history of the recipes were often longer than the recipes themselves A personal pet peeve of mine is when the ingredients are not listed separately and the directions do not start with the prep work needed for the baking of the recipe. While I appreciate the survey of American culture through a cookie lens, the strength of a cookbook lies in the selecting, and in gourmet magazine s case, curating of recipes They are not entirely clear on their methodology, but the collection of recipes is lackluster The presentation and text are stellar, and it was entertaining to browse, but there were many repetitive recipes there must have been 3 variations of the jam filled cookies on the cover and no representation of such cookie classics as chocolate chip or gingerbread They did have the classic NY black and white cookies, plenty of ginger molasses flavored cookies, and a nice range of cultural influences, but I would consider this of an anthropology book than a cookbook, in spite of the recipes EDIT another reviewer pointed this out, but the recipes are formatted minimally and are not up to the modern standard Annoying. This straight forward cookie cookbook gives you the top pick Gourmet Magazine cookie recipe from every year of the magazine s existence since the early 1940s Not only are there odd recipes and dated opinions, suggestions and preoccupations to marvel at, but there are tried and true recipes that should be added to your cookie repertoire right now. A fascinating and comprehensive look at the cookie, this book showcases cookies from the history of Gourmet magazine s sixty eight years There is truly something for everyone in this cookbook, and recipes are basic and illustrated with attractive photography A must read for cookie lovers and bakers Meagan The Gourmet Cookie Book 978 0 5 473 2816 4I love cookie cookbooks, so I was excited to pick up this Gourmet Cookie Book based on the yummy cover alone, not being overly familiar with the magazine that this book is meant to be representing The recipes are yummy although some are exotic enough to not really tickle my fancy and the pictures are very pretty, but the book seems stymied by strange design choices Each recipe represents the best cookie from a specific year of the magazine This is an interesting layout choice, but seems destined to celebrate the magazine as opposed to good cookies some years apparently just didn t have a lot of great cookies to choose from, as they weren t currently in vogue at the time I would have happily given up a few years worth to get some better recipes overall Each recipe features a fairly large text write up about the cookie and that year as it affected the magazine, followed by the actual recipe in relatively tiny text This is a very strange layout choice most people probably aren t going to want to read the history of, say, the 1971 cookie over and over again, but they will want to read the recipe instructions each time they make that cookie, so why is the history of text so much larger and accessible than the recipe text Also odd is that the recipes are, I guess, reproduced exactly as they were printed in the magazine, which means that the ingredients lists don t show up until the 1980s and oh my gosh is this frustrating Note to recipe editors ingredients lists are mandatory Do not make your readers read the whole recipe just to find out what ingredients they will need On the plus side, they did bold the ingredients in the recipe text to help as much as possible, so they at least tried to make up for the difference Also on the bright side, the pictures included here are lovely, and there s one picture per recipe, which is a very good thing indeed Some of the tricky cookies could have had assembly instructions there s some folded cookies and rolled cookies , but it s usually easy to divine the instructions from the finished pictures If you re a big fan of Gourmet Magazine, this is a lovely and yummy homage piece, well worth checking out But if you re just looking for a cookie cookbook, well, it s hard to say if this one will meet your needs There s a lot of historical recipes here, and there s definitely plenty of pictures, but the layout sometimes seems like a barrier to using this book for its intended purpose cooking and sometimes the text seems interested in celebrating a cooking magazine than celebrating good cooking.NOTE This review is based on a free Advance Review Copy of this book provided through NetGalley Ana Mardoll The Gourmet Cookie Book has one cookie recipe with history from 1941 2009.Something for everyone This gourmet cookie recipe book is fabulous This book is great for holiday occasions such as Thanksgiving or Christmas when you need holiday appropriate cookies Skimming through the book, it is made to give direct information on the origins of the recipe For example, specific sections in the book relate to the time period and what was most popular and delicious during that time This book is also great for family recipes During my spare time, I attempted baking the Shoe Sole cookies which were very sweet and delectable My younger cousins and friends enjoyed them thoroughly Large serving sizes and amounts make no limits to amount you may want to consume they are indeed delicious Although they are gourmet, these recipes are great with help from kids due to large, detailed,patterned pictures of the cookies and easy baking procedures Connecting back to the origins of the recipe, the informational cookie book shows the need of the cookie and the occasion it is meant for The well known cookie by the name of gingerbread men were made for Christmas purposes By reading this book, you may, as I did, learn some ideas behind recipes In the 1960 s, for example, brought new, unusual, and unlikely ingredients Bakers began to use candied orange peels, pine nuts and most unlikely and abnormal, in a cookie, cottage cheese Cookies such as cottage cheese cookies contain a substantial amount of cheese and based on reviews, water down the harsh sugar taste and add a tangy addition I suggest this book for any formal, as oppose to casual, needs for cookies If you are seeking something sophisticated then a simple chocolate chip cookie, this is your book. *Free Epub ✙ The Gourmet Cookie Book ☝ For This Stunning Collection, The Editors Of Gourmet Delved Deep Into Their Archives And Selected The Most Delicious Cookie For Each Year Of The Magazine S Sixty Eight Year Existence After Marathon Testing Sessions And Winnowing From Thousands Of Recipes Many Sent In By Readers They Chose An Amazing Array, From The Almond Scented French Style Cajun Macaroons, From The Magazine S Beginnings In , Through Mocha Toffee Bars , To The Contemporary Glittering Lemon Sandwich Cookies The Enticing Assortment Includes Cookies Of Every Type And Description, From The Homey Aunt Sis S Strawberry Tart Cookies To The Exotic Grand Marnier Glazed Pain D Epice Cookies , Including Balls, Bars, Refrigerator Cookies, Drop Cookies, Even Deep Fried Cookie Confections Cookies From Around The World From Dutch Jan Hagels To Irish Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies Filled With Cream And Irish Whiskey, To Scandinavian Rosettes Dozens Of Christmas Cookies Old Fashioned Christmas Butter Cookies, Star Shaped Moravian White Cookies, Chocolate Peppermint Bar Cookies Printed Exactly As They Originally Appeared In The Magazine, With Abundant Tips And Recipe Notes From Gourmet S Test Kitchen, And With Headnotes Describing Their Cultural Context, The Recipes Present A Fascinating Bite By Bite History Of How Our Appetites Evolved Excellent cookie book It was interesting to see the way recipes were written change from the 40 s where the ingredients were all in the instructions to what I grew up with where the ingredients stood out at the top of the recipe The popularity of cookies was also interesting to track They were barely there part way through the timeline Now you can t pick up a magazine with recipes and not be bombarded with at least one sweet treat, either a cookie recipe or an advertisement for cookies.I think I m going to return my library copy of this and find it for my own cookbook shelf Some of the treats may be old fashioned, but a recipe is a recipe, which means you can reproduce these cookies even if you d never heard of a moderate oven 350F before. A LOT of cookie recipes, and I didn t have the desire to try one They were either the type of thing you could find anywhere lemon thins, lace cookies, chocolate wafers, or they required specific tools to make, or unique ingredients, and in this economy, I lack that level of curiosity I can t even think of one person this book might be geared toonot even the serious gourmet cook So you ve got a cookie book where you don t want to try even one recipe for a cookiefrom 1941 to 2009 I think that says it all.