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Badger s Parting Gifts is a story about a Badger who wishes he could still run around with his other friends Frog, Mole and Fox Unfortunately, because he is getting old now his body does not work as well as it used to Badger knows within himself that it is time to die and lets his friends know that he will go down the Long Tunnel He is prepared for this but just hopes that his friends will not miss him too much when he is gone One the Badger go s down the Long Tunnel his friends are very sad indeed and they are not sure how to cope with the death of their dear friend Eventually they start to remember the special things Badger taught them to do and in some ways take comfort in this They all share the stories they remember of Badger and this is in turn makes them happy.I think this is a really lovely book to help children begin to cope with any losses they may have had It gives them a comforting way, just like the animals had, to remember their friend for the happier times rather than the sad. I know this book was written to help children understand death, but it has helped me cope with my Dad s death As Badger s friends remember all the things he taught them, I was reminded of everything my dad taught me I cried while reading it I ve cried remembering it I ve cried a lot But I know sometime in the future, like Badger s friends, I ll be able to recall memories of my dad without the tears just a smile. READ DOWNLOAD ☣ Badger's Parting Gifts ⚓ The Gentle Message Holds Particular Validity For Children And Is Conveyed In A Tenderhearted Manner Booklist Warm And Sensitive Publishers WeeklyAll The Woodland Creatures Mole, Frog, Fox, And Rabbit Love Old Badger, Who Is Their Confidante, Advisor, And Friend When He Dies, They Are Overwhelmed By Their Loss Then They Begin To Remember And Treasure The Memories He Left ThemTold Simply, Directly, And Honestly, This Uplifting Story Will Be Of Tremendous Value To Both Children And Their Parents A Gentle Classic That Can Help Foster Communication, Care, And Understanding Badger wishes he could still run and jump and play with his friends, Frog and Mole and Fox, but he knows he can t Badger is old, and his body doesn t work as well as it used to He knows it will soon be time for him to die to go down the Long Tunnel And really, he s okay with that He just hopes his friends won t be too sad when he s gone.After Badger does go down the Long Tunnel , his friends are very sad, indeed They don t know how to handle their grief, but as the days go by, they each begin to remember special things Badger taught them to do, and they take comfort in those abilities and exchange stories of happy days with Badger One of the closing paragraphs says thatwhenever Badger s name was mentioned, someone remembered another story that made them all smileWhat a wonderful way to remember Badger, and what a wonderful little book to help children begin to cope with grief. Badger s parting giftsBy Susan VarleyThis is a poignant and touching story about a Badger who is very old and has accepted that he will soon die His only worry is the effect it will have on his friends The time arrives and his friends are, as badger feared, desperately upset However in time they remember the valuable moments they spent with Badger and the pain begins to be surpassed by fond memories.This book deals with the subject of death in a very sensitive and responsible way It conveys that death is a very natural and inevitable part of life and does not shy away from the unavoidable hurt that ensues Nevertheless this book manages to confront these issues without being bleak and suggests that though the person has passed away they still live within us through our shared experience There are no angels or promises of paradise, this book does not project a religious perspective, but demonstrates a Humanist viewpoint, that an individual s responsibility and legacy lies in the positive influence and the relationships they nurture during their lifetime Badger s Parting Gifts offers the simple consolation that Each of the animals had a special memory of badger something he had taught them that they could now do extremely well I would recommend this as a great book to use if you find you have to deal with the subject of death in class The copy I read was published in 1984 and though beautifully illustrated would not have been vibrant enough to have made it on to the shelves now However the dated appearance of the book seems to award it weight and authority on the issues it confronts so tenderly. This is a sensitively written and beautifully illustrated children s book dealing with death and its aftermath. Badger s Parting Gifts tells the story of a badger and his importance in his friends lives As Badger is now old, he is aware that he is going to die soon This does not worry him though However, Badger does worry about his friends and how they will feel after he dies Before his death, he leaves some gifts for his friends to remember him by When Badger s friends learn of his passing they are initially upset As time passes though, they slowly begin to come to terms with their loss A year later we see the friends reminisce about Badger and all the wonderful times they spent together They discuss skills Badger taught them and lessons they learned from him They soon come to see that they will always remember Badger through his parting gifts and realise that he will always be with them, in some way This book would be an excellent story to use in a PSHE lesson to address death and the changes that come with it Although children could read this book for themselves, it would bebeneficial if the teacher read the book to the whole class as this would allow for whole class discussion It is suitable for KS1 and lower KS2 classes and would be an excellent resource to use during circle time. As one may see from the list of the books I have read so far, I do enjoy books that address sensitive subjects that others prefer not to mention However, i believe it is important to allow children of all ages to explore their feelings, even those that make us feel bad Afterall, as teachers, i think we should set an example that there is nothing wrong talking about sensitive issues but also important to be sensitive to other people s feelings in order to do so, one may need to try and understand what others may be feeling to be able to show empathy i can think of no better way to do this than to read books like these when appropriate to open up children s minds to sensitive subjects This book does just that Badger is an important figure to all the other animals living within the neighbourhood However, one day Badger dies and everyone is left feeling empty and lost Nonetheless, the animals occasionally gather to talk about all the good things Badger has done for them which leaves them all feeling happy A good way of reminding people that when you lose someone, it is important to remember the good times we had with them. This is a heart warming story that introduces grief, loss and the subject of death in a gentle way Badger realises he is getting old and he sees his friends playing on the hill and he wishes he could join them He is aware that he is approaching death and he hopes his friends won t be too sad when he is gone Badger has left his friends with some parting gifts which are fond memories that he hopes will bring them through their grief The story describes the feelings of Badger s friends now that Badger is no longer with them Their grief seems endless to them and never ending, until they begin to remember all the great memories they have of their time with Badger These memories have the ability to cheer Badger s friends up and now when they remember Badger, they remember the good times and can t help but to smile.This is a touching book and I think it would help children get to grips with the concept of death and bereavement which is something that they may have to deal with at some stage in their childhood I would recommend this book for years 1 3. Badger s Parting Gifts is a wonderfully laid out book which deals with bereavement in such a way that it is easily understood by children After the unfortunate death of Badger, his animal friends reflect on their memories of him From learning to tie a tie to ice skating, all the memories are pleasant and symbolic of the good life Badger left, as well as the lessons they all learned from him Despite the obviously sad theme that runs through this children s book there is an element of hope and happiness that comes from what the animals say about Badger This book can help children understand the trauma of death in a sensitive and caring way Further the use of animals as the characters can be comforting to children rather than the characters being human Despite being a picture book, Susan Varley s book can be used readily and freely in PSHE lessons to promote discussion of life and it s counterparts I do believe Badger s Parting Gifts issuited to late KS2 as there is an element of empathy that some children will be able to relate to from the written text.