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This is a reissue of a 1993 novel by Betina Krahn, with a name change from The Princess And The Barbarian I m not sure why they bothered with the renaming, because much was made of Saxxe the hero s barbarian status he was basically described exactly like Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan, down to the crossed leather straps over his naked chest, deerskin breeches and fur boots Thera, on the other hand, spent the entire story dressed in white silk, a mark of her incredibly high status, as only the super rich could afford servants enough to keep white clothing clean in medieval times.Saxxe was actually a very nuanced character born a lord s younger son, he was basically sent off to earn his keep as a warrior for the king, and time and circumstance made him into a landless mercenary Thera represents a seemingly unreachable dream for him, a true lady, one deserving of his protection Still, years of mercenary instincts aren t easily put aside, and when he realises Thera needs his protection to get home, he offers a bargain he s sure she ll refuse a night of passion in exchange for his escort Saxxe had an amusing sidekick in Gasquar, though I thought there were some missed opportunities for great one liners when Saxxe turns down a fortune in silver offered in exchange for the bargain Thera made with him and Gasquar said nothing I found myself blinking in surprise Gasquar was getting nothing at all for his efforts, and Saxxe didn t even check with him before turning down the money in favour of getting laid Some friend.Even though it was written than 30 years ago, this is still a pretty good medieval romance Ms Krahn writes very descriptive, historically accurate prose which will really make you feel as though you re back in medieval France And yes with a barbarian For the time period, Saxxe was an exceptionally decent fellow And he s a lot nicer than many of the so called alpha males I ve read in bad boy contemporary romances Bear that in mind before you get irritated with his bossy, know it all behaviour.The only thing that bothered me was the hidden kingdom of Mercia located somewhere in Brittany, with some frankly weird laws about inheritance Mercia was a real place in England, so I definitely got confused when they got there on horseback from Nantes in France And the whole thing about being married after spending seven nights together is very pagan in a supposedly Christian kingdom.Overall, I d give this three stars I d rather read Betina Krahn s current writing, and this looks like an attempt by her publisher to cash in on her older works Disclaimer I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley. I wouldn t recommend you read this when you are 14 years old, but I did and I found it very yummy I couldn t get enough of romance novels since then. Only a few chapters in and I have to give props to Ms Krahn for her spectacular descriptive writing great attention to detail I really felt sucked into medieval France and England.The main characters Thera and Saxxe play off of each other wonderfully There were times when I was like stop being a spoiled biatch Thera but the author describes Thera s background well enough to make her actions understandable, even if the reader doesn t always agree with them.This book was definitely a character driven story It s mostly about how different of worlds Thera and Saxxe come from and how they manage to grow into each other grow into each other I know, there was probably a better way I could have said that but I m sure you all know what I mean Thera is young, incredibly naive, and stubborn without being too annoying while Saxxe is the world weary soldier But a world weary solider who knows and teaches Thera seven things everyone should know and experience Nice, just very nice I loved how Saxxe made Thera into a Woman instead of her usual pampered princess self It s always fun to read about characters who come together and through each other become true men and women.The secondary characters of Gasquar bff of Saxxe and Lillith bff of Thera were quite complimentary to Thera and Saxxe Gasquar was the funny, doesn t take life seriously side kick and Lillith was the stern and serious friend I ll leave it up to your imagination if they get together There wasn t a lot to the story Thera is trying to get home and leave Saxxe in the dust while the villain duc, who is pretty much in the background for most of the story, is chasing them The story overall is pretty slow moving, but like I said before it s mainly character driven and you definitely get to see some great character development.This book actually reminded me a lot of Iris Johansen s The Magnificent Warrior The main and secondary characters share all the same characteristics The Magnificent Warrior was faster moving though and a better read in my opinion, so maybe give that one a go instead of this one.I ve been wanting to read a medieval book lately, slim pickens if you re looking for new one, and this book wasn t to shabby Good characters, decent story, but just really slow moving.B A Princess needing a husband and a Knight for Hire rescuing her from danger How much perfect can it be Princess Thera of Mercia knows she must marry soon On a journey far from home she gets into the middle of a fight and Saxxe Rouen, a mercenary saves her from the danger He soon realizes she needs protection to get home and he names his price he feels is a bargain One night of passion in exchange for his service Surely she would not agree This was really a classic Medieval romance reminiscent of books I read long ago But it did deliver the hero and heroine finding a strong attraction to each other Saxxe felt like he could never be good enough for Thera but you never know ( FREE ) ⚇ The Princess and the Barbarian ☢ Jewel Of The RealmLovely, Tempestuous And Devoted To Her Subjects, Princess Thera Must Marry Before She Can Be Crowned Queen Of Mercia But Her Reluctant Search For A Husband Has Plunged Her Into Gravest Peril And Into The Arms Of A Handsome BarbarianDiamond In The RoughPowerful, Hot Blooded, As Cunning As He Is Untamed, Saxxe Rouen Rescues Thera From A Band Of Savage Mercenaries Only To Demand As His Reward Three Nights Of Pleasure In The Royal Beauty S BedThe Princess And The BarbarianEven As All Mercia Falls Victim To Saxxe S Raw, Beguiling Charm, The Proud Princess Vows To Resist The Scoundrel Who Has Breached The Battlements Of Her Sheltered World But A Passionate, Irresistible Yearning Entreats Thera To Surrender Her Heart And Kingdom To This Sun Bronzed Warrior Who Would Vanquish Her Enemies To Win Her Steadfast Love Crown Princess Thera of Mercia needs to marry to become queen While traveling, she s placed in a perilous situation Strongly independent, she thinks she doesn t need rescuing But Saxxe Rouen, warrior for hire, comes to her rescue anyway, and looks for payment afterward He wants a night of pleasure from Thera Will Thera give him what he desires, and risk her heart This historical romance started off bad, and never got better More action was needed to make it interesting I fell asleep twice reading because it was so dull and boring Thera came off as spoiled and elitist I did not like her as a character I also felt no real connection between the hero and the heroine Oftentimes, Thera would complain that Saxxe acted like a pig and had no redeeming qualities I have read stories from this author before, but was highly disappointed with this novel I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the publisher and am voluntarily reviewing it. Good book, though I wasn t too sure at the beginning Thera is the Crown Princess of a tiny, isolated country She has been trained to run her country since the deaths of her parents when she was a small child She is fiercely devoted to her people and sees no need to marry, but her country s laws require that she must do so before she can be Queen She has dragged her heels for as long as she could but now finds herself looking outside her home country for a man to wed Horrified by the what she sees, Thera flees into the streets just as a group of barbarian mercenaries arrives to create chaos She is fortunate to be rescued by another mercenary, who is intent on profiting from his good deed.Saxxe has been a mercenary for many years He s currently between jobs and complaining to his friend, Gasquar, about the problems of getting employers to pay what they owe He s tired of it all and wants nothing than to find a place where he can settle down to a normal life When he sees Thera in the hands of six drunken barbarians, he tries to ignore her distress Unfortunately for him, he can t do it and wades in to free her She isn t particularly grateful, and there are words exchanged before she gets away from him But that isn t the last he sees of her, as he ends up rescuing her and her companion again as they try to escape the city.My initial impression of Thera was not a good one She was impulsive and didn t think through the consequences of her actions Her lack of gratitude toward Saxxe irritated me As I got to see of her, I realized that she was a product of her upbringing in a place that was so idyllic that she had no idea what to do when she encountered trouble When threatened, or confused, or feeling out of her depth, she gets very regal and officious.I mostly liked Saxxe from the start He s a mercenary but seems to be one who has some scruples He could have walked away and left Thera, but the better part of him wouldn t let him He s a bit obnoxious the second time he saves Thera, going on about needing payment for what he s done, especially when he tweaks her about wanting her in his bed.I enjoyed the development of the relationship between Saxxe and Thera The sparks between them are undeniable and their interactions are fun to see I especially enjoyed the scenes after they got caught in the flood Thera s stubborn determination as she dealt with the rabbit, and her refusal to give in to Saxxe s demands were terrific, and she earned her satisfaction at doing it Saxxe s smug attitude went a long way toward motivating her I liked seeing him lose some of that smugness and gain some admiration for her Once they reach Mercia, things between them change He sees her in a new light, as the leader of her people and how much they mean to her He also finds out about one of their traditions that has him on the fast track to becoming Thera s husband The differences in their lives are glaringly obvious and Saxxe realizes he needs to make some changes As he gets to know the people of Mercia, Thera begins to see that there is to Saxxe than she had suspected Her growing feelings for him scare her, but she can t deny them I also liked seeing the changes that Saxxe made to himself as he strove to be what Thera needed He also became very adept at seeing when she was overwhelmed and helping her work through it I liked seeing Thera learn that it was okay to lean on someone else and accept help when she needed it.While all this was going on, there was also danger stalking Thera She had been seen and coveted by a duc who has no problem taking what he wants when he wants His determination to find Thera only increased when he found out who she is and where she lives Saxxe s protectiveness toward Thera and the people of Mercia was clear as he tried to help the peaceful residents prepare to defend their home I was on the edge of my seat during Thera s capture and escape and loved how she drew on her newfound confidence to pull that off The tension did not diminish as the duc was still out there and I waited for what would happen When it did, I was glued to the pages until it was all done, rooting for the Mercians It was an exciting and satisfying conclusion.There was also a secondary story involving Saxxe s friend Gasquar and Thera s friend Lillith Like Saxxe and Thera, they were very different personalities Gasquar is fun loving and lighthearted most of the time I loved his outrageous stories and the fun he had using them to annoy Lillith She is a very serious person, intent on doing her job for Thera and doing it well Underneath it all, there were sparks of attraction There were several really fun scenes between the two of them as the feelings between them grew. I really liked this so much, you can definitely see this is not a modern book, and I wasn t that keen on how self serving Saxxe was at the beginning In general terms I feel most reviewers always castigate the heroine for her behaviour and characteristics, but let the hero off for shitty behaviour, insults and physical coercion My ambivalence towards Saxxe early on was because of the way he felt he should have a reward for saving Thera, how he skewered her to the door, how he tried to humiliate her That said this is a medieval and it was a horrible time for women, so I feel that Krahn pulls this off well, without making me feel like it was unrelenting misery this is a romance after all I disagree with people who say that Thera is obnoxious she is a princess who has lived in an idyllic and ordered existence, thrown into a situation she has no experience of, and treated horribly by all the men she encounters, unsurprising that she falls back on her position and nobility You can see that when she is back in Mercia she softens and puts up with teasing and insults from her elders and lots of crappy behaviour from Saxxe She is the ruler, why didn t he talk to her about what he wanted to do BEFORE he did it, not after Despite my personal feelings about Saxxe s behaviour at times I thought the romance between them was beautifully done, and didn t make me feel like it was all about Thera submitting to Saxxe, but them both having to compromise, although I think he still got the better deal I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own. Saxxe Rouen is a nobleman s younger son sent off to make his living as a warrior fighting for the King, but time and circumstance made him into a landless mercenary Crown Princess Thera of Mercia must marry before she can become Queen, but she s reluctant to wed She travels to get a closer look at the Duc, the man she s thinking of marring, and ends up in the middle of brutish mercenaries destroying the town she s visiting Mercenary Saxxe Rouen has better things to do than fight a crowd of drunken brutes that is until he hears a shrilling woman scream and decides to go rescue the demoiselle in distress and earn himself a reward He doesn t bargain for Thera, she quite the feisty beauty and he decides to bargain for another kind of reward from wants the fiery Thera to spend one night in his bed She doesn t want to honor her bargain with the barbarian so she escapes and he rescues her again, the attraction continues to grow and she agrees to have Saxxe escort her safely to her home A captivating story of a strong will Princess and the barbarian who keeps rescuing her and wining nights of pleasure Unbeknownst to Saxxe when the Princess spends seven nights with a man he is then considered her mate and her King I loved this rewrite of the Princess and the Barbarian It was filled with adventure, romance and enough intrigue to keep you up at night reading not able to put the book down This is my honest opinions after I voluntarily read a copy of this book that was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I bought a stack of straight romance books for pennies each at a yard sale, just the ones with hot guys on the cover What a fun guilty pleasure This one seems to capture all the tropes of the genre hidden identities, a strapping nearly naked muscled barbarian hero, the sweet yet strong princess he saves repeatedly , a dastardly villain, and a kingdom of sweet subjects who don t mind royals dictating their lives The best was not only the teasing florid descriptions of the main characters growing attraction through their adventures, but the multiple love scenes Whew Throbbing loins Heaving bosoms Purple prose at its sexy campiest Plus, well described fight scenes and swordplay, including a big battle