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Survey prize Not as much fun as its predecessor, but still worth keeping with the series I just didn t enjoy this as much as the previous book, because there were so many distinctly unpleasant characters, and because there was less farce The known characters were still good to spend time with, however, and the solution was creative than it at first appeared that it would be. I enjoy this series, but the stories remind me a bit of a lightweight sitcom, with little social commentary, even less depth, and many lines written only for laughs It s harmless fun, though, and MacLeod created a community of wonderful characters Even though Balaclava Agricultural College is not a huge community, it provides enough shady operators and other swindlers to create havoc among the honest residents Until this book, though, I didn t realize how much MacLeod had written these stories with her tongue so firmly in cheek In this story, the romance at the center of the story is between a 102 year old Swedish man and a feisty, outspoken 105 year old woman who explains her longevity to the fact that she never married and had no fool of a man trying to tell me what to do The book ends as the two lovebirds set off for their honeymoon. Charlotte MacLeod is a Canadian I very much enjoy She might be considered in the cozy genre, although the brutality of some deaths and curse words overshoot its range I deem her a classic mystery writer If not plotted as thickly with puzzles as other legends the lead character is definitely gifted with a deductive eye for detail Intelligence amasses to the resolution of mysteries not happenstance Storylines are very original, delightfully peculiar, and her mastery of language is awe striking The dialogue between Peter Helen Shandy exudes a fascinating blend of education, with overwhelmingly hilarious wit It feels satisfying to catch their innuendos, similes, and wry turns of phrase.The writing and rich characters you know intimately, make me savour these novels no matter what the other content is like I wish I could ask the late Charlotte if she based these personalities on folks she met or whether it is possible she made so many of them up from scratch The distinctness of individual personality after personality that you can identify wholly, whether you like them or not, is a gift and achievement indeed I smile upon the entrance of Balaclava university president Thorkjeld Svenson, or his wife Sieglinde With the Shandysaddition of a kitten named Jane Austen, I can better relate to the couple and their mid sentence, equal plane dialogue with her is beyond funny Nobody seems stern or unreachable if they love an animal Wrack And Rune features 105 year old Hilda Horsefall and her 85 year old nephew, maintaining their family farm with a friend, who dies gruesomely I wish the Nordic rune stone on their land had brought mystical elements, as suggested by the synopsis Fiction is open to fabrication This mystery entailed Peter running between the farm and brash suspects entirely but I enjoyed it. I simply can t get enough of the late Charlotte MacLeod s Peter Shandy series In the third installment, Peter Shandy, professor of agrology at Balaclava Agricultural College in Massachusetts, investigates the improbable death of Spurge Lumpkin, the dimwitted farmhand for 105 year old Hilda Horsefall and her 82 year old nephew Soon he s looking into a string of accidents at the Horsefall farm that locals attribute to a curse from a newly found rune stone and Shandy attributes to a conspiracy of malevolence and greed All of the names in this cozy mystery are just as fanciful as Lumpkin s and the Horsefalls , lots of the situations and events are simply over the top, and western Massachusetts seems overrun with Scandinavians than North Dakota or Minnesota But readers won t care because MacLeod s novel contains a tight plot and such delightful dialogue, slyly humorous turns of phrase, and winsome characters I never guessed who the perpetrator was I can t wait to launch into No 4, Something The Cat Dragged In. 3 in the Peter Shandy professor at Balacava College in a rural small Massachusetts farming community mystery series.This is really a humorous with colorful characters mystery on the light side Shandy is the go to person in this community for strange deaths and mysterious happenings and is pretty much the only one who sees the whole picture This mystery involves colorful Hilda and her cousin Henny Horsefall, strange happenings on their farm, people wanting to buy it, a long forgotten rune stone and the death of a worker on the Horsefall farm Something nefarious is going on and Shandy will get to the bottom of it. I started reading the first chapters of this book at the end of another Peter Shandy e book, and got interested enough to go to the bookshelves and find my old copy of it to reread the entire thing Since I ve run out of Madoc Rhys books, I ve gone back to rereading Shandy This one has a particularly grisly murder to start it off, and a slightly complicated plot there are so many villains to suspect The reaction of President Svenson and his uncle to the discovery of a runestone is especially funny, since most of Balaclava College gets involved in trying to protect it and the farm on which it lies from mobs of sightseers and villains A fun book, but has almost too many threads packed into it. Another mystery set in the fictional university town inhabited by Professor Peter Shandy, this story brings back a number of familiar characters and adds new ones A serious mystery but also one with many humorous elements Well crafted and well plotted by the author, and well appreciated by readers of discernment MacLeod is a writer whose works should not be forgotten. These books are fun because they are so tongue firmly planted in the cheek The main characters, Peter Shandy and his wife, are nearly believable The college staff, not quite as much and the assorted Balaclava County citizens, not nearly at all But they re short, fun and I always find a word or two I didn t know and have to look up. Charles van BurenTOP 1000 REVIEWER3.0 out of 5 starsA most vicious murdererApril 7, 2019Format Kindle Edition Verified PurchaseThis review is of the Kindle edition Publication date November 6, 2012Publisher MysteriousPress.com Open RoadLanguage EnglishASIN B009S33LROI did not enjoy this book as much as I did the first two Peter Shandy mysteries One problem for me was that the particularly heinous, cold blooded murder at the beginning just doesn t juxtapose well with Ms MacCleod s trademark humor which follows As usual MacCleod displays a large and varied vocabulary in her writing. `READ KINDLE ↬ Wrack and Rune ⇰ A Gruesome Murder Leads Professor Peter Shandy To Uncover An Ancient Viking Curse When Year Old Hilda Horsefall Tells Young Reporter Cronkite Swope Of A Stone Carved With Norse Runes That Once Sat In The Nearby Woods, The Writer Starts Salivating At The Thought Of Breaking The News That Vikings Once Marauded Through Their Sleepy Massachusetts Countryside But While He S Jotting Down Notes, A Scream Rings Out, And Cronkite Finds An Even Bigger Story A Farmhand Has Been Burned To Death By Quicklime, And Cronkite Gets An Exclusive Scoop In This Neck Of New England, Strange Deaths Are Invariably Referred To Professor Peter Shandy, The Only Local With The Know How To Connect Fearsome Quicklime To The Vikings Of Old But As He Digs Into The Ancient Mystery, He Finds The Forgotten Norse Gods Are Not Above Demanding A Modern Sacrifice